After rebirth, I severed my relationship with my whole family and they cried with regret. - Chapter 44

All chapter are in After rebirth, I severed my relationship with my whole family and they cried with regret.

After rebirth, I severed my relationship with my whole family and they cried with regret.

After rebirth, I severed my relationship with my whole family and they cried with regret. - Chapter 44
The other party asked Ye Long to take action on the day of the national exam.

This was equivalent to saying that Tang Xiao must be completely ruined!

Tang Xiao was a senior high school student, and the three years of high school were just for the national exam.

If Tang Xiao could not take the national exam, there was a high probability that half of his life would be ruined.

Being ruined on the day of the national exam was a complete loss of hope.

Yang Weidong and Ye Long were both surprised to hear this request.

"Cousin, who did Tang Xiao offend? Why is he so cruel?"

Ye Long shook his head:"Chun Ge also introduced the job to us through multiple clients. We have no way of knowing the client's information.

Besides, I will not take the initiative to inquire about the client's information."


"Because it's unprofessional."Ye Long said coldly.

This made Yang Weidong admire Ye Long even more.

"My cousin is so handsome."

Ye Long showed a cruel smile:"Two hands for 100,000, two legs for 200,000, and you can make 500,000 in one go. Hahaha! Cool.

The other party is really generous. I will call Chun Ge later to ask if I can cut off his ears and poke out his eyes, can he add more money?"

"Ah, cousin you……"Yang Weidong was shocked by Ye Long's cruelty.

He was just a gangster, and he could accept breaking his hands and feet.

Cutting ears and plugging eyes was beyond his imagination.

Just now, Ye Long asked Yang Weidong not to cause trouble and be kind.

But in a blink of an eye, Ye Long was thinking about whether he could make more money from Tang Xiao.

This person was dark and cruel.

On the other side.

In the Tang family mansion, Tang Zijian was alone in the bathroom of his room.

He just received a call

"Hello? He asked me if I could get extra money for cutting off his ears and digging out his eyes. Hahaha, this thug is quite ambitious. Of course I can! Just do as he says."

Who would have thought that the one who asked Ye Long to deal with Tang Xiao was the current young master of the Tang family, Tang Zijian.

The previous events made him hate Tang Xiao. He had always wanted to take revenge on Tang Xiao.

This time he spent a lot of money to hire thugs to deal with Tang Xiao.

He also deliberately instructed the other party to choose the day before the national exam to deal with Tang Xiao and completely destroy Tang Xiao.

Tang Zijian hung up the phone

"Tang Xiao, Tang Xiao, who asked you to fight with me for the family property? I want to destroy you."

Just then,

Tang Zijian heard a noise in the living room, and it seemed that someone came home.

"Who is here? Is it Su Lengdie again?"

He went out to see.

In the hall, Su Lengdie was sitting on the luxurious sofa in the living room.

Su Lengdie was originally very beautiful, but she had not been doing well recently.

She looked a little haggard, with a kind of beauty that made me feel pity.

"Sister Lengdie, why are you here again?"Zijian blinked his big eyes, looking innocent.

Su Lengdie saw Tang Zijian and quickly stood up.

"Zijian, Tang Jie hasn't come back yet? I still can't contact her."

It turned out that Tang Jie was unhappy after Su Lengdie praised Tang Xiao a few words last time.

After that, Tang Jie used cold violence against Su Lengdie and ignored her again.

Su Lengdie also knew that Tang Jie was unhappy, so she kept contacting Tang Jie, but Tang Jie ignored her. She didn't reply to her messages.

This made Su Lengdie very sad.

She came to Tang's house several times, but she had never seen Su Lengdie.

Tang Zijian also sat on the sofa

"My second sister is filming these two days and hasn't come back yet. Can you call her?"

"I called her and sent her a message, but she ignored me. Can you help me contact your sister?"


Tang Zijian was in a difficult situation.

Tang Jie knew, of course, that Su Lengdie was looking for her, but she did it on purpose.

She also told Tang Zijian not to pay attention to Su Lengdie and to ignore her for a few days so that she would remember it.

Su Lengdie regretted it very much:"Oh, if I had known earlier, I shouldn't have praised Tang Xiao. I knew very well that your sister didn't like her."

Tang Zijian knew the whole story, and he didn't sympathize with Su Lengdie.

Humph, you deserve it, who told you to say that bitch Tang Xiao was pretty?

Tang Zijian was also handsome, but he was far inferior to that handsome guy Tang Xiao.

He was too jealous of Tang Xiao, jealous of everything about Tang Xiao.

""Zijian, if your sister comes back, can you tell me?" Su Lengdie begged.

Su Lengdie is a sentimental person, she cherishes her friendship with Tang Jie.

She only hopes that Tang Jie can calm down and forgive her.

Tang Zijian nodded:"Okay, Sister Lengdie."

Su Lengdie left.

She drove on the way home.

"Oh, I'm so stupid, why would I praise Tang Xiao? This will make Jiebao unhappy."

Suddenly, she remembered something, and a light bulb went off in her head.

"That's right! The person who tied the bell should be the one who untied it. The problem lies with Tang Xiao. Can't I just go to Tang Xiao to solve it?"

Su Lengdie thought that the key to resolving the conflict between her and her best friend was Tang Xiao.

Su Lengdie immediately called her housekeeper.

""Butler Ou, please help me find someone's address. Yes, his name is Tang Xiao. He seems to be from No. 2 Middle School."

The Su Family Group is the largest seafood group in Jiang'an City, with a market value of 10 billion.

The Su family is also one of the most famous wealthy families.

She didn't know where Tang Xiao lived, so she had to use her family's power to find Tang Xiao.


Two days later

, a handsome boy rode a shared bike and searched for a place in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

He was looking at the navigation on his phone while riding.

"Jiangdong Phase II... seems to be here."

This community is very beautiful, with artificial waterfalls and lakes, and a quiet environment.

Tang Xiao came to look for his house.

It's embarrassing to say that although Tang Xiao got the house for several days, he has never come to see it, and he has been busy.

Today he finally has time, so he decided to come to Jinyu Water Village to take a look.

"Hey, I found it."

Jinyu Water Village is located in the best place with an artificial waterfall.

This is a three-story villa, which is close to the mountains and water, and has a very large yard.

There are also tennis courts, parking lots, swimming pools and other facilities in the yard.

The houses in Jiangdong Phase II are already very beautiful, but the most beautiful one is Jinyu Water Village.

The name of the king of houses is well-deserved.

But when I arrived at the gate of Jinyu Water Village, there was actually someone waiting for Tang Xiao.

This person had black hair like a waterfall, big eyes, and fleshy baby fat on his cheeks. She was beautiful and a little cute.

She was the kind of beauty who could be salty or savory.

This person was Su Lengdie.

Tang Xiao frowned:"Why are you here?"

Su Lengdie was Tang Jie's best friend, and Tang Xiao didn't like her at all.

Su Lengdie was relieved to see Tang Xiao:"Tang Xiao, you are finally back, I have been waiting for you for a day, and you actually live here?"

Su Lengdie asked the housekeeper to help check Tang Xiao's residence.

Surprisingly, she found that Tang Xiao's house was Jinyu Water Village.

This surprised her, as she originally thought it was someone else's house.

As a result, she found out that this was Tang Xiao's house, given by Fan Youtong.

It can be found on the Internet.

Tang Xiao was very indifferent:"Please move aside and don't block me from going home."

But Su Lengdie stopped Tang Xiao.

"Tang Xiao, come with me to Tang's house. Go and apologize to Jie Bao. When Jie Bao feels better, she will forgive me."

Tang Xiao shook off Su Lengdie's hand.

"Go away, if you want to be a bootlicker, be it yourself, don’t drag me into this, I want to be a human being."

After rebirth, I severed my relationship with my whole family and they cried with regret.

After rebirth, I severed my relationship with my whole family and they cried with regret. - Chapter 44

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