Ghoul: From Being Sentenced to Death - Chapter 136

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Ghoul: From Being Sentenced to Death

Ghoul: From Being Sentenced to Death - Chapter 136
Compared with the happy Quinx class, Shimoguchi was the only one kneeling in front of the graves of everyone in the class, kowtowed and apologized repeatedly.

"I'm sorry! I'm not strong enough! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Blame it on me. Blame it on me."

"I shouldn't have been so anxious to capture Torso, and I shouldn't have been so anxious to get promoted. I'm sorry for you! I'll avenge you!"

Shimokoufang lost a member again, just like they had lost their family.

After the party, Huiqi once again explained what Mibayashi Saito was going to do, and seriously emphasized that Mibayashi Saito had a problem with his lifestyle, and he should not stay at home anymore, but should honestly follow the large group to participate in the mission.

Huiqi returned to District 17, and Kamishiro Rize was still in the yard, leisurely chatting with Anjiu

"It's so relaxing."

"You won't let me go out hunting, so what else can I do?"

Hearing this, Hui Qi did not answer because he received an unexpected message on his phone.

"Dear Mr. Huiqi, I apologize for my previous offense and ask you to teach me combat experience. Thank you!"


"Go find Mado Akira and ask her to teach you. Your basic qualities are too rubbish. I don't have time to improve rubbish."

Thinking back to the battle in District 16, the other party's combat awareness was exactly the same as Ito Cangyuan's, and his level was not worth looking at.


In District 23, Huiqi unexpectedly met Sasaki Haise, who was heading deep into the prison with a book in his hand.

The two seemed to have the same goal. Huiqi's purpose this time was to determine whether Fueguchi Hinami was executed. After all, as a second-line officer, she had limited knowledge of the front line, and occasionally she still needed to go there in person.

In Fueguchi Hinami's prison, Huiqi stood behind Sasaki Haise and watched the two people talking, then shook her head and turned away.

On the way back, she unexpectedly met two people with familiar faces and clothes.

Special Inspector Kimura Shiki and Second-Class Investigator Furuta Nifuku

"Hello, Huiqi, I didn't expect to meet you here."Kishima said hello as he walked towards Huiqi.


"hey-hey...I've heard of your name for a long time. My name is Jiuduo Nifuku."

"Got it."

Hui Qi replied calmly, with a thoughtful look in his eyes. The other person's face was very familiar.....Kano Akihiro once showed himself a photo. The fourth experimental subject was him.

‘Incorporate observation targets...What exactly is his intention? 'I made a mark in my heart.

Just a few days after Hui Qi left District 23, a short video popped up on my phone.

In the video, an investigator was torturing a ghoul, and bloodstains were spilled on the camera. The other party's methods were very cruel and he was still shouting for revenge.

"Wooden island style?"

""It's a meaningless move."

Putting down the phone, Hui Qi felt that this was a boring, childish and boring move. Did he really think that the other party would take the bait?

"Hey, Teacher Huiqi, there will be a meeting later. Do you want to attend it?"At the door, the pink-haired girl Yi Bingru invited

"What meeting? Just attend it and tell me what it is about when it's over."

"Hehe, Kijima Shiki had an unexpected gain, it seems that the Tsukiyama family is a ghoul organization"

"This is outrageous. Will this method work?"Hui Qi looked at the short video with a suspicious tone.

"I don't know, but there will be a mission soon."

"Got it, I'll go."

After a while, Hui Qi appeared in the Speaker's Office.

"The Tsukiyama family has been identified as a ghoul organization, so you should go and help them fight.

"No problem. Huiqi nodded.

In the office of the chief speaker, Huiqi unexpectedly met the second-class investigator Furuta Nifuku again. The other party's identity seemed to be half-human or something else.

After the meeting of the chief speaker, Huiqi began to prepare for the expulsion of the Yueshan family, but during this period, an interesting guest came.

"Huiqi Special...Do you know me in the past?"

"Why do you ask this question?" Hui Qi looked at Sasaki Haise in surprise.

"because...This mask, I dressed up as a ghoul to get information...They all seemed to know the owner of the mask and called me Eyepatch"

"Eyepatch ghoul? It was too long ago, I have forgotten about it, you can go look it up." Hui Qi waved his hand and didn't want to say anything. He was just observing him at the time, not his member.

"That...All right then."Sasaki Haise left with disappointment. He thought he could get some useful information from Huiqi, but in the end, it was all in vain.

At night, the campaign against the Tsukiyama family officially began, with the assistance of Special Officers Huiqi and Special Officers He Xiuzheng, and the main combat force was Ui-gun, Ibe-iryu, Kijima-shiki and others.

Ibe-iryu beside Huiqi was rubbing his hands, and the Quinque in his hand could not wait to

"Perform well, don't let my training go to waste"

"Yeah, I will try my best."

As he was speaking, a figure came down from the central lobby. It was the head of the Yueshan family, Yueshan Guanmu.

"Don't move!"

"I don't intend to fight you, we are gentlemen."

"The servants are all inside. They have been living as humans until now. Please let them keep this identity until the last moment."

"One person is missing, the son of the Yueshan family, where is Yueshan Xi?" Hui Qi looked at Yueshan Guanmu in front of him teasingly.


Before Yueshan Guanmu could answer, He Xiuzheng above seemed to have noticed it and immediately gave the order to hunt down

"The old man should rest here, and we will take care of the young master." Yi Bingru followed Hui Qi out of the mansion.

‘well...Hope to arrive in time. '

Tsukiyama Kanmu prayed silently for Tsukiyama Shuu in her heart.

LE Group.

Ten minutes after Tsukiyama Shuu arrived, CCG vehicles assembled here.

In the lobby of the group, Yi Bingru gave orders with a smile."The annihilation begins!"

The investigator beside him started charging with a Quinque.

The blood flowed and gathered into a pool of water. The white hall was dyed red, and the corpses of ghouls were everywhere.

Huiqi kicked the ghoul corpse to the side with her foot to open up space for herself to walk. The ghouls in front of her did not use the kagune, but just used their bodies as shields to rush forward.

"Boring, but the Yueshan family is still quite prestigious."Hui Qi looked at everyone with pity, and his body passed through the other party's defense.

Obviously he did nothing, but no one dared to move and let Hui Qi go upstairs.

"The Xiakou class has lost contact!"

"Ue-gun has gone to support!"

"Go practice your hands."


Yi Bingru stared at the two ghouls in front of him with a big knife in his hand. The enemy's kagune was very strange. The left hand was a shield, and the right hand kagune was in the shape of a gun.

In the battle, the long knife swung rapidly like a windmill to block the fierce stabs of the ghouls.

In this brief fight, Yi Bingru quickly understood the opponent's attack pattern. Then he accurately attacked the ghoul's vital points.

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Ghoul: From Being Sentenced to Death

Ghoul: From Being Sentenced to Death - Chapter 136

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