Disbanding is your fault, why are you crying about the four school beauties of Yuling? - Chapter 218

All chapter are in Disbanding is your fault, why are you crying about the four school beauties of Yuling?

Disbanding is your fault, why are you crying about the four school beauties of Yuling?

Disbanding is your fault, why are you crying about the four school beauties of Yuling? - Chapter 218
Beside, the people who followed Che Chunlin looked at this situation with their eyes wide open. They couldn't believe what they saw. Ye Qing's current status was so high.

Even the Lord Qian Tu of Jiangcheng Barrier had to stand half a step behind him?

In an instant, they also knew that their coming today was not just a coincidence, but a direct blow.

Compared with Qian Tu and Ye Qing, they were really not honored guests.

While everyone was shocked, Che Chunlin also reacted. He had not answered the Lord Qian Tu's words just now.

Then, he looked at Qian Tu with a smile on his face,"Lord Qian, look at what you said, how is it possible, we just don't know the situation here today."

Then, Che Chunlin put his hand on Guan Fei's shoulder with a smile on his face,"Boss Guan, why didn't you tell me in advance that you invited such an honorable guest today? Isn't this a misunderstanding?" With a word, Ye Qing also looked over and then snorted.

This sound made Che Chunlin's face change.

What does Ye Qing mean?

Is he not letting them go?

If Ye Qing doesn't let them go, the situation will be really difficult. After all, Ye Qing is now in the limelight in the whole of China, and his prestige in Jiangcheng Barrier is even greater.

If they make enemies with Ye Qing, they may not be able to leave Jiangcheng Barrier. Even if they go out and return to the family, if they tell the old man that they came to Jiangcheng Barrier, but they don't make friends with Ye Qing, but make enemies with him, then the old man will probably break his legs directly.

At the side, Guan Fei was secretly happy when he saw Che Chunlin's expression. Usually, when Che Chunlin came, he would bully him, and he could only be respectful to Che Chunlin.

But today he was also defeated.

It was really unexpected.

However, it's not good to make things worse.

"It's all a misunderstanding, it's all a misunderstanding, Lord Ye, City Lord Qian, today is my fault, today is a day of celebration, it's not good to get angry."

Guan Fei's words made everyone's face calm down a lot.

Next to him, Che Chunlin listened to Guan Fei's words with a grateful look in his eyes.

"Okay, let's go out."

Ye Qing said, and led everyone out.

After going out, several Chinese stars looked at Ye Qing,"Ye Qing, we will go back to the Magic City first. When you come to the Magic City later, we will take you around." After a few words, Ye Qing also nodded.


In one sentence, several Chinese stars also said a few words to Qian Tu and other family heads, then waved their hands and went away.

Beside him, Old Master Leng looked at the Chinese stars who were going away. He had just said a few more words to them. After all, although these people were not as dazzling as Ye Qing, their future achievements would definitely not be small. More friends mean more ways.

Then, Old Master Leng looked at Ye Qing.

Thinking of Che Chunlin just now, he knew that the Che family in the imperial capital was also a big family, or in other words, very big! They were all intertwined in the imperial capital. The old man in the family should also be a powerful person at the level of a marquis, and he was not the kind who had just entered the level of a marquis.

However, even such a huge family could only be submissive when seeing Ye Qing.

It can be seen how much Ye Qing has grown now.

He thought that before, when Leng Ming challenged Ye Qing, he was more in favor. Now he thought that it was a risky move. Thanks to the fact that he gave things according to the bet, Ruoxi was still on good terms with Ye Qing's spirits.


Old Master Leng thought about it, and then he looked at Leng Ruoxi who was mixed with Ye Qing's spirit.

This girl hasn't been back for a while.

It seems that she has been integrated into it.

Old Master Leng thought that he could go back and talk to Leng Ruoxi about this matter.

After a while, the banquet was over, and the heads of the families went back one by one.

Leng Ruoxi was about to go back to the manor with Ye Qing.

Then she was stopped by her own old man,"Ruoxi, come back to the family with us, I have something to tell you."


This sentence fell into Leng Ruoxi's ears, and she was stunned.

Good guy.

The old man finally remembered that he had such a granddaughter.

It's really not easy.

However, after thinking about it, Leng Ruoxi felt that she had lived a better life in the manor during this time. She didn't worry about food and clothing every day. Mixing with Ye Qing's spirit, she had a kind of momentum of pretending to be powerful.

The eyes of those heads of the family changed when they looked at her.

However, she didn't have a contract with Ye Qing, so it was inevitable that she felt guilty when pretending to be powerful.

Now that she was called back by the old man, she actually felt a little lost.

"Sister Zhou, Sister Liu, I'm going back to the family first. The old man probably wants to talk to me about something."Leng Ruoxi talked to everyone, and then followed the old man.

Along the way, Leng Ruoxi was a little nervous.

What did the old man ask her?

Could it be that he wanted to ask her about Ye Qing's secrets?

But before she went, the old man didn't tell her to pay attention to these things, so during this period of time in the manor, she either ate, slept, or played. She didn't find out anything at all.

It's numb.

This is bad.

Along the way, various questions that the old man might ask her emerged in her mind, and she racked her brains to prepare as much as possible.

After returning.

In the old man's room

"Come, come, Ruoxi, sit down. Why do you feel like you have become a lot more distant from Grandpa after staying in Ye Qing Manor for a few days?"

The old man smiled and looked friendly.

Leng Ruoxi:"............"

I'm so scared now, how can I not be restrained? And, old man, you are suddenly so kind and amiable. Based on my understanding of you, you must want to discuss something with me. How can I not be panicked?

""Okay, old man, stop torturing me. Just tell me what you want to talk to me about, or what you need me to do." Leng Ruoxi said immediately.


The old man was also stunned when he heard this.

How did this girl guess his thoughts? She is really his granddaughter.

But how could he speak after this girl said that?

"Ruoxi, what do you think of Ye Qing?"

"He is very powerful, and his current reputation is quite terrifying in the whole of China."Leng Ruoxi looked at the old man,"Eh? Old man, why are you asking this? You are with Ye Qing every day, you must know very well what he did. What is his current reputation in China? You must know it better than me."

"There is absolutely no point in you asking me this."

Disbanding is your fault, why are you crying about the four school beauties of Yuling?

Disbanding is your fault, why are you crying about the four school beauties of Yuling? - Chapter 218

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