A review of the top ten negative examples in the anime industry - Chapter 128

All chapter are in A review of the top ten negative examples in the anime industry

A review of the top ten negative examples in the anime industry

A review of the top ten negative examples in the anime industry - Chapter 128

Jack Cooper has been secretly training.

But no one could have imagined that

Jack Cooper would soon have the opportunity to become a pilot.

The legendary master pilot captain saw Jack Cooper's potential. He secretly trained Jack Cooper to become a qualified pilot master.

He used the simulation chamber to teach Jack Cooper about combat knowledge.

Jack Cooper's performance also made the other party very satisfied.

Just when he was about to learn the skills of driving a Titan, the battle between the rebels and the company began.

The master drove his Titan to the battlefield.

As a rifleman, Jack Cooper followed closely.

It was originally thought to be a battle of equal strength.

However, the rebel fleet lost its advantage due to intelligence errors.

The Ninth Fleet where Jack Cooper was located was defeated.

Some soldiers took the escape pod and forced to land on the planet occupied by the enemy.

Jack Cooper was also among the surviving rebels who gathered together. They temporarily formed an effective attack.

Soon their advantage was destroyed by the enemy's Titan.

This high-performance war machine developed by IMC Corporation destroyed the battlefield like a rotten wood.

All the riflemen were defeated easily.

Just when the Titan was about to crush Jack Cooper to death, at the critical moment, the master captain drove his Vanguard Titan into the battlefield.

The so-called Vanguard Titan is more powerful than the ordinary Titan. The pilot who drives the Vanguard Titan must be a legendary pilot.

With just one move, he easily defeated the opponent's Titan and successfully rescued Jack Cooper.

However, Jack Cooper and his rebels collapsed at the beginning due to the intelligence error.

It was not easy for a legendary pilot to turn the situation around.

The mercenary corps hired by the company, the top hunters, came later.

The Titans driven by the top hunters attacked in groups.

Jack Cooper fell to the ground with serious injuries and looked at his master, who controlled his Titan in front of him and defeated one of the hunter Titans.

Then another hunter Titan appeared behind him.

The master used a light shield to block the opponent's attack, but he didn't expect that the enemy Titan would directly shuttle to the back of the master's Titan.

Secretly unplugged the master's battery.

In front of Jack Cooper, the Titan driven by the master was glowing with lightning.

It was easily killed by the opponent's Titan.


Jack Cooper lost consciousness.

In the world of Naruto,

Kakashi stared at the video in the sky in amazement.

"This level of battlefield... there is no possibility of survival!"

Kakashi realized at this moment that in the world where the Titan fell, the battlefield that Jack Cooper experienced was extremely terrifying.

In such a battlefield, humans could only act as flesh and blood strangled by machines.

Titan was like a harvester on the battlefield, and could easily kill all the riflemen present.

Kakashi stared at the sky in a daze, unable to believe that Jack Cooper, a rifleman, could survive in such an environment.

He muttered to himself:

"Even if I were in that environment, it would be easy to survive."

"But if you want to deal with such a machine, you must use Raikiri."

"But there are too many enemy Titans."

"And that weapon only needs one hit..."

Kakashi's forehead was covered with cold sweat.

It was because of his power that he knew how terrifying it was on a battlefield that was like a meat grinder.

His eyes became firm and he thought in his heart that those who could survive on such a battlefield and complete the mission were the elite among the elites.

In such a lonely environment, once they grow up, they will be extraordinary.

Kakashi looked at Jack Cooper in the sky and seemed to realize why this ordinary rifleman could become so powerful and be counted by the video in the sky!

Although he seemed to be a rifleman with no use on the surface, he could definitely become a key figure who could influence the situation in the future!

In the world of Titanfall, the captain watched the video in the sky.

His brows were furrowed.

"There will be a brutal war in the future. I didn't expect that the intelligence of the intelligence personnel was wrong, which forced us into this level of hard battle."

He put his hand on Jack Cooper beside him, and then said very seriously.

"Thank you, Jack"

"If it weren't for you"

"We will face an unprecedentedly difficult battle!"

Jack Cooper was also staring at the sky.

He couldn't believe that he could actually predict the future.

And in this battle, there was a problem with the intelligence of the rebels.

As a result, so many people were forced to land in such a dangerous place.

Jack Cooper clenched his fists slightly. He hoped that he could stop this disaster at this moment. He lowered his head and thought about what he could do. Unexpectedly, the captain said to him at this time

"From now on"

"You will become a qualified pilot."

Jack Cooper looked at the other man with a look of praise.

In the world of the heavens and myriad worlds, many people have become smarter and know that none of the people counted in the heavens are simple.

"Although he looks like an ordinary infantryman, his performance must be terrifying, right? I have already figured out the routine of this video in the sky. How outrageous can it be? Can it bring me the same shock as Pluto? Pluto is the most powerful being in the seven universes. How can his story be compared to that of an ordinary rifleman!"

"I don’t think I will feel any shock this time. Even if there is a big contrast, how big can it be? In my mind, Pluto is the most contrasting character. He is so handsome!"

"If you ask me, I still have to review General Duanmu again. I didn’t see enough of General Danmu last time, so I have to do it again. General Duanmu is also very contrasting. He is just an ordinary-looking internet-addicted boy, but when he grows up, he becomes a feared existence in the entire Oxer world. Isn’t this a contrast? Why hasn’t he been reviewed? I don’t accept it. There must be something shady going on!"

Just when everyone in the heavens and the worlds was complaining, the video in the sky.

The picture was suffocating!

Jack Cooper, who woke up again, was surrounded by alien beasts.

When he was about to face the attack of the beasts. At the critical moment, the master drove the Titan in the distance and consumed the last strength to destroy the beast. He saved Jack Cooper for the second time.

The master himself was seriously injured.

He gave the chance to survive to Jack Cooper. He used the life-saving needle in the Titan on Jack Cooper.

And he faced death quietly.

Before he died, he authorized his Titan to Jack Cooper.

Let Jack Cooper become the acting Iron Pilot to complete the next task.

Jack Cooper's dream is to become an Iron Pilot.

But now his dream has come true, but the result is the way he least wants to see.

A legendary Iron Pilot passed away and his master died in front of him.

As a rising Iron Pilot, he has to take over the responsibility of the master and complete the master's task.

He didn't want to disappoint the expectation and determination in his master's eyes before his death.

He made up his mind to complete the master's entrustment. (To read the exciting novels, go to Faloo Novel Network!)

The moment the master closed his eyes, he buried his master with a heavy heart and put on his master's helmet.

He officially succeeded his master as the Pilot.

But the Titan left by his master lost power because the battery was destroyed.

Jack Cooper must find the battery before he can drive the Titan.

At this moment, everyone in the heavens and the worlds has lost any hope.

In this war, even the legendary Pilot has died.

It is clearly a battle with a huge disparity in power. It is unimaginable.

How could it be a task that Jack Cooper, a little Karami and an ordinary rifleman, could solve?

But Jack Cooper's performance in the picture is really amazing!!

As a rifleman who is about to become a Pilot.[]

Jack Cooper's strength is absolutely unquestionable.

He easily got behind the enemy soldiers and solved the opponent's sneak attack on the team.

Ordinary company soldiers were no match for him.

He also found the battery needed for Titan inside the crashed spacecraft.

Titan was able to restart, and Jack Cooper stepped into the cockpit he had always dreamed of.

In the picture, there was a small seat inside the Titan, and it was surrounded by mechanical parts.

It is hard to imagine that such a simple structure can control such a terrifying battlefield killer.

At this time, Jack Cooper will serve as the pilot, driving this pioneer-class Titan, entering the battlefield and completing his master's mission.

When Jack Cooper sat in the Titan, there was a dark scene in front of his eyes.

After connecting to the Titan's system, the Titan BT began to communicate with Jack Cooper through neural connection.

"Neural connection complete, Rifleman Jack Cooper, you are now confirmed to be the BT-7274 Agent Pilot."

"Protocol 1: Connecting to the Pilot"

"Protocol 2: Stay on Mission: Meet Major Anderson"

"Protocol Three, Protect the Pilot.

" At this moment, everyone in the universe did not understand the significance of these three agreements.

So they did not take it seriously.

They thought it was just an unfounded agreement.

If there was a problem, artificial AI would definitely abandon humans!

But they greatly underestimated Jack Cooper and BT, and also greatly underestimated what friendship is!

Jack Cooper saw the picture begin to appear in front of his eyes.

At this time, he had to complete the task that his master had not completed and meet with Major Anderson.

This Titan, as a pioneer-class Titan independently developed by the rebels, is the most trustworthy companion of the master.

Not only does it have extremely strong war capabilities, but it also has extremely advanced independent AI.

The three iron laws that BT mentioned are the three iron laws that Titans must abide by.

Now Jack Cooper and BT have completed the connection.

Then the next step is to complete the task that the master has not completed.

Meet up with Major Anderson of the special reconnaissance team of the rebels.

On the way forward, there are still many rebels fighting with the enemy 570.

The arrival of the Pioneer Titan BT also inspired the remaining rebels.

The enemy is also full of fear because of facing the Pioneer Titan.

After all, the pilots driving the Pioneer Titan are all top-level pilots.

All of them are accurate in shooting and ruthless.

It can be said.

Wherever BT and Jack Cooper went, the balance of victory gradually tilted towards the rebels.

Jack Cooper's learning ability was extremely good.

In a short period of time, he had already cooperated well with BT.

However, this soon attracted the attention of the enemy.

The top hunter Kane was also sent to kill Jack Cooper and BT.

The opponent's Titan weapon was very special.

The thermite contained in it would cause continuous burning of the mecha.

It was a very powerful character.

However, as a pioneer-level Titan, Titan BT's combat effectiveness was also good.

With the tacit cooperation of the two partners, Kane's Titan was successfully destroyed.

In the world of Titanfall, the resistance army was completely silent, and everyone was staring at the video in the sky in shock!

"What! Jack Cooper just got the permission to drive the Titan! He killed an apex hunter!"

"He was at his peak the moment he appeared on the stage, and he killed a legendary pilot right away. This is too outrageous. Who can tell me that this is not a dream!!!"

"No wonder they secretly trained him to become a pilot. It turns out that his talent is really outrageous. With such battlefield acumen and the level of controlling Titans, it is hard to believe that this is his first contact with Titans!!!"

At the same time,

Kane of the Apex Predator team had a dark complexion.

Their boss looked at him and said calmly:

"It seems you underestimated your opponent."

"Underestimating the enemy on the battlefield"

"But it will cost his life."

Seeing the fierce eyes of the other party,

Ken made up his mind in his heart!

He must find Jack Cooper again!

Wash away the humiliation he suffered today!

"Jack Cooper!!!"

In the video,

BT suggested taking away Kane's communication device.

In this way, they can know the other party's every move.

Intelligence is one of the important conditions for victory in war.

BT's suggestion is definitely very useful.

Then the two partners continued to go to the rendezvous point with Major Anderson.

Jack Cooper did not forget that he had to complete the task left by his master.

But he did not expect that the other party received an order from Brisk, the leader of the top hunters.

Kill Jack Cooper and BT.

So when the two partners were about to cross the factory,

BT was directly caught by the opponent's huge mechanical arm and could not break free..

Transcript: Tamago

A review of the top ten negative examples in the anime industry

A review of the top ten negative examples in the anime industry - Chapter 128

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