Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 151

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 151
Soon after, they arrived at the next stronghold.

Eight elite sand lizards wandering outside the houses spotted the intruders and rushed over with roars.

Lan Yue and the others entered combat mode and turned to Ren You and said:

"Brother You, go find the elite kings, we'll take care of this.……"

Ren You smiled slightly when he heard this and said:

"Okay, the following monsters, just watch.……"

As he spoke, his mind moved.

The four short swords hovering behind him suddenly shot out, turning into four cold lights that flashed through the air!

"Puff puff puff——!"

4247! 4310! 4278!...

Attack speed: 7

Simple calculation 4000x7!

Seven cuts in one second!

In less than a few seconds, the huge heads of the four elite sand lizards were neatly cut open like watermelons.

The headless corpses fell to the ground with blood spraying out!

【Kill level 40 gold sand lizard armor elite! 】*4

【Experience +1980! 】*4

The other four elite sand lizards stopped charging in fear.

Dezi and the others watched this scene and could not help but swallow.���After Brother

You changed his clothes, his damage doubled again...

At this time, Ren You turned his head and looked at a house:


Are you coming out on your own, or do you want me to invite you out?

""Hiss, hiss, hiss!"

A roar was heard from the house, and a larger sand lizard rushed out from it, opening its bloody mouth and biting towards Ren You!

【King·Sand Lizard King·Elite】

【Level: 45

【Health value]: 1.5 million/1.5 million


Ren You looked at the Sand Lizard King Beast in front of him, and a trace of contempt appeared on his face.

Under his will, the four short swords pierced straight at the Sand Lizard King Beast.

"whoosh whoosh whoosh——"

Four short swords flew through the air, bringing with them four cold rays of light, piercing the body of the Sand Lizard King accurately.


The Sand Lizard King let out a shrill scream, and four streams of blood splashed from its body.

However, this was only the beginning.


The four short swords pierced through the body of the Sand Lizard King Beast again, and then suddenly exploded inside its body, instantly blasting it into a bloody mess.




"Fuck! 20,000 damage?!"

Zhao Yanming couldn't help but yelled in astonishment when he saw this scene.

When he was brushing the dungeon with Ren You two days ago, he remembered that it was 5,000. After entering the dungeon today, it was more than 9,000...

It's only been a short time...

How come it's 20,000 damage?!

This is too outrageous!

At this time, the three daggers on the field kept piercing through the sand lizard king beast, and the damage mark kept appearing, while the other dagger was flying towards the four golden elite monster sand lizards next to it!




In just a few minutes, the Sand Lizard King, which was still alive and kicking, fell in a pool of blood and died.

【Kill the level 45 King·Sand Lizard King·Elite!】

【Experience value +19800! 】

At the same time, the four sand lizard armored men also fell under Ren You’s sword.

【Kill level 40 gold sand lizard armor elite! 】*4

【Experience value +1980] * 4

The above is the experience value prompt sound that Dezi and his friends have gained.

The experience value that Renyou has gained is……

【Experience points +15800!】

【Experience value +1580] *4

Leveled up, 400 experience points lost!


During the entire battle,

Ren You stood still without moving a step.

The four daggers were like agile snakes, quickly returning to their master's back after completing their mission.

The bloodstains and remaining flesh on the swords flashed a sharp light in the afterglow of the desert.

Zhao Yanming and others were dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

After all, after they put on the gold equipment given by Ren You, the damage they dealt to monsters was only about 800-900...

The four daggers controlled by Ren You were completely humanoid monster-killing machines!

"Dezi, go pick up the equipment."

Ren You pointed at the purple light ball on the King Elite Monster, turned around and looked at everyone, and said lightly:

"Next, just follow me and gain experience.……"

"To brush a dungeon, as the name suggests, is to clear the dungeon!"


Dezi responded excitedly and ran over to pick up the equipment.

Lan Yue and others also nodded excitedly.

Since Brother You had said this, they also knew that the next battle would be much easier.



Ren You led Lan Yue and others to sweep the monsters in the stronghold at a very fast speed.

His worries before entering the dungeon had long disappeared after he changed into a set of level 35 equipment...

Attack speed, mana, and damage were all in place!

Ren You no longer cared about the king-level BOSS of this dungeon.

In addition, when he reached level 35... the second characteristic of his talent had quietly opened!

【[Talent]: Eyes of Time and Space (Super God Level)

Feature 1: Time and Space Stagnation (Consume 2 mana points, stagnate for 1 second.)

Feature 2: Space Jump (Incomplete)

Tip: Players need to go to the sundial stone platform at the Guixu site... before they can resume use!


Feature 2 Space Transformation... is it incomplete?

Ren You carefully read the prompt several times.

He found that it did not say that after going to the Guixu Ruins, the method of repairing the incomplete feature would be available. Instead, it only said that it would be restored to use.

"It seems that I must go to the old site of Guixu, step into the illusion of time and space, and explore the answer behind this.……"

Ren You rubbed his frown deeply.

For the time being, he could only suppress this doubt. The current priority was to clear this dungeon!


In the following time, they swept through seven strongholds in succession, but they never triggered the BOSS.

Until they swept through 19 strongholds,……

【Captain"You Ren" killed the King, Lisha Fox King·BOSS!】

【Experience points +15800!】

【You've been upgraded!】

【Level]: Level 36 (1760/500000)

【Free Attributes: +5】

【Occupational fixed attributes: Strength +2, Agility +2, Mana +2】


At the same time, at this moment, everyone heard the prompt sound of BOSS being activated.

【[Tip]: Qishawang Temple has noticed you!

【hint】:"The Desolate Wind Serpent has been activated!

【hint】:"The Desolate Flame Vulture has been activated!

【hint】:"The Desolate Sand Dragon has been activated!

【Tips]: In 15 seconds, the BOSS will arrive at the battlefield


"Oh shit, Brother You, three bosses are coming!"

"Either they don't come, or they come in threes... what a stupid dungeon mechanism!"

Zhao Yanming and the others looked panicked and couldn't help cursing.

"Don't panic."

Ren You said calmly, drank a bottle of mana potion, and said,"It's nothing.……"

Hearing this, Lan Yue and the others immediately felt relieved.

However, Zhao Yanming was stunned and said in disbelief:

"This... is just a piece of cake?"

"The average health of a BOSS is 10 million, and the total health of three BOSSes is 30 million!"

"Brother You, you just killed one in one second……"

"But the combined combat power of the three bosses is not as simple as 1+1!"

"Besides, even if your ultimate move is powerful, it still needs to cool down!"

Hearing this, Lan Yue and others could only say:

Your understanding of Brother You is still too shallow.……


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 151

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