Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 125

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 125
[Tip]: Consume 90 primary skill stones!

【[Tip]: Consume 2 intermediate skill stones!

【Tips: Normal·Law Control Blade Lv1 → Gold·Law Control Blade Lv1!

Control diameter increases to 70 meters, 4 contractable weapons!

Additional physical damage increases to 10%!


【[Tip]: Consume 40 primary skill stones!

【[Tip]: Consume 2 intermediate skill stones!

【Tips: Silver · Magic Explosion Thorn Lv1 → Gold · Magic Explosion Thorn Lv1!

The explosion diameter increases to 30 meters, instantly causing 5 times the magic damage to itself!

2 weapons can be pre-charged, and the cooldown is reduced to 2 minutes!


【[Tip]: Consume 50 primary skill stones!

【[Tip]: Consume 1 intermediate skill stone!

【Tip: Bronze · Dual Wielding Lv1 → Gold · Dual Wielding Lv1!

Secondary weapon damage bonus increased to 81%!


Looking at the series of upgrade prompts, Ren You was filled with joy.

Although these skills seemed to be eclipsed by his natural characteristics... but in the game world, they undoubtedly helped him save a lot of time!

He immediately took out three daggers from his backpack and consumed 1,500 mana points to contract.

So far.

He can control up to four weapons!

These four daggers hovered behind his head, and there was a rudimentary shape of the Ten Thousand Swords Returning to the Origin.

Lan Yue and others on the side saw this scene and were envious.

Just now, when Ren You could only control one dagger, he was killing monsters like a whirlwind. Now with four daggers... wouldn't he be able to take off directly?!

"At this rate, Brother You will almost become a swordsman! How can he still look like an assassin?"

De Zi looked at Ren You's glowing short sword and smacked his lips.

"That's right!"

Fu Kui continued, sighing

""Brother You's ability, I feel he has surpassed the scope of all players, to put it bluntly, invincible!"

Hearing what the two said, Lan Yue and Gan Bao also nodded in agreement.

Especially the four of them have followed Ren You since the beginning, and witnessed him grow from an ordinary assassin to what he is now... a weirdo.

Apart from having an invisibility skill, how can he look like an assassin?

How can an assassin hold a long blade?

How can an assassin inflict magic damage?

How can an assassin control a weapon?

Tsk, I don't understand, I don't understand……

"Brother You, if there is nothing else to do, we can withdraw first."

Dezi suggested

"Well, you guys retreat first."

Ren You collected his thoughts and nodded.

The four people said goodbye to Ren You one after another, and then left the dungeon one after another.

After watching the four people leave.

Ren You did not leave the dungeon immediately, but found a corner.

With a thought, the four short swords quickly flew back to his side and flew around him.

He drew out the black sword and took out the materials he had collected from his backpack.

Hundred-forged cold iron, thousand-forged cold iron, micro-law stone, initial law stone... a dazzling array!

With the forging sub-profession, the skills have been improved.

Now it's time to increase the damage of the main weapon!

Ren You put the materials on the long sword, and several options appeared in front of him.


"The"Upgrade" option is gray, which means that none of these materials can improve the quality of the weapon.

"Strengthen, repair!"

After Ren You made his choice, a virtual hammer appeared in his hand!

He held it in his right hand and started working.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

With every strike of Ren You, a wisp of mysterious energy overflowed from the material and slowly seeped into the long sword.

Strengthening once takes 5 minutes.

Repairing once takes 15 minutes.

After an hour, all the materials were used up.

However, the black long sword exuded a more fierce aura than before!

Ren You checked the properties.

【Special Gold Black Sword]

Part: Main Weapon

Equipment Requirement: Level 30

Attributes: Physical Damage +794, Spell Damage +814

Effect 1: Armor Break 10%

Effect 2: Never Wear

Effect 3: Thunder Slash (Thunder Blade Qi increases to 5 meters, release distance increases to 15 meters, adds 8% spells and 1 second paralysis effect!)


【Physical damage]: 1516

【[Magic Damage]: 1733


Looking at the brand new attribute panel of the Black Blade, Ren You nodded with satisfaction.

The physical and magical damage of the weapon were nearly doubled, and the release distance of the Thunder Slash effect was also increased.

Such attributes were comparable to most level 40 gold quality weapons!

"Not bad!"

Ren You smiled slightly, put away his long sword, turned around and left the copy.


At this time.

In the Zuancheng area, outside the [Dead Bones Corridor] dungeon square. A large number of players gathered here, with a total number of tens of thousands!

In fact, there are even more people, but the dungeon square is so small that too many people can't squeeze in at all, so they can only choose to squat on the periphery and watch the show.

The identities of these people are players first, and bounty hunters second!

There is only one target-tourists!

They were all attracted by the amount of the dozen anonymous bounty posts under the official website forum.

If you get the first kill of a tourist, you can get a bounty of tens of millions!

To be honest...

Being a killer in reality, you can't make so much money at the risk of being beheaded!

What's more, this is in the game, and there is no need to bear legal responsibility for killing players...

As time goes by.

More and more players heard the news and rushed here, including some top guilds and talented individual players.

Even the two guilds of Zunpeng and Feilong, who were previously afraid of being killed by Ren You, could not withstand the temptation of tens of millions of bounties, and came here with all the members of the guild.

"Why hasn’t that bastard You Ren come out yet?"

"Could it be that he knows we are waiting for him outside and that’s why he doesn’t dare to come out?"

"If he doesn't come out today, we will wait here forever. We don't believe that he won't show up!"


Tens of thousands of players were talking about it, looking towards the dungeon entrance from time to time.

Everyone was looking forward to the arrival of visitors.

At the same time, some players and guilds who heard the news also came one after another, including the 11th place in the East Emperor City ranking list [Blood Fang Hao】!

"So many people gathered here, are they preparing to siege the tourists?"

Fang Hao held up his spear and looked at the huge crowd at the entrance of the dungeon, with an interested look on his face.

""President, should we also join in? If we capture the tourist, the bounty of more than 10 million is not a small amount of money. Our guild is in need of cash flow!"

A member of the Scarlet Guild suggested.

"Don't worry."

Fang Hao shook his head and said with a smile:

"Let this group of people explore the way first. How could You Ren be able to kill the top ten masters on the level list without some special means?"

"If we rush in and run into the muzzle of a gun, it will be more trouble than gain."

""President, you are wise!"

The members of the Scarlet Guild nodded in agreement.

They stood on the periphery, quietly observing the development of the situation.

At this time, there was a sudden commotion at the entrance of the dungeon.

A figure walked out of the entrance of the dungeon...

It was Ren You!

"Haha!! The tourists are coming out!"

"The first kill of the tourist is mine! I will definitely get the ten million bounty!"


As he spoke, a level 32 assassin player in the front rushed towards Ren You with two daggers in hand, his face full of greed.

Ren You looked at the assassin player rushing towards him calmly, with a disdainful smile on his face.

"Tsk, the leeks have grown taller and are now coming to your door……"

He felt helpless and thought.

Four short swords flew out from behind him in an instant, turning into four sharp rays of light and rushing directly towards the assassin player.


The assassin player looked at the four sudden attacks in horror, and it was too late to dodge.

Puff! Puff!

The dagger pierced through his body, killing him instantly!

"What the hell?! What is his occupation?!"

"How could he know how to control a sword? Is this a cultivation game?!"

"Someone on the forum said he was cheating before, but I didn’t believe it. But this time I fucking believe it!"


The players around were all shocked when they saw this.

They didn't expect that Ren You's strength was so terrifying!

He killed a level 32 assassin player in a single encounter!

"Great, great, so many gathered at once……"

Ren You's eyes wandered over the players around him.

Anyone who has grown chives knows that when chives are green and tall, full of vitality, it's time to harvest them.

But the scene in front of him was even more amazing.

The chives not only grew vigorously, but also actively jumped out of the fields, gathered in front of his door, and consciously lined up, waiting for him to harvest them one by one.!


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 125

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