A review of the top ten negative examples in the anime industry - Chapter 129

All chapter are in A review of the top ten negative examples in the anime industry

A review of the top ten negative examples in the anime industry

A review of the top ten negative examples in the anime industry - Chapter 129

Even if Jack Cooper used all his tricks, there was no way to help BT get rid of control.

He could only watch BT being transported to the reset place of the factory for processing.

As a partner, Jack Cooper would never give up BT.

He followed the mechanical arm all the way to the deepest part of the factory, ready to rescue BT.

However, there were riflemen of the company everywhere in the factory.

It seemed that this shortcut did not work but instead stirred up a hornet's nest.

Fortunately, although Jack Cooper was an acting Iron Pilot, he was still an Iron Pilot after all. He had accurate shooting skills and strong abilities.

He easily solved the ordinary soldiers who blocked the way, but he was now facing the most difficult problem.

How to find BT.

This huge factory was done by machines.


Jack Cooper thought of a way to climb on these running machines and move forward through these running machines.

However, this method was very dangerous.

Moreover , such a huge chemical plant of such a scale really opened Jack Cooper's eyes.

Unexpectedly, such a terrifying factory was actually the place where the other party used to build a simulation training ground to test the new Titan.

At the top of the factory.

The other party could easily build a venue for testing.

It only took a few minutes to build a venue with complete facilities.

Finally, Ash gave the order to test the new Titan Reaper and use the Titan to eliminate Jack Cooper.

Jack Cooper and the captured soldiers of the resistance were trapped in this place, and this place was like an arena.

Jack Cooper fought against the Titan with a human body and a rifle that had no effect on the Titan!

This was originally a battle of death without any suspense!

Even the opponent's top hunter could not have thought that Jack Cooper could come out alive in this level of battle.

But Jack Cooper not only came out alive.

And repelled the attack of the opponent's new Titan without the help of BT!!

In the world of Apex.

At this moment, everyone was collectively stunned.

Just now, everyone was talking excitedly.

If they were on a battlefield of that level, with their outstanding abilities, they would be able to easily lead these members of the resistance to break out of the siege.

Jack Cooper was just trash.

However, they soon saw that

Jack Cooper directly killed the top hunter Ken.

Who is Ken? He was a famous figure before their training ground appeared.

He was an existence that they could not even catch up with!!

In the eyes of the other party, these guys who looked awesome were just little brats who could only play with paintball guns and were not threatening at all.

However , such an existence was easily killed in seconds in front of Jack Cooper.

This is simply a joke!!!

Almost everyone, at this moment, looked at the video in the sky solemnly.

There was no more ridicule in their eyes, but only deep fear.

"Why is this guy Jack Cooper so powerful?"

Everyone looked at me,

I looked at you, no one knew the answer. He obviously didn't have the ability to travel through space, nor did he have any ability to find blood, and he didn't even need any drug stimulation!

He was very skilled in assassination on the battlefield, and basically he could kill an enemy in one shot.

The coordination with the Titans was even more terrifying. Is this guy really just an ordinary rifleman?

They never thought about it!

The contrast came so quickly.

How could this be an ordinary rifleman!

This is clearly an elite among the Titan Pilots.

Who would have thought that he was just a newbie who had just come into contact with Titans?

In the world of Armor Hero,

General Duanmu looked up at the sky and saw the other party building a training ground.

The grand plan immediately made him look envious.

"Wow, I didn't expect that humans would become so rich after going into space. It's too outrageous that they can make something like this just by saying it. At least help poor people like us...!"

Little did they know that at this moment, the Oksers were watching the video in the sky and suddenly came up with an idea.

"How about we go to space?"

"There can't possibly be a General Duanmu in space, right?"

Just as the group of Oksers were discussing, they saw Duanmu Yan coming over after smelling the scent, and he just happened to hear their conversation.

He smiled and smiled.

"Do you really think my armor can't reach the sky?"

"Do you really think...I'm lame?"

"Shura Armor Fusion!"

The Oxers burst into tears! They were so scared that they peed their buttocks

"I'm just watching a video in the sky quietly here!!"

"I didn’t do anything!!"

"We Oxer are not human beings!!!"

"There is no human rights at all!!"

General Duanmu was even happier when he heard this.

"Anyway, it's either you die or I die"

"You can't let me die, can you?"

Just as everyone in the heavens and the worlds were complaining, the video in the sky was still playing!

Jack Cooper's shooting skills were extremely accurate.

And he was extremely ruthless, easily making Titan a fool.

Titan's driver had no way to destroy the other party, but was destroyed by the other party, which directly made Ash vomit blood.

Seeing that things did not develop as he expected,

Ash sent more troops to attack Jack Cooper.

However, this made BT find a loophole.

Then he commanded Jack Cooper to escape through the entrance where the enemy troops were deployed.

Jack Cooper left the arena directly.

Ash realized that he had played too much.

Jack Cooper came out!!!!

Then there was an extra variable.

The opponent was very strong.

If he could not solve it as soon as possible, it was very likely that when the opponent found BT, he would be able to destroy his factory.

In order to solve Jack Cooper as soon as possible


Ash directly ordered the detonation of the entire factory. (To read the violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Just to deal with Jack Cooper.

This one person detonated such a huge factory, consuming countless money.

It can be seen that the company has a lot of money.

It is really rich.

The financial resources of the other party are even more shocking.


Ash's idea is good.

If there is no accident,

Jack Cooper, a mortal, basically cannot survive such a level of explosion.

However, it was unexpected that this level of explosion directly loosened the factory's mechanical arm.

As a result, BT was not sent to the reset chemical plant, but escaped because of the loose mechanical arm.

Moreover, before the factory was about to explode.

Jack Cooper was found and completed the fusion with Jack Cooper.

After BT, who regained his freedom, received Jack Cooper, the two partners reunited again!

Ash was dumbfounded.

Originally, the leader above had asked him to deal with the other party as soon as possible.

Don't delay.

Because with the abilities shown by Jack Cooper and BT, it is really a bit too scary!

At this time,

Jack Cooper and BT directly merged.

Ash had to drive his Titan to personally welcome Jack Cooper and BT.

The opponent's Titan was the despicable villain who attacked his master and pulled out the battery of his master's Titan.

Most of the opponent's body was made up of mechanical structures.

And when he appeared in front of Jack Cooper, he was still complacent.

This made Jack Cooper completely angry.

But he calmed down. He settled the new and old grudges together.

The opponent's strength lies in the ability to fight in close combat.

His Titan is equipped with a sharp blade.

Ordinary Titans will be cut in half by the opponent, so Jack Cooper discovered this after calming down!

Jack Cooper has been keeping a distance from him to avoid close combat with the opponent, and constantly using the gun in his hand to entangle with the opponent, shooting the opponent's Titan from a distance.

When the opponent's Titan exploded completely.

Perhaps Ash must have regrets in his heart.

If Jack Cooper and BT were separated at that time, he sent his own Titan to fight, maybe he could have successfully won because of the difference in strength between the Titan and the rifleman.

However, the opponent violated the repeated warnings of his leader.

He continued to torture Jack Cooper in this way.

He never thought that Jack Cooper's individual combat ability was so strong.

In the end, he got out of control.

Ash roared unwillingly and fell down with his Titan.

He ended his life of sailing with the wind and waves!

At this moment, everyone in the universe laughed.

"Isn't this guy a bad teammate! He's a waste when the wind is in his favor! He's helpless and furious when the wind is against him! If he hadn't sneakily attacked Jack Cooper's master, he would have been hung up and beaten by Jack Cooper's master."

"It wasn’t that Jack Cooper’s strength was growing too fast. He could easily find the opponent’s weakness and counterattack. This ability to flexibly adapt can often play a crucial role on the battlefield. But his luck was a bit too good. If there was any mistake this time, he would be gone. It was too exaggerated to fight a Titan with a human body!!!"

"Have you forgotten that Jack Cooper has just started to truly control the Titan, and it has not been long since he started to fight. If it were someone else, he would have been killed long ago."

In the world where Titans have fallen, the captain looked at Jack Cooper with a serious expression.

"Are you sure you haven't learned the skills of driving a Titan before?"

Jack Cooper shook his head.

The captain's face became more solemn.

He looked at Jack Cooper carefully. He thought to himself.

My teammate sacrificed himself to heaven.

His magic power is boundless?

I am immortal.

You don't know how to play, right?

His eyes flashed with deep suspicion. He was thinking again.

Is it because I, an old man, am immortal and can't give way to him?

So I am just a tool!!!

After this incident,

BT also learned one thing: it is better not to take shortcuts in the future.

"Pilot, I think we should not take shortcuts in the future."

When Jack Cooper and BT walked to the ground and saw the sky , they could not help but sigh.

Although this time the shortcut was more dangerous, they still had to complete the task that their master had not completed.

Through this shortcut, they successfully arrived at Colonel Anderson's location, of course the time was not reduced too much (Li Liaozhao).

When they came here, they found that the metal pipes were full of green grass and strangely quiet, which did not look like the place occupied by the other party at all.

Moreover, time and space cracks appeared inside the facility.

Jack Cooper was passively traveling between the past and the present.

When Jack Cooper successfully found his mission target through these time and space cracks, he needed to reunite with Colonel Anderson.

He found that the other party had become a corpse.

Jack Cooper obtained the other party's helmet.

According to the system of the rebels, after Major Anderson died, his mission fell on Jack Cooper.

According to the analysis of the other party's helmet,

Jack Cooper gradually learned that Anderson's mission was originally two weeks ago.

IMC discovered a huge energy that distorts time and space in this place.


Sarah, the commander of the Predator Corps, sent Anderson to investigate here, with the purpose of finding out the details of this energy.

In order to prevent adverse effects on the rebels.

However, the data of Major Anderson's helmet was lost, leaving only the reason for the investigation.

There was no record of the results of the investigation.

So Jack Cooper had to complete Major Anderson's mission.

He could only go inside the building to investigate, but the building at this time had already been damaged and no useful information was left.

The audience of all the heavens and the worlds was watching the video in the sky at this moment. After seeing that Jack Cooper's world had actually begun to contact the power of time and space.

Many people have begun to look fanatical. If there really is such an energy that can travel through time and space in space. Then this is too terrifying!!!!. Transcript: Tamago

A review of the top ten negative examples in the anime industry

A review of the top ten negative examples in the anime industry - Chapter 129

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