Disbanding is your fault, why are you crying about the four school beauties of Yuling? - Chapter 217

All chapter are in Disbanding is your fault, why are you crying about the four school beauties of Yuling?

Disbanding is your fault, why are you crying about the four school beauties of Yuling?

Disbanding is your fault, why are you crying about the four school beauties of Yuling? - Chapter 217

Che Chunlin frowned at this short sentence. He was stunned for a moment, then snorted coldly.

Distinguished guest?!

What distinguished guest?!

A distinguished guest who is more distinguished than him?!

"I don't think Guan Fei wants to serve the distinguished guest. On the contrary, he feels that he has found Ye Qing's stronghold. Now Ye Qing has given him some mineral resources. He feels that he has straightened his back and doesn't want to care about our Che family anymore."

"Hum, this is really interesting."

These few words also made the people around him indignant.

"I don't think this guy is going to give up. How about this, let's go directly to his mansion to see what he is up to?"

"If he really did it on purpose, we wouldn't mind punishing him.".........

As the words came out, everyone was waiting for Che Chunlin's decision.

"Then let's go and take a look."

Che Chunlin said this, and everyone sneered and headed towards the mansion.

At the same time

, in the mansion, everyone had three rounds of wine and five dishes.

Several Chinese stars toasted Ye Qing with a glass of wine.

"Brother Ye, we didn’t really admire you before, but now, after so many things, we are convinced. We are really convinced."

"We have now absorbed all the essence and blood of the king-level beasts. There is nothing else to do after today's banquet, so we are going back to the Magic City today."

"If you come to the Magic City later, you must find us. We will take you around the Magic City. I feel that even in the Magic City, there is no family that does not want to befriend you."The

Chinese Stars said this one by one, and the people around them were also shocked when they saw their expressions.


The expressions of these people were so sincere. It was obvious that they were not deliberately showing off, but they really admired Ye Qing in their hearts.

Leng Ming watched from a distance and recalled that he had gone to the Su City Barrier to challenge Ye Qing before. Now thinking about it, he really admired his previous self. He was really brave before.

"Are you going back today? Or stay here for a few more days?"

Guan Fei listened and tried to persuade them to stay.

Several people waved their hands.

"We have been out for quite some time this time. Now, we have almost absorbed the essence of the king-level beast. Let's go back first."

"Thank you for your stay and hospitality. If you come to Shanghai in the future, you can also find us."

"After a great war, we can be considered comrades in the same trench."..........

Everyone said this and drank the wine in their hands.

After a while,

Guan Fei also saw that the banquet was about to end, so he came out to make some arrangements.

"Boss, the following people want to eat here. It looks like they are quite jeweled."

"You see this matter."

Guan Fei looked at the man with helplessness on his face. During this period of time, too many people with jewels and gems came to the Jiangcheng Barrier, most of them came here to exchange for ore.

Although he was also the head of another family, today, he said that the mansion would not accept guests in order to serve Lord Ye well.

After all, Ye Qing is now his God of Wealth and backer.

He is a real thigh!

"Go and tell them that we have distinguished guests here today and we will not receive them. Tell them that you are sorry and that you can eat for free next time."

Guan Fei said this, and a cold snort sounded not far away.

"Boss Guan, you have become really big now. You won't even receive us? Do you think highly of us now?"

"Tsk tsk, as expected, Boss Guan is different today"..........

As the words came out, Guan Fei also looked in the direction where the voice came from. The next moment, Guan Fei was also stunned.


The Che family of the imperial capital!

It is one of the powerful families in the imperial capital!

The leader, Che Chunlin, is the young master of the Che family. He has a lot of say and is also very powerful. Now he has reached the level of a town commander!

""It's Master Che, what brings you here?"

Guan Fei looked at them and thought to himself that it was not good.

After all, these masters from the imperial capital were arrogant and looked down on others.

Now listening to their tone, it was not good.

These people were in a bad mood, so he had to comfort them first, otherwise Ye Qing and the others would come out and make Ye Qing unhappy again.

That would be bad.

"The people below don't know you. You should keep an eye on Master Che. He is the young master of the Che family in the imperial capital."

Guan Fei scolded his men.

The others also looked at Guan Fei and nodded.

"Master Che"

"Humph, stop it!"

A young man next to Che Chunlin looked at Guan Fei,"You're really acting so arrogantly now. We informed you in advance that you were coming, and you didn't receive us. It would have been fine if we came here on our own and wanted to have a meal at your place, but why is it not allowed?"

"What do you mean now?"

"Please don't misunderstand, we do have distinguished guests today." Guan Fei explained helplessly.

With one sentence, Che Chunlin glared.

The people next to him saw Che Chunlin's expression and knew that he was angry.

Then they came to Guan Fei and said,"Distinguished guests? What kind of distinguished guests are more valuable than us?! Huh?!" After a few words, Guan Fei didn't know how to respond. After all, if this one was not handled well, it would easily lead to a conflict.

However, before he could speak, a voice came from behind.

"How valuable are you?"


This sentence made several people frown.

Are you still dissatisfied?!

Che Chunlin looked at the person who spoke, and then his eyes suddenly widened. He couldn't believe what he saw! The person who spoke was none other than the Lord of Jiangcheng Barrier, Qian Tu, the Lord of Qiancheng!

Qian Tu looked at them at this time and snorted coldly.

"City Lord Qian, it turns out you are eating here"

"I am Che Chunlin from the Imperial Capital Car Family"

"I have heard of the Che family in the imperial capital, but they are not that great. Do you mean to drive us out?"

In an instant, Che Chunlin's momentum was reduced a lot. He had to bow his head now. After all, Qian Tu was a powerful man in the Marquisate and the lord of the Jiangcheng Fortress. No matter what, he could not do anything rash.

He looked at the team of people, and then he was surprised to find something!

Qian Tu was actually walking half a step behind someone!


Che Chunlin looked at the young man in the lead and was also shocked!

What's going on?

Why, as a powerful man in the Marquisate, Qian Tu, the highest level of the Jiangcheng Fortress, was actually walking behind a young man.

This young man, who is.........

Ye Qing?!

This name suddenly appeared in Che Chunlin's mind!


Che Chunlin immediately remembered the legend of Ye Qing and his recent actions!

Today is really an unfortunate day!

Disbanding is your fault, why are you crying about the four school beauties of Yuling?

Disbanding is your fault, why are you crying about the four school beauties of Yuling? - Chapter 217

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