Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 147

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 147
In the barren desert.

Ren You and others took a short break to recharge their batteries.

Everyone opened the map in their field of vision and looked for the next target stronghold.

In this vast desert, there are 36 strongholds.

They are scattered around like stars, and each stronghold is about 10 kilometers apart...

It can be seen that the area in the large-scale dungeon is vast!

In the center of the desert, 36 strongholds stand like stars holding the moon, and a magnificent temple stands - the Seven Sand King Temple.

Concise and to the point.

The so-called Seven Sand King Temple has seven BOSS statues!

Once the King Elite monster in one of the 36 strongholds is killed by the player, the BOSS statue in the King Temple will be randomly activated...

Of course, if the player feels that his own strength is strong enough, there is no need to rush to kill the elite of any stronghold to waste time.

After entering the dungeon, you can rush directly to the Seven Sand King Temple at the center of the map to activate 7 King BOSS at a time!

Then... the shit will come out!


In addition, there are too many uncertain factors in this dungeon mechanism!

Even if you play it randomly, you can only start from the base. Under this mechanism, I hope to pull out the BOSS one by one and kill them.


"Tumen Village is the closest to us. Let's go there first, shall we?"

Lan Yue suggested, looking at the map in her field of vision.

Ren You glanced at it and nodded without objection.

So, the group headed towards the Tumen Village.

Along the way, they encountered some elite monsters in the desert, but fortunately they were gold-level.

These monsters were no match for Ren You and the five people who had changed their clothes.

They easily killed these monsters and gained a lot of experience points and equipment.

Finally, after more than half an hour's journey, they arrived at the Tumen Village.

This stronghold was an abandoned village with dilapidated houses and dry wells scattered around, which looked particularly desolate.

"Is this the Tumen Village stronghold?"

Zhao Yanming looked around curiously:"Where is the monster hiding?"

"Just be ready to fight……"

Ren You gave a light reminder, and then walked quickly towards a dilapidated house.

Just as he pushed open the door, something strange happened!

Whoosh - a sound of breaking through the air suddenly sounded, and a black shadow flew in from outside the door, heading straight for Ren You's back!

Ren You's reaction was also very fast, he drew his sword, twisted his body, and chopped down!

All in one go!

Clang -!

The sound of metal colliding rang out.

Ren You looked closely and saw that what attacked him was a shiny black spear.

At this time, the spear was chopped off by his short blade, and the attacker also revealed his figure.

A monster with a humanoid figure, a lizard head, and scales appeared in front of them.

It held a spear in its hand, stared at Ren You fiercely, and let out a low roar from its throat.


【Gold Lizard Warrior Elite】

【Level: 40

【HP: 150000/150000

【Physical Damage]: 2240, [Attack Speed]: 3.5

【[Magic Damage]: 1240, [Dual Resistance]: 879

【Skills: Thrust, Rage, Physical Sandification


At this time, all the houses in Tumen Village suddenly collapsed, and eight lizard warriors emerged from the ruins.

One of them was taller than the other lizard warriors, holding a golden axe, about four meters tall, and his aura was obviously stronger than the others!

【King·Lizard King·Elite】

【Level: 45

【HP: 1500000/1500000

【Physical Damage]: 5000, [Attack Speed]: 5.5

【[Magic Damage]: 2649, [Dual Resistance]: 2000

【Skills: Rage, Physical Sandification, Control Quicksand, King's Axe


Ren You glanced at these lizard warriors and said calmly:

"As usual, I'll leave the small ones to you and the big ones to me!"


Lan Yue and the others responded in unison, and then quickly rushed towards the gold-level lizardmen warriors.

Ren You stared at the king-level lizardman king, stretched his left hand to his waist, and slowly pulled out the dagger.


The Lizard King roared, holding a golden long axe, and slashed towards Ren You!

5.5 attack speed!

Proved that its movement speed is also very fast!

This axe broke through the air, and the sharp axe wind even tore the air, making a sharp whistling sound.

Ren You's mind moved.

The four short swords behind him quickly formed a sword formation to meet the long axe!


A huge metal collision sound rang out, and the four short swords commanded by Ren You were all chopped away by this axe!

But this barely reduced its speed.

Ren You took the opportunity to dodge sideways, and swung the long sword in his right hand towards its waist.


The long sword did not cut in, but was directly blocked by the thick scales on its body, splashing a spark.

However, the damage to the opponent was real.



The Lizard King felt the pain and swung his axe wildly at Ren You, trying to chop the human who hurt him in half.

But although its speed and strength were strong, it lacked skills and flexibility.

Under Ren You's flexible dodge and precise counterattack, its attacks repeatedly missed, and new wounds continued to appear on its body.

On the other side, Lan Yue and others were also engaged in a fierce battle with the gold-level Lizard Warriors.

Although these Lizard Warriors were strong, they gradually became powerless under the siege of Lan Yue and others.

As time went on, one Lizard Warrior after another fell, and Lan Yue and others became more and more courageous.

【Kill the Golden Lizard Warrior Elite!】

【Team experience +1980!】


While everyone was fighting.

Ren You had already pulled the Lizard King away from the scene...

Although the Lizard King's range destructive power was not strong, its high single-target damage could instantly kill Lan Yue and others with one axe!

This is the difference between humanoid monsters and beast monsters!

Compared to beast monsters, humanoid monsters have mastered certain combat skills...

Maybe they are stronger than ordinary players, but they are not good enough in front of Ren You!

An hour later

""Hiss, hiss, hiss!" After being repeatedly defeated and constantly being toyed with by the man in front of him, the Lizard King, whose health was about to be depleted, was completely furious!

He rushed towards Ren You frantically, and a golden light flashed from the golden axe in his hand.

——King's Axe Chop!

But Ren You was not afraid at all. He dodged the charge of the Lizard King with a flash, and at the same time, he controlled the dagger behind him with his mind and stabbed it in the back!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!


The dagger pierced the back of the Lizard King directly, and yellow blood spurted out.

At this moment, Ren You flashed again and appeared on the side of the Lizard King, and swung his long sword suddenly!

Puff— a huge head flew out and rolled on the sand, and the huge body of the Lizard King also fell down with a bang!

【Kill the level 45 King, Lizard King, Elite!】

【Team experience +19800! 】

Looking at the fallen body of the Lizard King, Ren You let out a deep breath.

To be honest, fighting with this kind of humanoid monster... he is still at a disadvantage!

The main reason is that, except for the art of controlling the blade, he did not use any skills throughout the whole process.

The opponent has high strength attributes and certain skills. When the opponent chops with an axe, he has to dodge with all his strength. Once hit, he will die!

Ren You wiped the sweat from his forehead, walked towards the body of the Lizard King, and prepared to pick up the purple ball of light.

However, at this moment.

The prompt sound rang in everyone's ears.

【Tip: The people of Qishawang Temple have noticed you.

【hint】:"The"Desolate Three-tailed Scorpion" has been activated!

【Tips]: In 15 seconds, the BOSS will arrive at the battlefield


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 147

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