Entertainment diary, singing and crying at the beginning - Chapter 145

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Entertainment diary, singing and crying at the beginning

Entertainment diary, singing and crying at the beginning - Chapter 145
That night, when Wang Chao finished his diary, he gained a unique skill:

"Ding! Obtained master-level firearms proficiency."

Originally, this skill was not only not strange, but also very powerful.

However, combined with the madness of the night, it seemed a little subtle.

After all, Wang Chao had never played with a real gun.

Could this be the connotation of the system?


In the morning, Yuehua's artists left together.

What happened last night was a little absurd, but it was just a small accident, and Wang Chao didn't take it seriously.

Until the afternoon - after the crew finished shooting for the day, Wang Chao and Yang Mi and others were ready to return to the hotel.

Ruoba flipped through her phone for a while and suddenly exclaimed:

"No way! Brother, something happened!"

"What's wrong?" Wang Chao asked

"Someone on the Internet exposed what happened last night, and there are photos... Oh my god!"

"Just expose it." Wang Chao shrugged.

【A person with a clear conscience is not afraid of his own shadow. Fortunately, I have self-control.】

"The problem is, Mai Meiling responded."

Everyone was shocked when they heard what Ruoba said.

What does this guy mean? Is he trying to stir up trouble?

"Today they were blocked by reporters at the airport."Ruoba showed her phone to everyone and said,

"When a reporter asked about this, the guy pretended to be wronged and cried that he was deceived by you. He said you wanted to give her the leading role, tricked her into the room at night, and took the opportunity to seduce her. After the deed, he pulled out his thing and was ruthless, then regretted it and threw the person out."

Yang Mi and others' eyelids twitched

"Oh my god, this guy has lost all his moral integrity? Oh, yes, she never had one in the first place."Wang Chao then said in surprise,

"However, it is too shameless to say the opposite of what you mean. Is there anyone who believes this?"

"What do you think?"

Yang Mi's face turned serious, and she showed Wang Chao the photo with her phone.

In the photo, Wang Chao stood coldly, while Mai Meiling was naked, wrapped in a nightgown, sitting on the ground and crying with a wronged look on her face.

It looked like she had really been violated.

It made people feel pity for her.

""Wow!" Zhao Rushi exclaimed, attracting everyone's attention.

"What's wrong?" Yang Mi asked curiously

"Brother Wang Chao looks so handsome from this angle"

"……"Yang Mi's mouth twitched, and she almost slapped her

"Rushi, stand aside obediently. When we get back, I will buy you a book of 300 nursery rhymes." After Wang Chao finished speaking, he turned to Yang Mi and said,

"Someone is causing trouble?"

"In all likelihood, someone was at odds with Mak Mei Ling and wanted to use this incident to put pressure on her. Unexpectedly, Mak Mei Ling was also a jerk, crying thief first and putting herself in the position of a victim."Yang Mi analyzed

"She was already upset yesterday. Today, she directly shifted the blame to someone else and pretended to be a vulnerable person. Now, fans are directly pointing the finger at Wang Chao."Sisi said

"Asshole, I'm going to ask Mai Meiling for justice." Chen Xiao said, and took out his phone to call.

Who knew that the phone rang twice and was hung up directly.

If he called again, he would be blocked.

"Mistake! We should have left some evidence yesterday.

"It's useless. Yesterday was just an accident. That guy was naked. I can't explain it even if I have a reason."Sisi, who is always calm, can't help but look worried.

"I'll arrange for someone to handle the public relations first." Yang Mi said, and called Gu Wennan.

"It's okay, don't worry. Let's go eat first."Wang Chao smiled at everyone nonchalantly.

Afterwards, Yuehua also called.

She said that Mai Meiling insisted that Wang Chao had slept with him.

Yang Mi denied it.

Both sides insisted on their own opinions and couldn't help but quarrel.

In the end, they unanimously decided to do public relations first. After the matter was over, they would discuss what to do next.

This dinner was tasteless for Yang Mi and others.


The public relations of the two parties were handled quite well.

Many comment posts were deleted soon after they appeared.

At the same time, they used the power of the media to direct the attention to other hot spots.

They tried to bury the matter slowly in this way.

Unfortunately, at this time, an unexpected person appeared - Hua Chenxue.

Maybe he was bored recently, or maybe he was still brooding over the previous incident.

Anyway, under his instigation, his fans kept digging up the matter.

And they kept lashing out at the corpse on major websites such as Weibo and Kuaiyin.

"Under the pretext of filming, they are trying to lure in new talents. When will the chaos in the entertainment industry end?"

"His true nature was exposed right after his debut? What's the point of being talented?"

"Strongly recommend that you remove pests and restore a clean entertainment industry"

"Hua Ge was indeed foresighted. He saw that this person had bad conduct on the show, so he repeatedly refused to approve his application. We should support Hua Ge."


Various topics kept appearing.

Many jokes and videos were released around this incident.

This is how the entertainment industry is, no one is looking into the truth.

The truth is not important, what is important is popularity and traffic.

Wang Chao has been a very popular figure recently, and his popularity was still high before. If something happened at this time, wouldn’t it be a waste of talent if he didn’t take advantage of it?

After this incident, two or three days later, not only did the matter not pass.

Instead, it intensified.

There were even many guys who claimed to be lawyers on the Internet, analyzing in detail how people with experiences like Mak Meiling should use legal means to protect their rights and interests.

The matter became more and more serious, and reporters kept coming to the studio, wanting to interview Wang Chao.

Although he was turned away by the crew with"Work, please do not disturb."

However, the normal filming of Three Lives Three Worlds was inevitably affected.

At this time, Wang Chao could no longer sit idly by.

"Sister Mi, contact Yuehua and ask Mai Meiling to come. Tomorrow, we will hold a press conference together. This matter must be resolved."

"If Mak Mei Ling insists on this, there will be no turning back."Yang Mi said worriedly

"Believe me, I can handle this." Wang Chao smiled confidently at her.

Wang Chao's smile had extraordinary magic.

It made people believe it.

So Yang Mi nodded:

"OK, I'll make the arrangements. We'll go back to Beijing tonight."


After Yang Mi contacted Yuehua, the two companies quickly released the relevant news.

Reporters and media all heard the news.

The next morning, in the large conference room of Yuehua Company, it was crowded before nine o'clock.

Reporters from major media, even cross-circle Internet celebrities, gathered together.

In theory, Wang Chao is not yet famous enough to attract so many people.

However, now this matter has unknowingly become a hot topic.

Therefore, many people took the opportunity to join in the fun.

Sister Dou from Yuehua Company appeared with Mai Meiling and others, which immediately caused a commotion.

Then, Yang Mi and Wang Chao also appeared at the door of the conference room.

Several people walked onto the stage at the same time, Wang Chao next to Mai Meiling, and Yang Mi and Sister Dou and others were beside them.

Everyone sat down.

Soon it was 9 o'clock, and the press conference officially began.

After the host of the Yuehua Company's meeting made a series of polite remarks, the reporters had already asked questions impatiently:

"Wang Chao, do you have any explanation regarding the online incident in which you used the name of filming to violate and deceive Mak Mei Ling?"

"Actually, I am still confused about this matter. I think it would be better to let the victim tell the details of the situation."Wang Chao said calmly.

Hearing this, Sister Dou frowned and looked worried:

"Meiling is a girl after all. It is rare for her to be strong enough to be here after such an injury. Do you think she can still explain the whole thing freely?"

"You are right." Wang Chao nodded and said,

"So I was curious. On the second day after the incident, she was able to speak clearly to the reporters. But after so many days, she couldn't speak."

"this……"Sister Dou was speechless

"Forget it, let's not rub salt into the wound."Wang Chao sighed and said,

"Mak Mei Ling, I only have two questions for you"

"You say." Mai Meiling lowered her head slightly, not daring to turn around and look at Wang Chao.

"First, are you sure that I asked you to come to me? Second, are you sure that we had that kind of relationship?"

"Of course I am sure! After the interview that day, you called me and said you wanted to discuss the details of the movie. When I went there in the evening, you took me in and……"When Mak Mei-ling said this, she sobbed softly.

"Do you dare to swear?"Wang Chao looked at her and smiled

"Of course I dare!"

Mai Meiling had already risked her life.

She suddenly raised her head and looked at Wang Chao with an angry and unwilling look.

"Good! Even if you are an actor, you must be true to your heart. Here is a book on actor's self-cultivation. Put your hand on it and swear to it."

Wang Chao took out a book from his bag, put it in his palm, handed it over, and said with a meaningful smile,

"Whatever you say, I will admit it. Whatever you want, I will agree to it!"

Entertainment diary, singing and crying at the beginning

Entertainment diary, singing and crying at the beginning - Chapter 145

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