Entertainment diary, singing and crying at the beginning - Chapter 146

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Entertainment diary, singing and crying at the beginning

Entertainment diary, singing and crying at the beginning - Chapter 146

As soon as Wang Chao said this, the whole audience was in an uproar!

"Wang Chao!"Yang Mi's body trembled and she shouted

"hiss……"Sister Dou was also surprised and looked at him.

Mai Meiling's eyes lit up and she looked at Wang Chao and said in surprise:


"Of course!" Wang Chao said with a smile

"Okay, I swear……"Mai Meiling reached out and placed her hand on Wang Chao's hand, pressing it on the book.

At the same time, her eyes also fell on the cover of the book.

Then -

Oh my God! What is this?

《Three Hundred Chinese Children's Songs"?

Isn't it"The Self-cultivation of Actors"?

Mai Meiling was stunned and stunned.

At this moment, a change suddenly occurred in her mind.


It's done!

Wang Chao couldn't help but smile.

"You can swear now," he said.

"I swear, what I am going to say next is all true!" Mai Meiling said excitedly.

"I wanted to seduce Wang Chao and get the leading role. But he chased me away.……"

Wow! The whole audience was shocked.

They all showed unbelievable expressions.

This press conference was broadcast live.

At this time, netizens in the live broadcast room were also shocked.

"Shut up!"Sister Dou was shocked and hurriedly stopped him.

"Mak Mei Ling, what nonsense are you talking about?"

"Sister Dou, what are you doing?"Yang Mi asked sharply

"you……"Sister Dou narrowed her eyes, knowing she was in the wrong, and could only shut up.

"I had to deal with him, so I took off all my clothes while he was pulling me. But he didn't touch me, and threw me out. Mai Meiling was not disturbed by other people's words at all, and kept talking excitedly.

"How do you prove that these are true?"Wang Chao asked curiously

"I brought a micro-recorder and recorded a file on my phone. I haven't deleted it yet. I'm just about to find someone to synthesize it and make a fake recording."Mak Mei Ling took out her phone, opened it and handed it over.

"Stop! That’s it!"Sister Dou was anxious and stood up. Wang

Chao was quick-witted and grabbed the phone and clicked on the play button.

He found the part where Mak Mei Ling started knocking on the door... and Mak Mei Ling continued:

"I hated him for not giving me the role and looking down on me. So after the incident, I said I was molested. I framed him, it was all my fault."

The voice from the phone also proved what she said.

The matter was finally cleared up.

The reporters at the scene and the netizens in the live broadcast room were all amazed.

"That's how it is. Now it's clear."

"It seems that we have wronged Wang Chao. This guy has a very positive outlook."

"It is simply a breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry, full of positive energy"


"No, such a beautiful woman with a white moonlight, lying there and asking you to do whatever you want, but you don’t do it, are you still a man?"

"Oh my god, could it be that the rumors are true and Wang Chao is not a man, and he and Yang Mi and the others are all best friends?"

"It seems like I discovered something incredible!!"


Wang Chao had no idea that the conversation in the live broadcast room had already gone off the track.

At this moment, the truth was revealed, and he and Yang Mi both breathed a sigh of relief.

Dou Jie's face turned pale and her body trembled slightly.

Everyone thought it was over.

Who knew that Mai Meiling, the idiot, continued to say:

"I want to repent. I have made too many mistakes. Last year, I seduced... (Blah blah, a lot of explosions)"


Everyone in the audience took a deep breath.

My goodness, this melon is too big.

I can hardly eat it.

The live broadcast room was boiling:

"Oh my god! Isn’t this too fierce? This sister is really brave!"

"This is a press conference. Do you think it's like going to church to confess?"

"I was totally shocked. I have to say, it completely shattered my three views!"


Wang Chao was also a little surprised. He turned around and looked at Yang Mi in surprise.

"Shut up!"Sister Dou was almost going crazy.

Then, she understood.

It must be Wang Chao's doing.

So she turned around and yelled at him:

"Wang Chao, what are you going to do?"

"I didn’t do anything!" Wang Chao spread his hands, shrugged his shoulders and smiled bitterly.

"Sister Dou, your people framed my people……"Yang Mi sneered,

"Now, you want to do the same?"

"Enough...Mai Meiling!" Sister Dou was so angry that she slapped him.


"Hit me, I will say……"

The voice suddenly stopped here.

Mai Meiling shuddered and woke up immediately.

She still remembered what she had just said.

"how so……"She was stunned

"Hey! Are you finally willing to stop?" Sister Dou was so angry that she was shaking.

"I……"Mai Meiling felt as if her brain had exploded. Suddenly, a flash of inspiration came to her mind. She turned to look at Wang Chao and exclaimed in shock,

"Are you hypnotizing me?"

"Don't wrongly accuse me anymore, you are the one who insisted on saying it."Wang Chao said helplessly

"But why would I……"Mai Meiling's forehead was covered with sweat

"Why tell the truth?"Wang Chao asked,

"Could it be that you have repented and are ready to turn over a new leaf?"

"Ah!" Mai Meiling scratched her hair, feeling like she was going crazy.

The reporters in the audience, their eyes lit up, could no longer hold back, and asked directly:

"Mak Mei Ling, what you just said about seducing XXX, is it true?"

"Are you still in touch now?"

"What happened between you and the Korean guy?"


"I have no idea……"Mai Meiling covered her face, terrified.

Then, she stood up, pushed the chair away, and fled quickly.

Sister Dou took a deep breath and said tiredly:

"Today's press conference ends here."

At this moment, she was in no mood to talk to anyone, and after saying that, she got up and left.

Wang Chao couldn't help but pat his forehead.

【I never thought this would turn out like this!】

【Mak Mei Ling, it's all over.】

【Actually, I just wanted to ask her some questions and let her explain the matter clearly.】

【Good fellow, this girl directly brought out all the old and rotten things she had kept for many years.】

【This time, it's not just a melon, it's a bomb……】

Liu Tianxian: What happened?

Sisi and the others were watching the live broadcast and gave a brief account of the situation.

Liu Tianxian: Oh my god, this is too...funny!!


Yang Mi: That's right, who told her to frame my husband? She deserves it!

Chen Xiao: I never thought that Meiling would do those things...

Yang Mi: There are so many such things in the entertainment industry. You are still young, fortunately you have your husband to protect you, otherwise... Hehe!

Ruoba: No one can escape without someone to lean on.

Chen Xiao and Zhao Rushi:...

Sisi: Husband? Mimi, Tianxian, look at the wicked things you two have done! Now netizens suspect that Wang Chao is our best friend.

Yang Mi: Ahem, you were the one who brought this up first.

Liu Tianxian: Isn't that what you want?

Ruoba: So, I can be intimate with my senior brother openly in the future? /color

Yang Mi and others: Can you...have some shame?

Entertainment diary, singing and crying at the beginning

Entertainment diary, singing and crying at the beginning - Chapter 146

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