Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 138

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 138
[Forbidden Technique: Weakness Breaking】

【Type: Large Skill

【Condition: Second-level assassin type/level 30

【[Introduction]: Consume 100 mana points. When the enemy's health is less than 10%, 5-50 weakness marks will appear in different parts of the enemy's body in the player's field of vision.

The player needs to cause effective damage to 5-50 positions within 15 seconds, immediately ignoring the enemy's remaining health, resulting in a beheading effect!

If the player fails to break all weakness marks within 15 seconds, the skill will be dormant for 3 minutes. After three minutes, 100 mana points can be consumed again to mark the enemy's weaknesses.

Plunder: After beheading the enemy, you can temporarily gain 20% of the enemy's physical damage and health, which lasts for 20 minutes

——Cooling down for 5 hours.

(Tip 1: Each level 30 player can only learn one large skill.)

(Tip 2: Each large skill has a fixed level and cannot be upgraded!)

(Tip 2: If you want to change a large skill, you need to spend 3 gold coins to forget the panel!)


The target of forbidden spells are hunters, assassins, and warriors.

The target of forbidden spells are priests, mages, and summoners.


"Weakness Break?!"

When he saw the name of the golden scroll, Ren You was stunned. He didn't even need to read the skill introduction... because he was too familiar with this skill!

""Forbidden Skill: Weakness Break" is the PVE skill with the highest upper limit among the large-scale skills that assassin players can learn at level 30!

No other!

You should know that the health of monsters after level 30 is calculated in units of 10,000, and the health of the BOSS is at least 500,000!

For example, in the Grandmaster-level dungeon that Ren You defeated, the first BOSS alone has 3.2 million health!

In addition, after the health of the final BOSS in the dungeon drops to a certain level, it will enter a violent mode!

Weakness Break, it kills the enemy with a percentage of the enemy's health, and gains 20% of the enemy's strength and health, which lasts for 20 minutes.

After completing the first stage, the assassin can also open the invincible!

Of course, this skill also has disadvantages...

For example, it consumes 100 points of magic After the strength value is turned on, 50 weakness marks will appear on the BOSS in the field of vision.

This point will test the assassin player's movement speed and attack speed, as well as the timing of entering the battlefield!

After all, the BOSS is not a wooden stake, it can move, attack, and the damage is extremely high. Most assassin players who rush up, not only fail to hit the weakness, but also die directly...

Because of this, the skill of breaking the weakness can only be said to have the highest upper limit, not the strongest.

There are many factors...

For example, if you are unlucky, 50 weakness marks will be opened.

For example, if you have poor skills, even if 5 marks are opened, you can't hit them all within 20 seconds!

Therefore, those who are not confident in their own skills will eventually choose large-scale skills that amplify their own attributes.

""It's worth my effort to get this skill!"

Ren You smiled.

He spent a long time to get the skill of Weak Point Breaking in his previous life. He had no choice, as he was very poor at that time. The price of this skill was simply too high for him!

"In my previous life, even if there were 50 weakness marks, I could always complete 80% of them."

"What's more, now I have the talent of time and space stagnation, which means……"

"100% kill!"

"The only drawback is that the skill cooldown after killing is five hours."

Ren You thought to himself.

He put away his excitement and looked at the experience bar.

This time, he killed the Blackrock Troll and gained 70,000 experience points.……

【Level]: Level 33 (185080/350000)

50% more experience!

After clearing this dungeon, you can reach a little over level 34!

Ren You is looking forward to it.

The second feature of the talent is getting closer and closer

【[Tip]: You have learned"King·Forbidden Technique·Weakness Break"!

After learning the skill, Ren You did not stay for long. After the death of the Black Stone Troll, the black fog around the giant floating stone had dissipated, revealing a floating gravel path.

Ren You stepped onto the gravel path and quickly shuttled between the floating stones.

Along the way.

It was like a level again, with waves of monsters coming.

But these monsters did not pose any threat to him.

Directly turn on the time stop and kill instantly...

Soon after.

He came to the end of the Grandmaster-level [Floating Altar].

In front, a giant platform made up of more than a dozen huge pieces of rubble was quietly suspended in the void.

This platform was like an altar that was once glorious but now broken, revealing a vicissitudes of ancient atmosphere.

In the center of the platform, a strange figure was hunched over with a staff. It was the final BOSS!

【King of the Abyss·BOSS】

【Level: 45

【HP]: 6000000/6000000 (6 million)

【Physical Damage]: 6100, [Attack Speed]: 3

【[Magic Damage]: 8500, [Dual Resistance]: 2100

(King-level dual resistance, if the weapon equipment does not reach the King level, the attached armor-piercing effect will have no effect on it!)


1. Shadow Touch: Create a pair of dark hands to grab the target. If successfully grabbed, it will cause continuous damage and absorb the target's health.

2. Corrosive Rain: Summons Corrosive Rain in the designated area, causing continuous damage to enemies within a range of 100 meters for 5 minutes.

3. Abyss Priest: Apply a powerful dark shield to yourself, increase dual resistance by 200%, and last for 10 minutes.

4. Spell Chain: Release the chain to bind nearby enemies for 7 seconds and continue to take damage.

5. Light of Annihilation: Shoot dark rays from the eyes, causing 200% of the self's magic damage to enemies within a straight line of 2*100 meters.

6. Rage: When the BOSS's health drops to 10%, it falls into a rage state and can summon stone demons. The stone demon has 100,000 health.

(Tip: In the rage state, the Abyss Priest can summon 20 stone demons in 1 minute. When the number of stone demons on the altar reaches 600, these stone demons will merge into 6 black stone trolls to assist the Abyss Priest in attacking players.)


The Abyss Priest has an extremely strange appearance.

Its body is half human and half beast, with a human-like upper body but dark purple skin covered with various mysterious runes, and a thick snake tail covered with scales and gleaming with a metallic luster.

When Ren You walked into the giant altar, the entire altar was shrouded in a layer of light black mist.

"It's difficult……"

He looked at the health of the boss and raised his eyebrows.

The health of the Abyss Priest is twice that of the Blackrock Troll!

Ren You quickly calculated in his mind.

It is known that the mana value is 5270 points, which can stop time for 2635 seconds.

If he doesn't want to scrape, he can only control four swords, relying on the 52 points of true damage of the short sword, and can cause 208 points of damage to the boss per second. The total damage is: 2.34 million!

Even if the rejuvenating effect is used, 3000 points of mana are instantly restored, and 1500 seconds of time stop are added.

The total damage is: 3.6 million!

"Alas, after all the calculations... I have to do the scraping myself in the end!"

Ren You looked helpless and raised his hand to rub his forehead.

After some calculations, even with him, and the effect of Huanchun, he can only knock down 5.5 million HP of the BOSS!

Bad news: Even if two arms are smoking, they can't kill the BOSS in one second.

Good news: 10% of 6 million is 600,000, and the weakness breaking skill I just learned can come in handy!

"You still need to upgrade to level 35, change a set of equipment, and increase your attack power, at least to be able to break the defense of the BOSS in the Grandmaster copy!"

"All my equipment, except the Black Sword, is level 25.……"

"Tsk, scraping once in a while is fine, but scraping every time you meet a boss... that's a bit too much!"

Ren You whispered helplessly while rubbing his shoulders.

Then, he pulled out the long and short double blades from his waist and rushed towards the boss.

——The scraping master is here!


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 138

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