Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 182

All chapter are in Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 182
That night,

Ren You threw away the mobile phone number he had used for a while and turned off his phone.

It was obvious that once Fang Hao reported the massacre tonight, Zhao Yanming would call immediately!

At that time... he would not call him"Brother You" anymore.


After the competition last night, before logging off,

Zhao Yanming revealed some of the hidden secrets of the game"God's Coming" to Dezi, Lan Yue, Fang Hao, Zhou Yunqi, and Zhang Jun, and also revealed the next plan of the God Clan...

Zhang Jun was shocked and said thoughtfully:

"So that's how it is……"

After hearing this, everyone instantly found the answer to Ren You's strange behavior.

However, in the early morning of that night, the news from Fang Hao was like a bolt from the blue, leaving Zhao Yanming stunned and at a loss.

When he learned about Ren You's massacre and that Fang Hao had a survivor, his mind instantly became dizzy and he could not calm down.

"You are such a fucking bastard! Ren You!"

"audacious in the extreme!!"

""Damn it! How should I explain this to my superiors?"

He did not sleep all night, his eyes turned red and bloodshot due to fatigue and anxiety.

On the night he received the news, he flew to Su City urgently, took over the key survivor from Fang Hao, and conducted an emergency interrogation overnight.

After learning the whole truth, he was completely numb!

Ren You not only killed those who should be killed, but also wiped out the entire Lakeside Club!

You know, among the nearly one hundred people, almost everyone is a top figure from all walks of life in China...

There are some big names among them, and even... there are official forces behind several of the dead, and even he dare not provoke them easily!

As a result...

Ren You just waved his hand lightly and blew them all up to the west.

"Brother You, Brother You, you really are a good brother!!"

"You leave all the cleaning up to me?!"

Zhao Yanming gnashed his teeth, feeling extremely bitter.

The mess Ren You had made this time was too big, so big that he couldn't cover it up at all.

He... couldn't save him!

In order to reduce the social impact, this incident would definitely not be widely reported.

The only thing Zhao Yanming could do was to seal the scene and report the situation as lightly as possible.

What happened next would depend entirely on the decision made by the higher-ups.

""Team Leader Zhao, how do we deal with this woman?"

In the interrogation room,

Fang Hao looked at the only survivor from the explosion site sitting across the table, and turned to Zhao Yanming and asked. He just learned from her that this woman was a self-media journalist. She was particular about making rumors, spreading rumors, and increasing traffic.……

"Should I send her back or give her to someone else?……"

"Kill him."

Zhao Yanming interrupted, a cold look flashing in his eyes

"this……"Fang Hao was stunned.

Zhao Yanming said coldly:

"Now this matter can't be resolved, the existence of this woman will only be a greater hidden danger. We can't risk leaving her alive. Since we have determined that the other party is garbage...then she should stay in the garbage dump instead of living in the world!"

After hearing this, Fang Hao was silent for a moment, and finally nodded:

"I understand, Team Leader Zhao"


A storm was brewing in China.

The news that the Lakeside Club members were almost wiped out had already attracted great attention from the top leaders before it spread.

Not only because of the large number of deaths, but also because of the identities and status of these people. They had a significant influence in all walks of life in Chinese society.

Their deaths were undoubtedly a political and economic earthquake.


"We must catch Ren You!"


"Contact organizations 1, 3, 4, and 5 outside of organization 2 and have them all get involved in the investigation!"

"Also, Lao Zhao, call your son over!"


It was eight o'clock in the morning.

Ren You was packing his luggage in the room.

Actually, he didn't have much to pack. He couldn't take the game cabin in the room with him, could he?

The game cabin was bound to the original owner. Unless it was used by the original owner, no matter who lay in it, it would be no different from an alloy coffin...

In the end.

Ren You didn't take anything from the room.

He looked at the time.

"It's almost time to find a place to go online, otherwise someone will come to provide door-to-door service.……"

Ren You said to himself.

However, just as he finished speaking, a loud bang suddenly exploded at the door.


The door lock was like a disassembled toy, scattered all over the floor in an instant.

Then, a cylindrical can flew into the house like a meteor, and the white smoke that gushed out quickly filled the entire room.

Tear gas!

Outside the door.

A group of fully armed soldiers rushed in like wolves and tigers.

They were dressed in black, with gas masks on their faces, revealing only a pair of sharp eyes.

Holding submachine guns and pistols, their movements were swift and decisive, like warriors walking out of the battlefield, exuding a murderous aura.

However... until the smoke dissipated, they did not find Ren You's shadow.

"Where are the people? Just now when we were at the door, we clearly heard a voice coming from inside.……"

The soldiers looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

"Report, the target person has escaped!"

Soon, a leading soldier immediately reported through the intercom.

"Got it! Keep searching, he must not have gone far!"



Huaxia, Tianjin.

At this time, Ren You bought a pancake from a breakfast stall and was riding a shared bicycle leisurely on the road.

"Want to arrest me?"

Ren You's mouth curled up slightly.

It has to be said that the efficiency of the state's violent machine is high.

People were killed at night, and the armed police had already arrived in the morning...

It's a pity.

In the face of the power of time and space, these arrests seemed redundant.

So, the moment before the soldiers broke the door, he had already started the space jump and left Goose City.

After riding a bicycle for about half an hour, Ren You searched on the Internet and found a hotel that cost dozens of yuan a night. A small hotel like this.

It's not so formal, and you can check in without an ID card...

Ren You is now looking for a place to stay, log in to the game, win today's five-player battle, and make plans later...

There are 2 more players than the three-player battle. He will not miss this opportunity to harvest the killing value by standing still!

Check in to the hotel.

The environment of the room is indeed a bit poor, and there is a faint smell of mold in the room.

But Ren You doesn't care.

The moment he entered the room, he entered the game.

At half past eight.

The five-player battle officially started.

As soon as Ren You entered the game world, he saw that the friend column in his field of vision was jumping wildly.

He clicked on it and saw

【Tooth Roaring Stormtroopers (8 people) 999+】

【Blue Moon (99+)】

【Damn (56+)】

【Milk explosion (55+)】

【Fang Hao (3)】

【Rich Kneeling (6)】

【Dezi (999+)】

【Zhao Yanming (……)】


This is probably the situation.

Ren You had expected this.

The reason why Lan Yue and De Zi sent him messages so frequently was probably because Zhao Yanming told them what happened last night.

Ren You thought about it, opened the chat, and quickly replied to everyone's questions.

Finally, when he saw Zhao Yanming's chat box... he deleted him as a friend without thinking.

This guy definitely didn't say anything good!


Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space!

Online game: The strongest magic assassin, I can stop time and space! - Chapter 182

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