After rebirth, I severed my relationship with my whole family and they cried with regret. - Chapter 43

All chapter are in After rebirth, I severed my relationship with my whole family and they cried with regret.

After rebirth, I severed my relationship with my whole family and they cried with regret.

After rebirth, I severed my relationship with my whole family and they cried with regret. - Chapter 43
Tang Xiao never worried about his national exam score. He was given 50 points for being a heroic citizen.

After school that day, Tang Xiao was walking on the street.

A group of students surrounded him. There were seven or eight of them.

They were dressed in shabby clothes, had dyed hair, and some had tattoos on their hands. When people on the street saw the group of people, they quickly ran away, fearing that they would get into trouble.

The leader was a yellow-haired man.

The yellow-haired man was smoking a cigarette.

"You are Tang Xiao?"

Tang Xiao frowned:"Who are you?"

A younger brother shouted:"Boy! It's great to be good at studying, you are so arrogant! Do you know that No. 2 Middle School is protected by my brother Dong?"

The yellow-haired boy is called Yang Weidong, and he is also a student of No. 2 Middle School.

However, he never studies hard, and only skips classes and fights to get by. He often bullies other students.

Tang Xiao has been very popular recently, and even the teachers dare not control him.

As the boss of No. 2 Middle School, how can Yang Weidong tolerate someone who is more arrogant than him?

So today he called his younger brothers to block Tang Xiao.

Yang Weidong said:"Tang Xiao���You've been acting so arrogant lately. You come and go as you please in school, and the teachers don't dare to interfere. You're freer than me.

People who don't know you would think you're the boss."

Yang Weidong said as he spit smoke rings on Tang Xiao's face.

Tang Xiao, who had experienced too many things, knew when he saw these people that they were extremely childish and were all little punks. They dared to hit people when they didn't like them, and they didn't care how hard they hit. If it was the Tang Xiao of the past, in order to prevent the Tang family from hating him, he would never cause trouble, and he would definitely endure it.

But now it's different, he doesn't mind letting them grow up.

Tang Xiao had a blank expression:"Well, what do you want to do?"

""Damn it, you are so arrogant!" A little brother pointed at Tang Xiao and shouted, wanting to come up and hit Tang Xiao.

They targeted Tang Xiao because they thought he was too arrogant. They didn't expect that Tang Xiao was still so arrogant when he was about to die.

Yang Weidong stopped the little brother and made himself look like a big boss.

"Give me two thousand yuan, bow to me and apologize, and call me Brother Dong when you see me in the future, and I will let you go. Otherwise, I will destroy you today!"

He just wanted to bring his younger brother to ask for face and let Tang Xiao know that he is the boss.

But Tang Xiao said:"This is impossible."

Tang Xiao is rich now, but how can he give it away for free?

And apologize? What did he do wrong, why should he apologize.

Several gangsters were stunned.

They never expected that Tang Xiao would dare to refuse.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Yang Weidong spit the cigarette butt on the ground and said viciously:"Good guy, come on, I will destroy him!"

Yang Weidong was angry. Tang Xiao didn't give him any face. How could he, the boss, tolerate this.

Tang Xiao looked at these people coldly, with a faint murderous look in his eyes.

Tang Xiao's eyes shocked the gangsters, but their ignorance would only make them more angry.

Tang Xiao clenched his fists silently.

""Pretend to be nm!"

When the two sides were about to fight, a voice shouted

""Yang Weidong!"

A man came over.

This man looked a bit like Yang Weidong.

His name was Ye Long.

Ye Long was wearing a flowered shirt, a gold chain around his neck, and his flowered arms were tucked into his trouser pockets.

There were scars on his flowered arms.

Ye Long was different from Yang Weidong. Yang Weidong was just a gangster in school.

Ye Long looked like a gangster.

"Ah, cousin." Yang Weidong quickly greeted Ye Long.

""Brother Long!"

When other people saw Ye Long, they also hurriedly called him Brother Long. They were really afraid of Ye Long.

The reason why Yang Weidong could be the boss of No. 2 Middle School was because Ye Long was protecting him outside the school.

Brother Long was just a thug.

This Brother Long was a real ruthless person when he fought.

Ye Long came over and grabbed Yang Weidong:"Damn it! You fought with others again. How many times have I told you not to fight with others?"

Ye Long obviously looked like the kind of person who loved fighting the most, but he came over and pulled Yang Weidong, asking him not to fight.

Yang Weidong was very respectful in front of Ye Long.

"Cousin, I haven't fought him yet. This guy named Tang Xiao is so cool. I want him to know how powerful I am."

"You are an adult, can you be more mature? Do you have to hit others just because you are arrogant?"

"Yes, yes, what my cousin said is right."

Ye Long obviously didn't want Yang Weidong to fight, and the tense atmosphere just relaxed.

Tang Xiao frowned and looked at the two brothers, not knowing what they were trying to do.

But he could feel that Ye Long was not a pushover.

Ye Long smiled at Tang Xiao:"I'm sorry, my brother is not sensible. It's okay, it's okay, let's go." Ye Long said, without waiting for Tang Xiao to say anything, he pulled a group of younger brothers away.

Tang Xiao shook his head

"What a weird group of people."


At night, in a bar.

The bar was noisy and chaotic, with bright lights and wine.

Ye Long and Yang Weidong were drinking

"Cousin, why did you let Tang Xiao go? Tang Xiao has been more popular than me recently. The teachers don’t dare to control him. He can leave whenever he wants.

We are about to graduate, and I want to teach him a lesson while I am still the boss. How can he be so arrogant!"

Yang Weidong was indignant.

Ye Long looked very mature:"You are still young and ignorant. They didn't provoke you, how can you hit them casually? Be kind."

Ye Long kept persuading Yang Weidong to be more mature.

At this time, Ye Long received a call

"Hello? Brother Chun, what's wrong? Is there any business? Yes, yes, of course. Teach someone a lesson? Breaking an arm for 50,000 yuan, breaking a leg for 100,000 yuan?

Such a high offer? Yes, of course I will do it. What's the name of that person? Ah? Him!...Nothing, hahaha, OK, nothing."

Ye Long hung up the phone.

Yang Weidong quickly asked Ye Long:"What's wrong, Brother Dong, is there any business?"

Yang Weidong knew that his cousin was a thug.

He took money from others and helped to teach them a lesson.

Yang Weidong happily took a sip of wine.

"Yes, the other party offered a very high price, 200,000 for a lesson, 50,000 for a broken hand, and 100,000 for a broken leg."

This is a big business, the previous business was only tens of thousands of yuan.

This kind of hundreds of thousands is rare.

Yang Weidong was very happy for his cousin:"So much money, that's great!"

"I didn't expect it, it's quite fate." Ye Long showed a playful expression.

"What's the meaning?"

"The person they wanted me to fight was called Tang Xiao"


Ye Long was also surprised to hear that the target this time was Tang Xiao.

Yang Weidong was very excited:"It's Tang Xiao, that's great! Cousin, can you take me with you this time? I want to have some fun too."

He hated Tang Xiao so much, and he would love to be able to deal with Tang Xiao himself.

""Sure." Ye Long agreed.

"Yeah! Let's go now."

"But not tonight"


Ye Long showed a cruel smile:"The other party asked us to take action the day before the national exam!"

After rebirth, I severed my relationship with my whole family and they cried with regret.

After rebirth, I severed my relationship with my whole family and they cried with regret. - Chapter 43

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