Elf: Start by signing in with the quasi-god Shiny Metagross - Chapter 58

All chapter are in Elf: Start by signing in with the quasi-god Shiny Metagross

Elf: Start by signing in with the quasi-god Shiny Metagross

Elf: Start by signing in with the quasi-god Shiny Metagross - Chapter 58
As Lizard King was defeated, Xiaozhi also sent out his fifth Pokémon, Snorlax.

Seeing Xiaozhi take out Snorlax, Lingyu decided to continue using Charizard to fight.

So he first used the Data Eye to check Snorlax's information:

【Name: Snorlax】

【Race value: 540】

【Gender: Male】

【Skills: Headbutt, Instant Amnesia, Sleep, Overwhelming, Hardening, Self-Sacrifice Charge, Destruction Ray, Freezing Fist】

【Level: 60】

【Qualification: Champion】

【Attributes: General】

【Personality: Naughty】

【Features: Thick fat (Because of the thick fat protection, the damage of fire and ice moves will be halved)】

【[Carrying items: None]

After seeing the information from Snorlax, Ling Yu couldn't help but frowned and thought to himself:

"This time we are in trouble! Snorlax's characteristics can actually reduce the power of Charizard's fire skills by half……"

But he quickly regained his composure, and a thought flashed through his mind:

"Since the fire element doesn't work, let's try other attributes!"

Having made up his mind, Ling Yu stretched out his arm without hesitation, revealing his wrist with the super-evolution bracelet.

He looked at Charizard with a firm gaze and shouted:

"Answer my call, Charizard! Mega Evolution!!"

Instantly, a miracle happened - Charizard's body was covered with dazzling white light, as if it was shrouded by a mysterious force.

This sudden change made Xiaozhi and everyone present dumbfounded. They stared at the scene in front of them, and they couldn't believe their eyes.

Although Mewtwo had shown its mega evolution ability before, everyone knew nothing about it and thought it was just an ordinary combat evolution.

In addition, Lingyu had never released Mewtwo's mega evolution in front of them, which led everyone to mistakenly believe that Mewtwo had always maintained that powerful form.

However, Charizard was a Pokémon that almost everyone here was familiar with.

As one of the first generation of the three Pokémons, Charmander's final evolution form - Charizard is a household name and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

However, today, everyone witnessed an incredible scene:

Ling Yu's Charizard actually evolved again!

When the light of evolution shone on the Charizard and gradually dissipated, its body became stronger and more powerful, and its already sharp horns became even sharper.

Its whole body is light white, and its abdomen is a light gray tone; not only that, its skin is covered with textures like broken ice, and a pair of sharp horns grow on both sides of its shoulders. The inner layer of the purple-black wings flickered with a mysterious light, and the mouth and tail continuously spewed out blue flames, making the whole Charizard look domineering and majestic.

Looking at the Shining Charizard X in front of him, which was very different from what he had seen in his previous life, Ling Yu couldn't help but wonder:

According to common sense, Shining Charizard X X The color of the body should be a deep dark green, but why has it turned grayish white now?

Ling Yu had a flash of thought in his mind, and suddenly remembered that the super ancient Charizard he met in the ruins in the quiet forest had the same color combination.

Unexpectedly, the super evolution stone obtained from that place actually made the originally green body of the Charizard X Transformed into a gray-white fire-breathing dragon X

This must be due to the inheritance of the powerful power of the ancient times!

Ling Yu thought to himself, always feeling that the fire-breathing dragon in front of him X It was a bit strange, but the people around did not notice anything unusual.

After all, they all saw such a scene for the first time - Charizard could evolve again, so they naturally thought that this was what it should look like after super evolution.

For a moment, the audience cheered and applauded like thunder.

However, Xiaozhi, who saw Charizard evolve again, felt heavy instead of astonishment.

It was because he could feel the impact of Charizard. X The strength of the Snorlax is much better than that of his own Snorlax.

At this moment, Ling Yu used the Data Eye to check the information of Charizard X.:

【Name: Charizard x (flashing, but changed due to some mysterious power)】

【Race value: 634】

【Gender: Male】

【Skills: Claw, Shout, Spark, Smoke Screen, Dragon's Fury, Dragon Claw, Glare, Rage, Flame Jet, Air Slash, Dragon Breath, Flame Fang, Cleave, Dragon Dance, Big Word Explosion, Flame Vortex, Dragon Tail, Wing Attack, Earth Throw】

【Level: 75 (super evolution increases by 10 levels)】

【Qualification: Level 2 God】

【Attributes: Fire, Dragon】

【Personality: Stubborn】

【Features: Hard Claws (Strength of moves that touch the opponent increases)】

【Carrying items: Charcoal, Charizard Mega Evolution x】

【[I am comprehending the laws of fire, and my progress is 20/100]

After seeing the information about his Charizard x, Ling Yu secretly rejoiced in his heart:

""Haha, with such a powerful Charizard x here, this Snorlax in front of us is simply vulnerable!"

He commanded Charizard to take off without hesitation, ready to give Snorlax a hard blow.

With Lingyu's order, Charizard spread its wings and rushed towards Snorlax on the ground.

At the same time, its right forelimb flashed with dazzling light, and a huge dragon claw phantom gradually emerged.

This dragon claw phantom, with a sharp momentum, pounced on Snorlax lying on the ground like a falling star.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Xiaozhi hurriedly ordered Snorlax to use the destructive beam skill, hoping to resist Charizard's attack.

Snorlax immediately opened his mouth, and a thick beam of energy gushed out, shooting straight at Charizard.

Facing the incoming destructive beam, Lingyu seemed calm and composed.

He flexibly manipulated Charizard to dodge sideways and easily avoided the opponent. The attack from the front.

Then, Charizard launched the Dragon Claw skill again with lightning speed, and hit Snorlax, who had just released the destructive beam and whose body was still in a stiff state.

This heavy blow was like a thunderbolt, and instantly woke up Snorlax, who was originally lazily lying on the ground. The enraged Snorlax instantly became furious, its eyes widened, and it stared at the Charizard in front of it with anger.

Seeing this, Xiaozhi hurriedly ordered Snorlax to use its headbutt and prepare to counterattack Charizard.

At this moment, Lingyu was not to be outdone, and immediately commanded Charizard to release a dragon tail attack on Snorlax.

In an instant, Snorlax's headbutt collided fiercely with Charizard's dragon tail, but at this thrilling moment, Charizard x The hard claws feature was activated!

In addition, there was a certain gap in the strength of the two sides, and Snorlax was completely unable to withstand the powerful dragon tail of Charizard X.

As a result, poor Snorlax had no power to fight back, was knocked out directly, and hit the wall heavily. However, the battle did not end there.

Ling Yu seized the opportunity and immediately ordered Charizard X to continue chasing and attacking. He chopped down from top to bottom at the injured Snorlax and successfully hit Snorlax's head.

This fatal blow caused it to suffer heavy damage and completely lost its ability to fight.

Seeing this, the referee announced loudly:

"Snorlax has lost his fighting power, and Zero won the 5th round. Now Xiaozhi only has one Pokémon left. How will he deal with it next?"

When Xiaozhi saw that Snorlax lost, he became nervous and sweated all over.

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Elf: Start by signing in with the quasi-god Shiny Metagross

Elf: Start by signing in with the quasi-god Shiny Metagross - Chapter 58

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