Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 112

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 112
When Ren You activated the time-space stagnation and appeared in front of Room 303, Building 11, Qingyun Community, he caught Zhao Yanming's sneaky figure going downstairs with his sharp eyes.

He didn't know if he was too cautious and followed his own requirements meticulously, or if he had known that this blue backpack was dangerous?

"There is not much time, three minutes is enough."

Ren You whispered to himself, his eyes fell on the time bomb in his hand.

He quickly set a time, and then carefully hid it in his backpack.

Then, he pushed open the door, walked lightly into the room, and quietly placed the backpack next to the bedroom door where the Protoss were discussing.

The power of a five-kilogram TNT equivalent bomb placed here is enough to kill all 11 people in the room, and may even cause the old house to collapse directly...

However, the people in this room are not ordinary humans, but Protoss.

For them, such an explosion is enough to kill them all!

The reason for placing it outside the door is that Ren You wants to leave some alive. What he needs are some survivors who can trace the ins and outs of the incident afterwards and report in detail to their superiors.

How can we get to the truth without tracing it?

How can we let Zhao Yanming take the blame without knowing the truth?

After all, every move of Zhao Yanming was recorded by the roadside cameras.

This impending explosion... who else is more suitable to be the scapegoat besides him?

Zhao Yanming has a strong background and has joined a secret government organization. He has countless ways to clean up this matter!

Moreover, even if the person who cleans up the ass asks, Zhao Yanming will never reveal the existence of Ren You.


After everything was ready,

Ren You quickly went downstairs, almost jogging all the way, back to the red Mercedes-Benz parked a few hundred meters away from Qingyun Community.

He took a deep breath and released the time stop function.

""Hey! Young man, parking here is for a fee!"

A toll collector poked his head out of the hut, with a little dissatisfaction in his tone.

He looked at Ren You sitting in the car, a young man in his early twenties, driving a luxurious red Mercedes.

The toll collector's face showed a complex emotion, envy, jealousy, and a hint of disdain.

Damn, is this kid hooking up with some rich woman? He secretly speculated in his heart

"I understand. Give me a ticket and I'll go in to park."

Ren You said calmly.

Then, he took the ticket from the toll collector, drove the car into the parking lot, parked the car, turned off the engine, and then sat in the car and waited quietly.


Qingyun Community, Building 11, Room 303.

The discussion of the 11 gods is almost over.

"Let's do it this way……"

"Since someone from a secret government organization has contacted Ren You, it proves that they see a certain potential in him."

"If Xia Qing can't get him to our side, then... find an opportunity to kill him!"

"In addition, we should also report to the higher-ups about the deaths of Lao Li and Xia Chuan. This matter is closely related to the group of people in the capital!"

The gods nodded in agreement.

At this time, Xia Qing proposed solemnly:

"We should call the police now. Lao Li's status in human society is extraordinary, and this matter may alarm the top leaders."

The old leader of the Gods nodded solemnly:

"Well, let's evacuate this place first."

He waved his hand, signaling the gods to leave with him.

Just as they were about to step out of the door, a sharp-eyed god suddenly discovered something unusual.

""Huh? Why is there a blue bag at the door?"

He pointed at a blue backpack by the door in surprise.

Another Protoss walked forward curiously, picked up the bag easily, and felt the heavy weight inside.

"It has some weight, there is something inside!"

"What bag?"

At this moment, Xia Qing had just called the police. After hearing this, her heart suddenly shook, and a strong sense of uneasiness surged in her heart.

She hurried out, wanting to find out what was going on.

"It's a blue backpack. Xia Qing, did you bring it?

The older Protoss turned his head and gave her a questioning look.

"A blue backpack?"

Xia Qing frowned, and a flash of inspiration flashed through her mind.

She quickly stepped back, exclaiming:

"not good!"


However, before she finished her words, a deafening explosion suddenly sounded.


The deafening explosion sounded suddenly, as if the entire Qingyun community was shaking in the sound!

The scene after the explosion was like being ravaged by a storm, in a mess and devastated.

Xia Qing was knocked over by the violent shock wave and hit the wall heavily. For a moment, her mind was in chaos, and her ears were buzzing from the explosion, as if there were millions of cicadas chirping in her ears.

She endured the pain and looked around.

The doors and windows of Room 303 had been destroyed by the power of the explosion. There were thrilling cracks on the wall, and the lime on the ceiling fell like snowflakes in winter.

Xia Qing struggled to stand up, and the tragic scene in front of her made her feel palpitations.

The ten people of the same clan were too close to the blue backpack, and none of them were spared. All died in the explosion at this moment.

Their bodies were torn into pieces in the explosion, blood and flesh were all over the place, the scene was like hell on earth. Xia Qing stared at it with her eyes wide open, horrified.

However, her instinct for survival made her come to her senses quickly, realizing that cracks had appeared in the load-bearing wall, and the whole building could collapse at any time.

She had to escape from this dangerous place as soon as possible!

Xia Qing stood up shakily, stepped on the rubble and dust on the ground, and staggered through the corridor.


, there were loud cracking sounds behind me, accompanied by the groaning of the floor and the rapid expansion of huge cracks in the load-bearing wall.���

Xia Qing subconsciously looked back and saw a huge crack on the load-bearing wall of the entire building, spreading like a hideous wound on the building.

Her heart tightened, knowing that the building could no longer support itself, and she quickened her pace, trying to escape from the building that was about to collapse. However

, at this moment, the entire building suddenly shook violently, and then began to collapse rapidly, with huge floor slabs, walls and rubble smashing towards her like a landslide!


"Ahhhh!! Who wants to hurt us?!!!"

Xia Qing's expression was ferocious, and she screamed in despair, but her voice was soon drowned out by the rumbling sound of the collapse.

Boom boom boom!!


In a parking lot a few hundred meters away from Qingyun Community,

Ren You, who was sitting alone in the car, heard a deafening explosion. He raised the corners of his mouth slightly, revealing an elusive smile. After waiting for more than ten seconds,

Ren You's expression changed instantly.

He pushed open the car door in confusion and stepped out of the car quickly.

At this moment, many people had gathered outside the parking lot, and their eyes were all focused on the direction of Qingyun Community.

Ren You quickly merged into the crowd, with an anxious and worried look on his face, and asked the person next to him:

""Dude, what happened? Did the gas explode?"

The toll collector shook his head and replied:

"Nothing happened, it's just that Qingyun Community is being demolished, and bombs may have been used……"

Before he finished speaking, someone next to him interrupted:

"Qingyun Community is just an old community, and an excavator is enough. They used detonators to detonate in the urban area, without setting up cordons or notifying nearby residents. Which demolition company is doing this? This company is definitely going to be in trouble!"

"That's right, if other people are hurt, the leaders of this company will have to go to jail!"

Just as everyone was discussing heatedly, the sirens of police cars suddenly sounded on the road, and several police cars roared and stopped at the gate of Qingyun Community.

Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned

"What's happening here?"

"Shouldn't we call the fire department now? Why are the police here?"

Ren You took the opportunity to interrupt:

"I guess someone panicked and called the wrong police.……"

Then he asked hurriedly:

"By the way, which building was destroyed?"

Someone answered:

"Hmm, it looks like Building 11. I remember the word"demolition" on the wall was painted a long time ago.……"

"Building 11?!"

Ren You suddenly screamed in the crowd, his face suddenly changed.

"What's wrong? Young man, do you have any family still living there?"

The people around him looked at him with a hint of surprise and sympathy in their eyes.

"Make way! Make way!"

Ren You's face changed drastically. He pushed the crowd aside and ran towards Qingyun Community in a hurry. His face was full of anxiety and eagerness.

"Oh, I’m afraid this young man’s family is in that building!"

"Poor kid, I hope his family is okay.……"

"Alas, this situation... is really uncertain!"


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 112

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