I am Sun Wukong, suppressing the Dragon Ball world - Chapter 228

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I am Sun Wukong, suppressing the Dragon Ball world

I am Sun Wukong, suppressing the Dragon Ball world - Chapter 228
Quanshen said:"As expected of you, you are the Great God of Destruction. I never thought that even when I merged, I couldn't be your opponent."

Sun Wukong said with a smile:"You are also very good. I have practiced for so many years, and you are the first opponent who can fight me like this. Although I have defeated you, I can't crush you.

" Quanshen said with a smile:"So far, only the Great Quanshen can crush me, but I believe that you should be able to do it in the near future."

Sun Wukong said:"Thank you for your good words. Then shall we continue this competition?"

Quanshen waved his hand and said:"The winner is determined. There is no need to compete anymore. If we continue, I will be embarrassed."

Sun Wukong said:"Okay then."

Quanshen nodded, and then automatically disintegrated.

Sun Wukong saw this and said:"Are there any restrictions on your merger, such as time or energy?"

Quantian said:"Don't compare our merger with those of lower gods or mortals. Our merger is not limited by time and energy. We either disintegrate ourselves or are beaten and disintegrated. There is no third situation."

Sun Wukong gave a thumbs up and said:"Sure enough, the Supreme God is different."

Quan Tian said:"So what? I still can't beat you, the Great God of Destruction."

Sun Wukong smiled.

Then the three of them returned to the outside of the Grand King's Temple.

The High Priest applauded, and the Gods of Destruction and angels also applauded.

""Thanks to the Great Destroyer and the two gods for giving us such a wonderful competition," said the High Priest.

Sun Wukong laughed and said,"We just had a friendly exchange, it's not exciting at all."

The Omni King said to the two guards,"How about I go on a trip with the Great Destroyer?"

The Omni King's guards said,"The Great Destroyer is very powerful, we are not as skilled as him, so we have to admit defeat."

The Omni King said,"That's good."

Then he said to the High Priest,"High Priest, the management of the universe is now in your hands."

"Yes, Lord Omni-King, please go with peace of mind. I wish you a pleasant journey and have fun," said the great priest.

"" Hmm" said the Omni King.

Sun Wukong said:"Lord Omni King, my position as the Great God of Destruction will be temporarily handed over to Beerus. He is strong enough to lead the God of Destruction."

The Omni King thought for a moment and said:"Okay."

Then he said to Beerus:"Berus, you will take over the position of the Great God of Destruction temporarily. Remember not to be lazy, otherwise, you know the consequences."

"Yes, Lord Omni-King, I will do my duty and devote myself to it." Beerus bowed 90 degrees and said

"Well, Whis, you are responsible for supervising Beerus." The King of All turned to Whis and said

"Yes, Your Majesty," Weiss said.

"Well, now that everything is settled, when shall we set off, Wukong?

"Lord Quan Wang, let's set off in three days. I will pick you up at the temple then." Sun Wukong said

"Well, I'll wait," said the All-King.

Then, Sun Wukong and everyone in the Seventh Universe returned to the Seventh Universe.

Three days later, Sun Wukong came to the All-King Temple again, took over the All-King, and returned to the Seventh Universe.

Bardos, Makarita, Kuss, Whis, Champa, Vermed, Rumsey, and Beerus were all at Sun Wukong's home on Earth.

Seeing the All-King coming, they all came forward to greet him, and the All-King nodded.

Then, No. 1 Sun Wukong, No. 2 Sun Wukong, No. 1 Vegeta, No. 2 Vegeta, No. 1 Trunks, and Reg each took out their own time machines.

Sun Wukong also took out two time machines.

Everyone set the coordinates, and Sun Wukong taught the All-King how to operate it.

He said goodbye to everyone one by one, and then started the time machine.

The eight time machines slowly rose above everyone. The sky was filled with white light, and then it disappeared.

Broly said:"I wonder what kind of storm Kakarot will stir up when he goes to other time and space".

Vegeta said:"No matter how big the storm is, Kakarot can deal with it with his current strength second only to Lord Omni-King. Instead of worrying about Kakarot, we might as well practice hard".

Broly said:"Yes, who would have thought that Kakarot, a low-level warrior, could practice to such a level that he would leave me, the legendary Super Saiyan, far behind".

Beerus said:"Even I, the God of Destruction, was left behind by him, let alone you".

Whis smiled and said:"Lord Beerus, you are not bad either. You are ashamed and then brave. Now your strength has reached the level of the Omni-King's guards."

"What, Whis, you are not joking?" Vemed was shocked.

Beerus laughed,"Why, Vemed are you surprised? You don't think that I am taking over the position of the Great Destroyer temporarily and using a backdoor?"

Makarita said,"Lord Vemed, Lord Beerus' strength has indeed improved a lot. It has far surpassed us angels. As for whether he is equal to the two servants of the gods, I don't know." Rumsey was surprised and said,"Beerus, are you on drugs? It's been such a short time since we last saw you, and your strength has improved so much."

Beerus laughed,"I've just been practicing seriously for a while."

"You guy, it seems I have to work hard on my training too," Wei Mei De said.

"You are training for nothing, you are not doing your job as a God of Destruction anymore." Beerus said

"Beerus, my training has nothing to do with you," said Weimed.

Beerus smiled and said,"I am still the agent of the Great Destroyer God. If you dare not obey me, I will write it down in my little notebook and tell the Lord of the Omni.""

"You, Beerus, you are so hateful!" Weimed said

"It's not the first day you've known me, don't you know my temper, hahaha" Beerus laughed.

Whis laughed and said,"Lord Beerus, you are taking chicken feathers as an arrow".

Beerus laughed and said,"I have practiced for so long, just to show my power in front of people".

Whis laughed and said,"Lord Beerus, please be careful".

Beerus said,"Don't worry, Whis, am I the kind of person who takes revenge on others?"

Hearing this, Rumsey, Xiangpa, and Weimed curled their lips at the same time.

Whis said,"It's up to you, Lord Beerus".

Everyone chatted for a while, and Sun Wuzhen arranged a banquet.

Everyone ate and drank enough, and each went their own way.


In another time and space, Beerus and Whis were eating at Bulma's house.

They saw eight time machines appear in the air.

Beerus said,"It must be Goku and his friends who are back, but why are there five more time machines?"

Whis said,"It should be Goku and his friends over there who are coming together."

As they were talking, eight time machines landed on the ground.

Beerus stared at the time machine in the front with curiosity.

The time machine opened, and a little man jumped out of it.

Beerus took a closer look and was so scared that he fell off the chair, shouting,"Lord Omni-King".

Whis was not much better, his eyes, which were originally squinting, were wide open like copper bells, and he shouted,"Lord Omni-King".

I am Sun Wukong, suppressing the Dragon Ball world

I am Sun Wukong, suppressing the Dragon Ball world - Chapter 228

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