Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 149

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 149
"This... it's gone just now?"

The five people stared blankly at the huge BOSS corpse lying in the sand, and the figure holding the double blades and standing quietly beside the BOSS corpse, all confused.

What happened to the long-lasting battle?

Why did it end just as it started?

A real man in a second?!

Everyone looked at each other, and saw confusion on each other's faces.


On the battlefield.

Ren You stood beside the BOSS's body and quickly picked up the three light balls without even looking at them. He threw them into his backpack.

At the same time, he was alert. He did not put the double blades back to his waist, but quickly took out the mana potion and drank it, still maintaining a fighting posture!

Four short swords surrounded him, as if to prevent something.

Until 10 seconds later……


Ren You let out a long breath this time, and his body instantly relaxed.

He had no choice, he was afraid that he would repeat the lesson of the"unlucky guy" in his previous life who triggered seven BOSSes in a row!

With his cautious nature, he had to be on guard...

Fortunately, after waiting for so long, he didn't hear the prompt sound, and it was estimated that the special mechanism was not triggered.

This time he was completely relieved!

At this time, Lan Yue and others also ran over from a distance, and saw the dead BOSS, and they were all shocked:

"Brother You, you... are awesome!"

Dezi looked at Ren You in astonishment:"A boss with 2700 resistance and 11 million HP... Brother You, you killed him in one blow? The physical damage on the panel exceeded 10 million?!"

As he said that, he walked forward and stretched out his hand, shook Ren You's shoulder vigorously, and said with great sorrow:

"We have been brothers for more than 20 years... As the saying goes, being brothers is in the heart……"

"Brother You, tell me the truth...what kind of cheat are you using?"


Ren You looked at De Zi who was showing off, with a helpless smile on his face. He pushed De Zi's hand away and said lightly:

"What kind of cheat did I use?"

"All of this is based on my own strength and skills!"


Seeing this, Dezi did not pursue the topic any further.

He naturally knew what was important and what was not.

At this time, Zhao Yanming walked forward and looked at the BOSS's body on the ground, and said with emotion:

"I never thought that you, Brother You, could kill a BOSS of this level in one blow.……"

"If the game's strength can be extracted into reality……"

At this point, he suddenly saw Ren You's warning eyes, and immediately stopped talking, coughed lightly, and said:

"Well, let's go and continue to brush the dungeon!"

However, everyone's eyes lit up when they heard this, and they all had their imaginations.

Naibao was the first to sigh:

"Yes... If the strength in the game can be transferred to reality, I should be an invincible doctor! All the politicians in the blue planet have to curry favor with me. After all, as long as you are a human being... you will get sick!"


Gan Bao glanced at him and said to himself:

"If my ability can be transferred to reality, I will go to the Middle East. I heard that there is a war going on there, and I want to let them see a warrior with a body as strong as a rock, holding an RPG in his hands and kicking a Tomahawk missile with his feet!"


Lan Yue glanced at the two of them and complained:

"So what does my Ice Elementalist do? Guard the door of the cold storage? Help the boss save some electricity?"

"Don't think about these things, you'll get hysterical from playing the game.……"


However, Dezi said nothing, but looked at Ren You strangely.

He was the closest to Ren You.

Just when Zhao Yanming was halfway through his words, he suddenly looked at Ren You and stopped talking.

Dezi secretly speculated in his heart:


"Brother You asked me to stay in Beijing and join a mysterious organization where Zhao Yanming was……"

"Now again……"

"Tsk, could it be that the strength in the game can really be transferred to reality?!"

But Ren You didn't nod in agreement, and Dezi himself was not sure, so he could only bury this idea in his heart.

He planned to wait until he officially entered the mysterious organization before asking Zhao Yanming. If he asked Brother You now, he probably wouldn't be able to tell him...

While Dezi was secretly speculating.

Ren You was also thinking.

After Lan Yue and Dezi passed Zhao Yanming's level, Zhao Yanming would tell them...

In matters concerning the God Clan, he planned to be an invisible man.

After all, the God Clan was paying attention to the secret organization under China. If he showed up in the organization, his true identity would be"exposed" in reality."

"Everyone, be prepared. This dungeon is very large. If you want to finish it completely, it will probably take more than 20 hours.……"

Ren You collected his thoughts and called on everyone to continue moving forward.

20 hours...

This is just considering his current level 25 gold equipment, but even so, it is very fast!

After all, this is a large-scale dungeon for 45 people. Not only are the strongholds far apart, but the health of the king elite monsters in the 36 strongholds is equivalent to that of a small BOSS.

And the health of the real BOSS in the dungeon exceeds 10 million!

Even the players in the top ten of the leaderboard would have to run away after seeing this health number...

Otherwise, why do you need to save 12 hours before entering this dungeon?

The 12 hours of pre-save are mainly to ensure that players can go offline to eat and go to the toilet in the middle of the dungeon. After going online, the players are still in the dungeon, and there will be no situation where other dungeons interrupt the progress and start over.


There was still some distance to go to the next base.

As Ren You hurried on, he opened his backpack.

He hadn't checked the drops of the King-level BOSS in detail yet, but he only remembered that the three light balls were all golden!

At this moment, his heart was full of expectations.

You know, the output of the Grandmaster-level copy is at least gold-level equipment, and the drops of the BOSS are another matter!

Maybe after clearing this copy, he can directly put together a set of King-level equipment...

The three golden light balls opened together.

【King's Sandstorm Boots]

Type: Shoes

Requirement: Level 35

Attributes: Magic Resistance +1320, Magic Damage +1240, Extra Health +2100 Durability

: 1200/1200

Effect: Amphibious (Passively gains 50% movement speed bonus on the ground. When the player enters the water, the movement speed bonus is reduced by 50%, allowing the player to walk in the water as if on flat ground)


【King Sandstorm Armor (Bottoms)]

Type: Pants

Requirement: Second-level Melee/Level 35

Attributes: Magic Resistance +1200, Magic Damage +1350

Durability: 1200/1200

Effect: Sandstorm Shield (When the player is attacked by physical attacks, there is a 10% chance of triggering the Sandstorm Shield, reducing the physical damage received by 30%, lasting for 5 seconds)


【King Sandstorm Armor (upper)]

Type: Clothes

Requirement: Second-level melee/level 35

Attributes: Physical resistance +1320, physical damage +1150, additional agility +35

Durability: 1200/1200

Effect: Sandstorm counterattack (When the player is attacked, there is a chance to trigger sandstorm counterattack, causing additional physical damage to the attacker that is 20% of the player's attack power))


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 149

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