Elf: Start by signing in with the quasi-god Shiny Metagross - Chapter 59

All chapter are in Elf: Start by signing in with the quasi-god Shiny Metagross

Elf: Start by signing in with the quasi-god Shiny Metagross

Elf: Start by signing in with the quasi-god Shiny Metagross - Chapter 59
After Snorlax lost, Xiaozhi sent out his last Pokémon, Ice Guard.

After seeing Xiaozhi send out Ice Guard, Lingyu immediately used the Data Eye to check his information.:

【Name: Ice Ghost Guard】

【Race value: 480】

【Gender: Male】

【Skills: Fine Snow, Stare, Bite, Shadow Clone, Frozen Wind, Iron Head, Hold, Ice Fang, Crushing, Freezing Ray, Hail, Blizzard, Headbutt】

【Level: 57】

【Qualification: King level】

【Attribute: Ice】

【Personality: Steady】

【Features: Frozen Body (Changes normal skills to ice skills)】

【Carrying items: None]

After seeing that the Ice Ghost Guard was only level 57, Ling Yu thought to himself:

My level 75 Charizard X How can they lose?

Although the Ice Element has a restraining effect on the Dragon Element, the Fire Element can also effectively restrain the Ice Element!

As the game officially began, Ling Yu took the lead in launching an attack without hesitation.

"Charizard X, use the big word Explosion!"

As soon as the voice fell, Charizard X A raging flame suddenly burst out of his mouth, and these flames quickly gathered into a huge word, like a burning meteorite, flying straight towards the Ice Demon Guard.

Facing such a fierce attack, Xiaozhi had obviously expected it.

"Ice Ghost Guard, use the defensive skill immediately!"

After receiving the order, Ice Ghost Guard instantly condensed a powerful energy shield in front of its body, doing its best to resist the fierce impact of the big character explosion.

Then, Xiaozhi gave the order without hesitation:

""Ice Ghost Guard, release the freezing ray immediately!"

His voice was firm and decisive, as if he had already anticipated the direction of the next battle.

After receiving the order, the Ice Ghost Guard quickly opened his mouth and a beam of cold light gushed out.

This beam of light was like an arrow shot from a bow, and it flew towards Charizard at an astonishing speed. X He rushed away.

Seeing this, Ling Yu shouted anxiously:

"Charizard x, get out of the way!"

However, everything happened too suddenly. X Although he tried his best to dodge sideways, he was still a step too late.

The freezing light hit its back wings accurately, and the wings were instantly frozen into hard ice, losing their original flexibility and flying ability.

With a cry of surprise, Charizard X Like a bird with broken wings, it fell straight down from mid-air.

Fortunately, since Charizard had just taken off and was not at a very high altitude, the fall did not cause it much damage.

Xiaozhi stared at the falling Charizard X, with a sly look in his eyes.

He made a prompt decision and continued to give orders:

"Ice Demon Guard, use the headbutt attack on Charizard now!"

After receiving the instruction, Ice Demon Guard immediately accelerated and sprinted, like a white meteor, rushing straight towards Charizard that had just landed.

It used all its strength to hit Charizard hard with its hard head.

Just after arriving on the ground, he had not yet come to his senses, and Ice Demon Guard launched an attack as fast as the wind.

Ling Yu hurriedly commanded Charizard to use jet fire towards the rushing Ice Demon Guard.

In an instant, the raging fire covered the sky and completely swallowed up Ice Demon Guard.

At this thrilling moment, Xiaozhi once again decisively ordered Ice Demon Guard to use the guardian skill, but this time the goddess of luck did not favor them.

The guardian failed to withstand the extremely powerful jet fire of Charizard, but was directly hit by it. It hit his body directly.

After suffering heavy damage, Ice Demon Guard flew backwards like a bird with broken wings, slammed hard against the wall, and finally had no strength to fight again.

Witnessing this, the referee immediately announced that Ling Yu would win the final round.

At this point, the champion of this Sinnoh League has been decided—it is our Ling Yu!

Suddenly, there was a deafening wave of applause and cheers from the audience. People were all excited for Ling Yu's victory, and at the same time, they also highly affirmed his extraordinary strength.

Ling Yu raised the corners of his mouth slightly, walked slowly forward with a faint smile, stretched out his right hand, and shook hands tightly with Xiaozhi.

There was a sincere light in the eyes of the two, and they congratulated each other on their outstanding performances on the field.

"Lingyu, you are too strong. But it doesn't matter, next time, I will definitely win back the victory!"

Xiaozhi shouted loudly with confidence.

Lingyu smiled and responded softly:

"I am also looking forward to our next confrontation!"

Amidst the thunderous applause, Ling Yu steadily caught the championship trophy that symbolized supreme glory.

He held the trophy tightly in both hands, truly feeling the heavy weight, and his heart was filled with pride.

This fierce battle not only allowed him to successfully prove his strong strength, but also won the love and respect of many fans.

However, the journey ahead is still long, and Ling Yu knows very well that there are countless difficult tests waiting for him in the future.

But at this moment, he has made all preparations and is determined to face every fierce competition calmly.

Holding the trophy in hand, Ling Yu walked to the center of the stage with his head held high.

He struggled to raise the trophy above his head and showed it to the audience with great pride. There was a deafening cheer from the audience, and the sound waves rose and fell, as if they were going to break through the sky.

The fans were excited, and they worked hard. Waving the colorful cheering sticks in their hands, a dazzling sea of light was formed. At this moment, the whole scene was extremely warm, like a grand carnival party.

At this moment, countless colorful confetti suddenly fell from the sky, like snowflakes flying all over the sky.

These tiny pieces of paper danced in the air, adding a dreamy and romantic atmosphere to the scene.

Ling Yu couldn't help but look up and look up at the colorful sky, with endless emotion in his heart.

At this moment, he felt as if he was standing at the top of the world, the center of attention, and radiant.

However, behind this glory, Ling Yu knew clearly that without his magical system as a support, he would never have achieved such a brilliant achievement.

His thoughts gradually drifted away, and he recalled his former self - the one who had been mediocre in his previous life, A social animal who has accomplished nothing.

An unexpected time travel brought him to the Pokémon world full of fantasy and adventure, and awakened the system power that had been dormant in his body for a long time.

In the following few months, relying on this extremely powerful sign-in system, he has achieved many outstanding results in the bustling city and won several championship titles in succession.

Now, with the help of Celebi, Lingyu has successfully traveled to the Pokémon world and won the championship of the Sinnoh League in one fell swoop.

This series of amazing experiences made Lingyu deeply feel the impermanence and wonder of fate.

When he came back to his senses from the trance, he realized that all this was just the beginning. Waiting for him ahead, there is still a long journey and many terrifying beasts to conquer.

Therefore, he secretly made up his mind to constantly improve himself and become stronger.

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Elf: Start by signing in with the quasi-god Shiny Metagross

Elf: Start by signing in with the quasi-god Shiny Metagross - Chapter 59

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