Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 110

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 110
Even though the strength of the game cannot be reflected in the real world, the physical fitness of the gods is stronger than that of humans.

Moreover, it is not just a little bit stronger!

When Ren You just walked downstairs, Xia Qing started the car.……

""Xia Qing! Wait for me!"

Ren You shouted from behind.

Xia Qing saw Ren You chasing after her through the rearview mirror, so she slowed down slightly to allow Ren You to open the door and sit in the back seat.

""Xia Qing, why are you in such a hurry? By the way, where are we going?"

Ren You asked, still panting.

"Go find Uncle Li."

Xia Qing answered briefly.

Her expression was serious, her eyes fixed on the road ahead.

Ren You nodded and said nothing more.

The car fell into a brief silence, with only the whistling wind and the sound of wheels rolling outside the car window.

It was past seven in the morning, and it was already the rush hour for going to work.

And coincidentally, Xia Qing's car was also stuck.

A trace of irritation flashed in her eyes, and she took out her mobile phone from her bag.

Then, she started to call one by one.

"Hello, I’m Xia Qing, Uncle Li might have been in trouble!"

"First���Call the police, let’s go check it out first!"


"Hello, I’m Xia Qing, Uncle Li might have been in trouble!"

"Go to his place quickly!"


Xia Qing made ten calls in a row, and the calls were very short.

Usually, they were done in two sentences.

After the call, their car was still stuck in the traffic.

Xia Qing was anxious and pounded the steering wheel.

At this time, a motorcycle passed by her, and then it weaved in and out of the traffic jam...

Xia Qing turned around and asked:

"Can you drive?"

Ren You nodded and said awkwardly:

"Yes, but I haven't used it for a long time, so I'm a little unfamiliar with it.……"

Hearing this, Xia Qing immediately said:

"I'll go to Uncle Li first, you just park the car downstairs of Uncle Li's building!"

As she said that, she got out of the car and prepared to hail a motorcycle taxi.

Ren You quickly got out of the car and asked:

"Where is Uncle Li's address?"

Xia Qing:"Building 11, Qingyun Community, call me when you get there."

"Okay, I'll remember that!"

Ren You nodded and got on the driver's seat.

Xia Qing quickly stopped a motorcycle and drove away.

"Haha, the fun has just begun……"

Ren You looked at Xia Qing who was leaving and chuckled.

Then, he took out his cell phone and called Zhao Yanming.

"Hello, this is Zhao Yanming."

A sleepy voice came from the other end of the line.

"Zhao Yanming, you haven't woken up yet?

Ren You taunted:

"Alas, I really don't know what the audit members of Organization No. 2 are for. They even recruited people like you. Could it be that you got in through your father's connections?"

Hearing this, Zhao Yanming on the other end of the phone opened his eyes wide instantly, jumped up from the bed, and gritted his teeth and said:

"Ren You! Since you know my background, who gave you the courage to talk to me in this way?!"

Ren You chuckled and said:

"It's good to be awake now. Now is not the time to talk about this."

"Now go open the backpack I gave you last night, and after reading it, you will guess some……"

"Ren You! I'm warning you!"

However, before he finished speaking, Zhao Yanming's angry voice came from the other end of the phone:

"Don't fucking show off in front of me!"

"I won’t play with you anymore. I’m going back to the capital now!"


Ren You was silent for a while, then smiled and said:

"Um... Zhao Yanming, you're a bit grumpy when you wake up.……"

"How about this, you open your backpack and take a look first, and then decide whether to go back to Beijing, okay?"


Now it was Zhao Yanming's turn to be silent.

After saying the last sentence, his morning grumpiness had also ended.

Now, he had regained his sanity.

Zhao Yanming would not leave Goose City until the purpose of coming here was fulfilled.

However, he had said the harsh words... and the next second he had to admit his mistake in front of Ren You. It was really embarrassing!

"Humph! Playing tricks!"

Zhao Yanming snorted coldly and turned on the hands-free mode of his mobile phone.

Then, he got out of bed and picked up the blue backpack.


"Why do I feel so much heavier?"

Zhao Yanming was stunned.

"Haha, you feel it, right?……"

"Open it and have a look. There are souvenirs I prepared for you inside."

Ren You's laughter came from the phone.

In the hotel room.

Hearing Ren You's words, Zhao Yanming's eyelids began to twitch for some reason. He suddenly remembered the scene where his pistol was inexplicably taken away last night.

He carefully opened the backpack.


A short knife with blood on the tip of the blade?

He reached out and picked up the handle, put it aside, and continued to look in the bag.

And... my pistol?!

No... When did he put it in?

Zhao Yanming looked incredible.

He clearly remembered that after leaving Ren You's house last night, he checked his backpack before getting in the taxi. There was only an old radio.

Zhao Yanming held back and didn't speak. He continued to search.

A few gold bars...

Finally, he finally turned over a sealed glass test tube.

It contained... two fresh eyeballs!

Seeing this, Zhao Yanming's whole body suddenly went numb.

He held the test tube and roared at the phone with an unbelievable look on his face:

"What's this?!"

"Ren You, I ask you, what is this?!!"

However, Ren You's light voice came from the phone's audio control:

"This is my letter of surrender.……"

"At the same time, it is also a souvenir from me to you.……"

Zhao Yanming heard this and said with an unpleasant expression:

"Ren You! You killed someone?!"

"Ha, did I kill someone?"

Ren You sneered:

"Look carefully at the color of these eyes."

"Green eyes are also considered human? I was really surprised to hear this from you, Zhao Yanming.……"

Zhao Yanming carefully observed the glass test tube in the room.

The pupils of the two eyeballs inside were a deep green, sparkling like jade.

This was significantly different from human eyes.

At this time, Ren You on the other end of the phone continued:

"It seems that you are not aware of the harmfulness of these"green eyes". I guess you are just speculating that the"green eyes" may be aliens."

Zhao Yanming took a deep breath, held the test tube tightly, and said in a deep voice:

"What do you know?"

Ren You chuckled:"I know much more than you think. Forget it, I'll tell you a little information first. The"green eyes" you are talking about call themselves the God Clan.……"

"God Clan?"

Zhao Yanming frowned.

"The most common scene for the word"God Clan" is in the world of fiction.

In the real world, who would call themselves a God Clan?

Except for the middle school boy

"Okay, that's all for now. Next you have to help me complete the task.……"

Ren You said slowly.

Zhao Yanming heard this and directly refused:

"Impossible! Why should I help you? And what do you know? Where did you get these eyeballs?!"

"You killed someone, did you know that?!"

He was full of doubts and vigilance.

Ren You's tone suddenly became cold:

"Zhao Yanming, you have no choice"

"Now, immediately, do as I say!"

Zhao Yanming was immediately furious when he heard this:

"Ren You, who do you think you are? How dare you order me like this?!"

However, Ren You said fiercely:

"Zhao Yanming, I could make you lose your pistol last night, but I could also easily make you lose your head!"

"You'd better not try to contact the police in Goose City or the members of your No. 2 organization. Otherwise, I can't guarantee that your head will still be on your neck in the next second."

"After you help me finish this, I will also tell you some secrets of the Protoss, so that you don't have to investigate and investigate and finally stay at the level of"green eyes".……"

Ren You's voice was calm, but it carried an unquestionable threat.

Zhao Yanming held the phone, and the hairs on his body stood up.

He had no doubt about Ren You's words.

Because his pistol yesterday and the items in his backpack today silently proved that Ren You had this ability!

Zhao Yanming swallowed his saliva and asked:

"You...what do you want me to help you with?"

Ren You chuckled and said slowly:

"Change of plans"

"Now, put on your blue backpack and go to the gate of Qingyun Community and wait for me to send you a message. Then go to Room 303, Building 11. Don't alarm anyone and leave your bag at the gate."

"Then, leave as soon as possible"

"It would be best to book a flight to Beijing now."

Zhao Yanming hesitated for a moment, but still agreed:

"okay, I get it"

"But you have to keep your promise!"

After saying that, he hung up the phone in a hurry, and then began to pack up and prepare to go to Qingyun Community.


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 110

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