Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 123

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 123
In the game world.

When Ren You's vision returned to the stone platform of Guixu Ruins again, his heart was still immersed in the shocking scene just now.

He pondered for a moment, and roughly understood what coming to Guixu Ruins, touching the phantom of the Eternal Sundial, and the scene of time and space interweaving represented...

It was a short prophecy, and the application of skills of the Magic Blade profession!

In the scene of time and space interweaving this time, there was no scene of time and space stagnation.

From the content, it can be seen that this time it should be mainly about the application scenario of the skill"Magic Explosion Thorn".


Ren You made a prompt decision and lifted the time stop.

As time and space resumed flowing, the phantom of the Eternal Sundial on the stone platform dissipated like smoke in the wind, and a skill book emitting faint light slowly hovered above the stone platform.

He stepped forward and took the skill book in his hand

【[Normal·Blade Control Lv1]

Type: Blade Occupation Skill Book

Upgrade Requirements: To upgrade to Lv2, 2 primary skill stones are required.

Effect: Consume 500 mana points to conclude a contract with a weapon.

After that, this weapon will be in telepathic communication with the player, and can be controlled at will within 20 meters.

When the player guides the weapon to attack the enemy, in addition to the basic physical damage, it will also add 5% additional physical damage and irresistible true damage; and its attack speed depends on the player's attack speed.

Currently, the number you can control is: 1

(Tip 1: The marked weapon can be used in conjunction with the magic burst spike.)

(Tip 2: As the skill quality improves, the number and range of marked weapons will also increase.)


After reading the skill introduction of"Blade Controlling Technique",

Ren You frowned deeply and fell into deep thought.

From the scene of interlaced time and space, it can be seen that the potential of"Blade Controlling Technique" is far beyond its superficial description.

"The skill of Blade Taming can be considered as a connecting skill to Spell Explosion... The key lies in controlling the number of weapons and the control range!"

"The more weapons you can control, the longer your control range will be. Even if it is not used in conjunction with the Magic Explosion, it is still an extremely powerful skill!"

"In particular, after consuming 500 mana points to bind the weapon, there is no control time limit, it is a semi-permanent type!"


Ren You prepared to give it a try.

He took out a level 30 bronze dagger from his backpack and whispered:

""Ring the Blade!""

Mana -500!"

As he finished speaking, 500 mana points were instantly drawn from the panel.

The next second, the bronze-quality dagger in his hand glowed faintly.

"Binding successful!"

"Next Steps……"

Ren You controlled the short sword in his hand with his mind, and it left his palm and slowly floated up.


He pointed to a huge rock ten meters ahead.

Swoosh - the dagger turned into a faint light and pierced through the huge rock in an instant!


Ren You couldn't help but gasp.

Although this was only a level 30 bronze weapon, with the help of the Blade Controlling Technique, its power was so amazing!

Next, he tried to let the dagger fly freely within a 20-meter range around him.

Very flexible!

The dagger would react immediately as soon as he thought about it.

It would hit wherever he pointed, without any delay!

Moreover, he could only imagine a rough idea in his mind, and the dagger would execute it according to his idea. This was undoubtedly like having an extra pair of hands in the battle!

"Very strong!"

Ren You nodded with satisfaction.

After the test, this short sword with a faint glow just floated quietly behind his head, ready to attack at any time according to his thoughts!

"Unfortunately, I only have one at the moment. Well, it's time to find Dezi to get the skill stone and improve my skills comprehensively.……"

Not long after,

Ren You walked out of the cave, said goodbye to Fang Lao, and ran out of the Giant Beast Mountain Range.

However, as soon as he left the Giant Beast Mountain Range, countless messages flooded in.

Ren You opened the friend list and replied to them one by one.

【Dezi】:"Brother You, what have you done? Why are all the official forums full of your bounties?!"

【Visitors: It’s just a small matter

【Visitor]: Take the skill stones you purchased to the wild area of Zhuancheng, and I will come to find you later!


【Blue Moon】:"Oh no, Brother You! This time something serious has happened! Did you kill someone you shouldn't have killed in the game? The official forum is full of posts offering bounties for you, and almost all the players in the game want to siege you!"

【Tourist]: It's okay, just level up well.


【Rich Kneeling】:"Brother You, who did you offend? Why are so many people trying to kill you? But don't worry, I can talk to the head of the War God Temple Guild. I will talk to him for you. As long as he is willing to come forward, he will definitely help you settle the matter."

【Visitors: Among the people I killed was the president of the War God Temple Guild.……

【Rich Kneeling】:"……"


In addition to these information about the game world...

Ren You couldn't help but frown when he saw the dozen or so messages Zhao Yanming sent.

【Zhao Yanming】:"Ren You, I just got the news that the plan has changed!"

"The people from Organization No. 17 have already taken quick action and went to the Echeng Police Station to claim the body of the Protoss. Our people failed to get there first, and they succeeded."

【Zhao Yanming】:"Ren You, you must be on guard against Organization No. 17!"

"After learning about the Protoss' conspiracy, I re-analyzed the entire situation and discovered that among the 20 organizations secretly established by the government, as many as 7 organizations had unstable positions, and Organization No. 17 was one of them!"

【Zhao Yanming】:"Zhang Jun, the captain of the criminal police team of the Echeng Police Station, is an extremely difficult person. He has listed you as a key surveillance target."

【Zhao Yanming】:"Xia Qing was discharged from the hospital in the early morning and was secretly sent overseas by the captain of the No. 17 organization that was carrying out the mission.……"

【Zhao Yanming】:"Each organization is nominally independent, and I have no right to interfere with the actions of other organizations. But now that Organization No. 17 has set its sights on you, you must act with caution!"

【Zhao Yanming】:"I will deliver what you want to you as soon as possible tomorrow.……"


After reading these messages, Ren You took a deep breath and replied calmly and concisely with two words:

"Got it."

Then, he closed the chat box and turned his eyes to the time display in the lower right corner of his vision.

It was 7:30 in the morning...

It was still early, and he had enough time to plan and prepare.

Ren You planned to find Dezi to get the skill stone and upgrade his skills in the game world.

As for the trivial matters in the real world, he planned to deal with them later.

Xia Qing was indeed surprised to be sent overseas.

However, this scene in the intersection of time and space also gave him some tips - don't worry too much!

After providing the necessary cover...


Just kill them!


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 123

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