Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 179

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 179
Too sudden!

Ren You's movements were swift and decisive. The woman fell into a pool of blood before she even had time to react.

Everyone present was stunned. They looked at Ren You with fear and confusion in their eyes.

At the side, Fang Hao stared at Ren You with wide eyes.

What...what's going on?

Why did Brother You suddenly kill someone?!

He has practiced martial arts for 20 years and often sparred with others. It is normal to see blood... but, he has never killed anyone!!

On the podium.

Nan Gu looked at this scene, just frowned, and then looked at the other four people in the audience.

They did not make any extra movements, but quietly observed Ren You's actions.

Ren You looked around at those terrified faces.

These people are all top figures in various walks of life. They are usually high and mighty.

However, at this moment, they are like a group of lambs to be slaughtered, looking at him, the"wolf" in horror."


Ren You spoke slowly, his voice cold and clear:

"I think you should understand now that the so-called survival of the fittest is not just about connections and resources.……"

"Sometimes, the most direct use of force can make you, who are usually high and mighty, fall into hell in an instant!"

"Don't you like the law of the jungle? Now is the time to practice……"

Having said this, he paused and looked directly at Nan Gu:

"Mr. Nan Gu, do you think I am right?"

Nan Gu smiled and clapped his hands:

"Mr. Ren is right. The law of the jungle is the law of nature."

"It’s just that we are more accustomed to competing within the framework of civilization and law, and ignore the most primitive law of survival."

"Today, Mr. Ren taught us a lesson in this way, allowing us to more deeply understand the meaning of the survival of the fittest. Thank you, Mr. Ren."

Nan Gu's words made everyone present feel a palpitation.

Some people unconsciously looked at the female internet celebrity who had fallen to the ground and had lost her life...

Then, they looked at Ren You.

They had a deeper understanding of the principle of"the survival of the fittest" in their hearts.

Yes, this is reality, cruel and real.

Abandoning morality, ignoring the law, a simple and primitive power showdown!


In addition, it's just a death... With their identity and status, it's not too easy to deal with this matter.

Some people even felt a little excited in their hearts.

They have been bound by laws and morals for too long. At this moment, seeing someone break this bondage and show the most primitive law of survival, they feel an inexplicable pleasure and excitement.

At this time, Ren You continued:

"Mr. Nan Gu, I have a question for you."

"Please speak." Nan Gu responded with a smile

"I'm very curious……"

Ren You paused, deliberately lengthened his tone, and continued slowly:

"……"Can the skull of a Protoss like you block anti-material sniper rifles?"

After the words fell, everyone was confused for a moment.

Protoss? Skull?

Anti-material sniper rifles?

What is the relationship between these three...

However, when Nan Gu on the podium heard this, his face suddenly changed.

He shouted to the four people below the stage:

"not good!"

"He is from the government organization! Kill him!"

As soon as the voice fell, the four members of the God Clan who were originally standing quietly on the side moved instantly.

Their speed was almost beyond the imagination of everyone present.

They disappeared from the spot in a flash, and appeared in front of Ren You and Fang Hao the next moment.

Fang Hao was startled and subconsciously swung the chair. Just as he was about to rush forward, he was kicked away by Ren You!

"You're done."

Ren You said calmly.

If Fang Hao really rushed forward, he would probably not be able to withstand the opponent's attack and would die.

The aura of these gods... was several times stronger than Morey's aura before!

"Humph... Should I ask you to let me kill you, or should I ask you to let me roam?"

Nan Gu sneered and walked over slowly, his green pupils flashing coldly in the moonlight:

"You must have been involved in the deaths of people from my clan in Goose City, right?"

"……It's a good material for acting!"

"Unfortunately... you're on the wrong side!"

At this time, hundreds of people in the second-floor space garden were confused, not knowing what was going on. How did this man... suddenly get into a fight with the organizer of the Lakeside Club?

Ren You looked calm, facing the five God Clan leaders' relentless pressure, with a playful smile on his face:

"There is no such thing as standing or not standing on the same side. Humans and the gods... are naturally opposed to each other!"

As he finished speaking, his eyes flashed with a silver-white light.

——Time and space stopped!

The power of time and space surged, and everything in the world came to a standstill.

Everyone present, as well as the consciousness and bodies of the five gods, instantly stopped in this second.

——Space jump!

A white crack appeared in front of Ren You, and he stepped into it.

He walked out soon.

He was fully armed, holding a large sniper rifle. The gun body was slender, the lines were smooth, and the barrel was deep black, exuding a unique metallic luster.

Barrett M82A1.

The caliber was 12.7 mm, and the effective range was over 2000 meters!

Enough to penetrate heavy armor and concrete walls.

Not only that, Ren You had an M500 pistol hanging around his waist and an S686 shotgun on his back.

There was no way.

The aura of these five gods... put too much pressure on him, and he had to move out the heavy weapons at the bottom of the box!

Ren You's eyes flashed with a silver-white light.

Really sharp eyes.

He raised the gun, approached Nan Gu, and first aimed at his skull, but after thinking about it, he pointed the muzzle at his eyes.

"The recoil of this gun... I should be able to withstand it, right?"

Ren You muttered to himself, controlling the power of time and space to partially release it.

Then, he decisively pulled the trigger.

——Bang! (Silent)

The recoil of the Barrett forced Ren You to lean back, but he stabilized himself with his superb physical fitness.

The bullet cut through the air at supersonic speed and headed straight for Nan Gu's eyeball.

Because Ren You partially lifted the stagnation of time and space... the moment the bullet approached Nan Gu, his pupils contracted sharply.

The bullet instantly pierced Nan Gu's eye socket, blood splattered, and the green pupil exploded in an instant, turning into chaos.

The gods are worthy of being the gods, and their body structure is different from that of humans.

This time, even a 12.7mm bullet failed to penetrate his skull.……


Nan Gu's head tilted back and he let out a shrill scream. The sound echoed in the night sky, making people shudder.

His face was distorted by the severe pain, and blood flowed down his cheeks, mixing with the green pupil fluid, forming a weird and terrifying picture.

The passive ability of the Protoss was activated, burning life and breaking the stagnation of time and space!

A powerful energy wave suddenly erupted around Nan Gu's body, as if an invisible force was tearing the surrounding air.

This energy wave instantly broke through the stagnation effect of time and space imposed by Ren You!

However, Ren You was well prepared. At the moment of lifting the stagnation of time and space, he had pulled the trigger again.


Another bullet whizzed out and hit Nan Gu's chest.

The bullet penetrated the air, carrying the breath of death, and instantly hit Nan Gu's chest.

Nan Gu's body trembled violently, and the whole person fell backwards and fell heavily to the ground.

A blood hole the size of a bowl appeared on his chest, and blood gushed out like a fountain, staining his clothes red.

"You! You! You can actually! Control time?!"

"Could it be... the eternal sundial... No! No !"

Nan Gu raised his head with difficulty, his eyes full of disbelief.

He was trembling all over as if he had gone crazy, and said in horror:

"No! Impossible!"

""The Eternal Sundial has not yet come into being, you can't get it! Impossible!!"

Ren You looked at him coldly, frowning slightly.

The Nan Gu in front of him was different from Morey and the other gods he had killed before...

Ren You remembered that when Morey burned his life and broke through the stagnation of time and space, he turned around and asked him what this ability was.

And Nan Gu, after realizing that the time was wrong, instantly thought of the core point of the Eternal Sundial.……

"Then... when was the Eternal Sundial supposed to be born?"

Ren You asked calmly.


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 179

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