Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 136

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 136

Ren You sneered softly

"After level 30, the Protoss will start to add some private goods to the dungeon background……"

After reading the copy background, he showed a disdainful expression on his face.

Although most players don't pay much attention to the copy background, in the long run, this subtle influence will inevitably plant the illusion that the"Gods" are the"saviors" in the hearts of some people.

In short, it is similar to the brainwashing of the Melatonin advertisement...

One is the first choice for giving gifts during the Chinese New Year.

The copy background is that when humans encounter some setbacks in real life, they may think how great it would be if the Gods came.


At this moment, the gravel suddenly began to vibrate.

Ren You raised his eyebrows and looked around.

He saw that the floating stones around him were vibrating in a certain pattern... as if they were alive!


Before my eyes, a suspended piece of gravel suddenly split apart, and a dark claw stretched out.

Then came the second, and the third.……

【Gold·Stone Demon·Elite】

【Level: 39

【HP: 50000/50000

【Physical Damage]: 1570, [Attack Speed]: 1.8

【[Magic Damage]: 1780, [Dual Resistance]: 620

【Skills: Stoneskin, Stone Gaze, Rockslide

【Introduction: Monsters born from the broken stones in the altar and the dark magic. They have no self-awareness, only the most primitive destructive instinct.……


The seven or eight stone demons in front of him were all two heads taller than Ren You, and they exuded a fierce aura.

Ordinary players today, facing a gold-level monster six levels higher than themselves, probably wouldn't even have the courage to attack...

Even Ren You couldn't help but smack his lips and said:

"Grandmaster-level copy...even the monsters are at the golden stage?"

"HP 50,000, dual resistance 620?"

"This dual resistance is higher than the BOSS of the level 20 copy! It is worthy of being a grandmaster copy!"


The stone demon roared, then pounced towards Ren You at an incredibly fast speed!

Ren You chuckled, quickly pulled out the long sword from his waist, and advanced instead of retreating.


He stepped on a piece of suspended gravel, used the force to jump up, appeared above the head of a stone demon, and chopped down with both hands holding the knife!


The collision of metal and stone produced a flash of fire.


This blow directly opened a wound on the top of the stone demon's head.

Black demonic energy flowed out of the wound and gradually dissipated into the air.


The stone demon roared in pain and slapped Ren You with his huge palm.

However, Ren You jumped up with his legs, rolled in the air, and landed steadily on another suspended gravel, avoiding the stone demon's attack.

"The damage is pretty good……"

He glanced at the wound on the stone demon's head, which had healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, and his blood volume was also recovering rapidly!

"The self-healing ability is also quite strong, but... it is also expected."

Ren You narrowed his eyes slightly, and his mind moved.

——Blade Control Technique!

The next second, the four short swords behind his head emitted a faint light and flew towards the other stone demons at high speed!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Clang! Clang! Clang...

The collision of metal and stone caused fireworks to fly everywhere!


The head of one of the stone demons was pierced directly by the dagger!

However, Shi Mo's health was not low, and the wound on his head was healing rapidly.

At the same time, Ren You also took the opportunity to launch an attack.

His figure was as fast as the wind, shuttling between the suspended stones, and every time he jumped up, he was accompanied by the cold light of a long sword unsheathed.


Another stone demon's chest was pierced by the long sword, and black demonic energy spread everywhere.

But Ren You did not stop, he knew that these stone demons had strong vitality, and he had to attack continuously to completely destroy them.

——Time and space stagnation!

After all, this is a Grandmaster-level dungeon, so we have to give it some face no matter what!

Ren You attacked with a double-edged sword, and added 4 flying swords.

In a short while, the health of the 8 golden-level stone demons in front of him was emptied.

Time stop, release!

In an instant, a damage mark exploded above Shi Mo's head, and his body quickly collapsed and turned into a pile of rubble.

【Kill the level 39 golden stone demon elite!】

【Experience points +700!】

【Copper Coins +42】

【Level】: 33 (8010 / 350000)


This experience is really rich, 700 points for each!

Although the health and dual resistance of these stone demons are quite considerable, they are still unable to resist the continuous attacks of Ren You's freezing and piling.

However, Ren You did not relax his vigilance.

After all, the monster in front of him is just the beginning of the dungeon. The subsequent BOSS will undoubtedly have more health and dual resistance!

Take the wild gold BOSS"Steel Armor Angry Bear" he met before as an example. It is level 35 and has a health of up to 2 million. Although the health of this BOSS was blessed by the game activities at that time... but the current dungeon is Grandmaster level!

If the monsters are gold-level, then the BOSS must be king-level!

Ren You stood on the suspended gravel and looked around.

The surrounding stones began to move slowly, as if pointing him in the direction.

He took a deep breath, shrank his legs slightly to accumulate strength, and jumped to another larger suspended stone.


Ren You looked up and saw more suspended stones giving birth to new stone demons in the vibration.

This time, there were more stone demons, a full 12!

In order to save time...

Ren You stopped time directly, then controlled four swords, plus two blades of his own, and started the pile driving mode.

Half an hour later

【Level: Level 33 (115080/350000)

Ren You sat on the suspended gravel and drank a bottle of intermediate mana recovery potion.

In the past half hour, he spent 3 minutes killing monsters, 7 minutes on the road, and the remaining 20 minutes on restoring mana.

There is no other way.

The rules of this dungeon are different from the previous ones. After killing a wave of monsters, another wave of monsters will come.

It is impossible to pull monsters in a large area like in the previous dungeons, so the skill effect of Swallowing Blade is not applicable here...

The status adjustment is completed and the mana is full.

Ren You stood up and jumped over the suspended stones, ready to go to the direction of the first BOSS.

【Floating Altar] There are only 2 BOSSes in the dungeon


Soon after, a strong energy wave came from the front.

Ren You looked closely.

He saw a huge stone gate appeared in front of him, which was engraved with ancient runes and patterns.

He controlled the dagger to fit on the instep of his feet, flew to the front of the stone gate, and observed it carefully.

Then, he reached out and touched the runes on the stone gate.

The next second, the stone gate suddenly emitted a dazzling light, covering Ren You.

When the light dissipated,

Ren You found that he had come to a brand new space.

Under his feet, there is a suspended stone island with a diameter of about 2 kilometers!

Outside the suspended island, there was a thick black fog.

In the center of the island, a huge figure stood there, exuding a powerful breath.

It was a black stone giant nearly five meters tall, holding a huge stone axe, exuding an ancient breath...

It lowered its head slightly, its eyes flashing red, and locked on this outsider, Ren You.

【King Blackrock Troll·BOSS】

【Level: 40

【HP]: 3200000/3200000 (3.2 million)

【Physical Damage]: 3900, [Attack Speed]: 2.1

【[Magic Damage]: 2400, [Dual Resistance]: 1580 (King-level dual resistance, if the weapon equipment does not reach the King level, the attached armor-piercing effect will have no effect on it!)


【Shockwave]: Passive skill, each attack can cause a 3-meter diameter physical damage splash effect

【[Giant Throw]: Charge for 1 second, throw the stone axe in your hand, causing an explosion with a diameter of 80 meters at the point of contact, causing physical damage

【[Stone Explosion]: A skill that works with Massive Throw. It controls the stones that explode with Massive Throw, causing secondary magic damage to enemies within a 80-meter range.

【[Berserk]: Charge for 10 seconds, increase physical and magical damage by 200%, lasts for 10 minutes

【[Black Stone Forever]: Charge for 3 seconds, the whole body is covered with rocks, and the double resistance increases by 700%. (Once the BOSS falls into the Black Stone Forever state, if the BOSS is still alive after two hours, it is assumed that the crusade for this instance has failed, the island is broken, and all players are dead!)

【Tips: When the BOSS is charging, 2 control skills are needed to interrupt it.


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 136

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