Ghoul: From Being Sentenced to Death - Chapter 135

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Ghoul: From Being Sentenced to Death

Ghoul: From Being Sentenced to Death - Chapter 135
"Talent, why are you unhappy?" June asked doubtfully.

"He's coming....Of course the genius is not happy...."

"He?" Several people asked in confusion.

At this moment, Hui Qi was still on the road and unexpectedly met the popular novelist Gao Zuquan.

"Huh? Isn't this Mr. Takatsuki Izumi? How come you have time to go shopping?"

"Yo, if someone can hang out, why can't I?"

"Have you not dealt with your housework yet? Hurry up and go back home to sort it out."

"It's better than being a wage earner like you. I really hope you won't regret it in the future."

"Regret? I have a lot of regrets, but unfortunately none of them have anything to do with you." Hui Qi said, and he tapped someone's forehead with his finger.

"Eeyah Eeyah...You talk so funny." Takatsuki Izumi kicked Huiqi with his leg.

Neither of them used any skills, but just kept talking to each other, responding to each other's words.

As they walked and talked, they came to a coffee shop. They went in , ordered coffee, and continued to spray each other.

"You should change your junk eating habits. It's good to eat some apples to heal your brain."

"Huh? Then why don't you read more of my books and improve your speaking skills?"

"I've seen it eight hundred years ago. Your shabby manuscript is..."

"Peeping? How shameless! You might as well change it to"extremely shameless investigator""

"Yo yo yo."

As they spoke, their voices gradually became lower. It was getting dark outside. They looked at each other and then at the sky.

"After so many years of fighting...Tired?"

"It's okay, I'm used to it." Hui Qi took a sip of coffee, his tone full of nostalgia.

"Energetic man, do you want to join the Bronze Tree? I will tell you the truth about the world."

Takatsuki Izumi took out a book from his pocket. The title of the book was"Bileygr King》

"What do you know? Or do you think what you know will definitely change my mind?"Taking the book handed to him, Hui Qi opened the first page and looked at his name, raising his eyebrows.

"Oh the truth, don’t you want to know the essence of CCG?"

"Essence? He Xiu? Or V?" Hui Qi said in a teasing tone.

At this time, Takatsuki Izumi fell into silence rarely, blinking his eyes and tilting his head to look at Hui Qi."How did he know? Could it be Arima Takashi?’

"em...Instead of joining the Bronze Tree, why don't you join me? I can be merciful and write off the previous bills." Huiqi looked at Gaozuki with a hint of meaning.

Hearing Huiqi's words, Gaozuki's eyes showed doubts and he even reached out to touch Huiqi's forehead to confirm whether he had a fever.

"Eh? Are you okay? I remember correctly that you wanted to kill me, and now you want to recruit me into your team?"

"Hey, if you want to do something big, you always need talented people, right?"

"Big news? You've got me in suspense. You've got my number, right? You're always here for me."

"Yes, if I can use you, don't blame me if I can't."

"Hehe, you are such an interesting man, really attractive, but it's a pity that you are not a one-eyed ghoul"

"You can dream, imagining that I am one-eyed."

The exchange ended.

Huiqi looked at the time and left the coffee shop to go to Quinx Class.

Now Quinx Class is very lively, everyone is busy, and Milin Caizi also relaxed because he hadn't seen Huiqi for a long time and joined the work of the big family.

The food on the table was placed one after another, and the long table was full.

Downstairs of Quinx Class, Huiqi looked at Arima Takasho and Mado Akira in front of him and scratched his hair.

"What a coincidence?"

"Well...Why are you here?" Arima Takashi pushed up his glasses.

"Visiting daughter"

"???!!!"They both were stunned

‘Where did this girl come from?’

‘Isn't his daughter the one with the two ghouls in Area 17?’

"You'll know once you get in." Hui Qi shrugged.

‘Go in? ? ? Is it related to Quinx Class? He! What on earth does he want to do? 'The two of them had questions in their hearts.

Ding Dong...

The doorbell rang, and Quinx's class gathered together, all looking towards the door.

The moment the door opened , a series of petrifying sounds were heard.

With a snap,

Milin Saiko shattered to the ground.

Three figures appeared outside the door, and everyone was excited, except Milin Saiko.

"Good evening, everyone."

"excuse me"

"Many disturbances"

"Welcome! Mr. Arima, Ms. Xiao, Mr. Huiqi!"

"Welcome, welcome!"

The people behind also shouted

"Thank you. I didn't come here empty-handed. I brought some skills. Please take me to the kitchen." Hui Qi put on her slippers and looked at Sasaki Haise with a smile.

"Wow! Pervert...old...Dad is going to cook!"


Everyone looked at Milin Saiko, seemingly not hearing what was said.



"So scary?"

"Caizi, go and explain it. I'll cook first. Huiqi followed Sasaki Haise into the kitchen.

"This.....that is..."

It took Milin Saiko ten minutes to tell his story, and everyone finally understood the reason. They all looked at him with envy. It was so blissful to have the strongest father in the entire CCG.

"It's not that spicy, just very strict."Milin Saizi felt the envious gazes of the crowd and spoke with a smug tone.

Ueji Hisao looked at Saizi and then at Huiqi. It was hard to imagine that this was what Huiqi looked like after training. He stayed at home every day, didn't go out to perform tasks, ate junk food, and had no sense of time.

"Really? Then tell me what you learned in Quinx class?"Hui Qi's cold voice sounded behind the talented man.





"It hurts!"


Seeing the talented man like this, Huiqi did not continue and put the prepared dishes on the table.

In a moment, everyone praised Huiqi's cooking skills. The dishes he made have reached the state of excellent color, fragrance and taste.

"It’s an old skill, try it."

Everyone picked up their chopsticks at the same time, and every bite was intoxicating.

"It's amazing! He's strong and can cook"

"The Almighty Investigator!"


"Leave one bite for me."

Everyone ate one bite at a time, and at the same time, Arima Takasho and Huiqi told their stories and legendary deeds in the past.

Arima Takasho defeated the ghoul with an umbrella.

Huiqi captured the SS-level ghoul single-handedly, and so on.

The two living legends exchanged stories and combat experiences with the people of Quinx Squad.

It was such a happy scene that it was hard to imagine that this was the White Death and the Executioner in the eyes of the outside world.

Ghoul: From Being Sentenced to Death

Ghoul: From Being Sentenced to Death - Chapter 135

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