I am Sun Wukong, suppressing the Dragon Ball world - Chapter 227

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I am Sun Wukong, suppressing the Dragon Ball world

I am Sun Wukong, suppressing the Dragon Ball world - Chapter 227
"Shua" Quanshen appeared in front of Sun Wukong and pressed his palm on Sun Wukong's chest.

Sun Wukong was like a meteor, streaking through the universe, piercing through nine planets in a row, and embedding himself on the tenth planet.

Sun Wukong dug himself out of the surface of the planet, dusted off his body, and said to himself:"Interesting!""

"Right?" The voice of Quanshen appeared behind Sun Wukong.

""Swoosh", Sun Wukong disappeared on the spot.

The next moment, he kicked behind him.

""Bang", Quanshen just appeared behind Sun Wukong and was kicked away, smashing several stars.

Quanshen climbed out of the ruins, and Sun Wukong appeared in front of him, punching Quanshen in the face.

Quanshen flashed, and Sun Wukong passed through Quanshen.

Then he was hit hard on the back and flew backwards again.

He smashed through a star, which instantly turned into gorgeous fireworks, illuminating a piece of the universe.

Sun Wukong stabilized his body and punched into the void.

Quanshen behind him was knocked out by a punch..

Sun Wukong took advantage of the victory and flashed in front of Quanshen.

Quanshen's eyes flashed with light, which shot at Sun Wukong, stirring up a lot of smoke and dust. He ducked to avoid the sneak attack from behind, and kicked to the back.

At this time, the smoke and dust had just dispersed, and Sun Wukong was no longer visible.

Sun Wukong flashed in front of Quanshen and punched Quanshen in the abdomen.

Quanshen returned a punch and also hit Sun Wukong's handsome face.

The two flew backwards at the same time.

Sun Wukong steadied his body and rushed towards Quanshen.

Quanshen also steadied his body and rushed towards Sun Wukong

""Bang, bang, bang", the two of them collided with their fists and feet, and launched a fierce battle.

The entire universe trembled, and the strong men of the twelve universes all felt this fierce battle.

In the eleventh universe, Jiren, Toppo, and Despo found the King of the Worlds and asked them to take them to the Temple of the Omni-King.

In the sixth universe, Hit and Cabbe also found their King of the Worlds and asked them to take them to the Temple of the Omni-King.

In the seventh universe, Broly, Vegeta, Gojin, Goming, No. 1 Goku, No. 1 Vegeta, No. 1 Trunks, No. 2 Goku, No. 2 Vegeta, Reg, Piccolo, Goten, Sunx, Sunbula, Gogan, Gokun, Goli, Xiaoli, Decos, Buten, Sun Kara, Caulifla, Kale and others all felt this great battle.

So everyone came to the King of the Worlds and asked the old King of the Worlds to fight. The group of people took them to the Temple of the Omni King.

A moment later, outside the Temple of the Omni King, the strong men from various universes gathered.

The Gods of Destruction of the twelve universes were so scared that their faces turned purple.

One by one, they flashed in front of the strong men of their own universe and scolded them.

The scene suddenly became chaotic.

Seeing this, the Omni King said:"If you make noise again, I will wipe you out."

Hearing this, everyone suddenly quieted down.

The high priest said:"If you want to watch the competition, go to the stands of your own universe, don't make noise down there."

Hearing this, the Gods of Destruction led the strong men of their respective universes back to their respective stands.

On the stands of the seventh universe, No. 1 Sun Wukong said:"Lord Beerus, didn't the scum Rotor ask for leave from Lord Omni King? Why is he fighting with others?"

Beerus said:"I arrived not long ago, and I don't know why Goku fought with the guards of the Omni King."

""Is Kakarot fighting with the Omni Guards?" Broly asked.

Whis said,"Yes, but the Omni Guards tried every way and couldn't defeat Goku. They had no choice but to use the fusion technique, so they were able to fight Goku back and forth.""

"Oh, I see. But their fusion is very powerful. They can fight against Scum Rotor evenly," said Vegeta. Beerus said

,"That's the fusion of the Omni-King's Guards. As far as I know, their fusion is probably as powerful as the Grand Priest."

No. 1 Sun Wukong said,"Then we can assume that it was the Grand Priest who fought against Scum Rotor?"

Beerus said,"You are right to think so."

"Then we have to watch carefully, this is a battle between the top powers in the whole time and space," Vegeta said.

Beerus said:"Can you see their battle clearly? I can't see it clearly."

Everyone heard what Beerus said and knew that he was right.


Sun Wukong and Quanshen separated at the first touch.

Quanshen stretched out his hands forward, and the space where Sun Wukong was located changed dramatically again. The whole space began to fold up, and after a moment, a closed, octagonal space was formed.

Ten Sun Wukongs appeared around Sun Wukong, above and below him.

Quanshen flashed and disappeared on the spot.

Sun Wukong was observing the surrounding environment, and found that ten Quanshen appeared around him, above and below him, and attacked him at the same time.

Sun Wukong dodged the frontal attack, but he didn't expect to be punched from behind.

He punched Quanshen behind him with his backhand, but it turned out to be a phantom.

Before he could react, he was kicked in the back.

Sun Wukong broke the phantom behind him again, and was punched in the back again.

In this way, Sun Wukong was completely trapped in a passive situation of being beaten, but fortunately his body was strong enough to hold on for a while.

While being beaten, Sun Wukong thought about countermeasures.

After a moment, he finally understood what was going on.

After being kicked by Quanshen again, Sun Wukong ignored Quanshen and punched the void in front of him seriously. The void in front of Sun Wukong shattered, and Quanshen disappeared.

Then Sun Wukong dodged and hit the void in other directions.

After being attacked by three punches and two kicks, Sun Wukong shattered all the voids in other directions.

Quanshen appeared in front of Sun Wukong again. This time, Sun Wukong dodged Quanshen's attack and launched a counterattack.

"Ah, da da da","Ah, da da da".

Sun Wukong's attack was faster than before, and Quan Shen began to fall into a disadvantage.

It was obvious that Sun Wukong had not used his full strength before.

""Bang", Quanshen was kicked and flew out, smashing through three planets before stopping.

Sun Wukong did not chase him.

Quanshen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said,"How did you find out about my space technique?"

Sun Wukong said,"It was the mirror. When I thought of the mirror, I naturally understood your space technique.

When you are surrounded by ten mirrors, you can't tell the real from the fake, so you can only escape by breaking the mirrors.

Your space technique is the same. As long as I break all the spaces, I can escape from the space cage you constructed.""

""I see. I didn’t expect you to understand this so well. However, you didn’t try your best when you fought with me before," said Quanshen.

Sun Wukong smiled and said,"I wanted to test your strength before, so I didn’t try my best."

I am Sun Wukong, suppressing the Dragon Ball world

I am Sun Wukong, suppressing the Dragon Ball world - Chapter 227

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