I'm just a passerby, it's reasonable for me to have more than 100 million points in my hole cards - Chapter 187

All chapter are in I'm just a passerby, it's reasonable for me to have more than 100 million points in my hole cards

I'm just a passerby, it's reasonable for me to have more than 100 million points in my hole cards

I'm just a passerby, it's reasonable for me to have more than 100 million points in my hole cards - Chapter 187
"Okay, that's all for now."

Qin Tianfu paused and said,"Tomorrow morning, the main force will gather at the military district's airport. You will take a plane to the Fengdu border and enter the forbidden area from there."

""Wait, I have an objection!"

Bai Yi suddenly raised his voice.

Qin Tianfu asked in confusion:"What objection do you have?"

Bai Yi:"Let's just say, can we change the name?"

Qin Tianfu:"Change the name?"

Bai Yi:"Yes, the name Victory Team is not good, let's change the name!"

Qin Tianfu shook his head:"This name has been used for several years. It symbolizes victory. It can't be changed just like that."


It symbolizes your shitty victory!

This name definitely means there will be no victory!

Gao Shiquan:"Is there something wrong with this name?"

Qin Tianfu:"Yes, why are you reacting so strongly?"

"This name doesn't suit me."

Bai Yi rolled his eyes and said,"Since we can't change our name, let's change our way of traveling."

Gao Shiquan:"It's not very realistic to change our way of traveling. The teleportation array is easy to be destroyed, and the car is too slow. Only the plane is more convenient."

Bai Yi:"No, no, no, there is another way of traveling. I think it is completely feasible."

Qin Tianfu:"What is it? Tell me."

Bai Yi:"We can go there by missile!"

The two:"......"

Seeing the two speechless, Bai Yi asked:"Think about it, is the speed of a missile faster than that of an airplane?"

The two nodded in agreement.

Seeing this, Bai Yi said again:"Since the speed is faster than that of an airplane, and it also has destructive power, even if it is attacked by monsters and crashes, it can still destroy some monsters. Why not do it!"

The two thought about it and it seemed that there was nothing wrong with it.

Bai Yi:"So, we should go by missiles. Each of them has a team leader, so there is no need to worry about students being accidentally injured!"

Qin Tianfu's opinion was obviously successfully fooled by Bai Yi. He clapped his hands and decided:"You still have a lot of ideas. I will go and discuss with them. Tomorrow we will use missiles to go to the forbidden area!"

Thinking of this, Qin Tianfu and Gao Shiquan said goodbye to Bai Yi together.

After sending the two away, Bai Yi did not continue to brush the dungeon.

Instead, he had a good rest at home for a day.

And using the secondary profession, he continued to identify a few pieces of equipment just in case.......

The next morning,

Bai Yi and his friends woke up and came to the school gate.

There were already hundreds of students gathered here.

They were in teams of four, and the expressions on their faces were excited and scared.

Gao Shiquan, who was standing in front of the crowd, waved to Bai Yi and signaled them to come over.

""Hello, Senior Gao."

Several people greeted him.

Last night, Bai Yi had already told them that the security officer this time was Gao Shiquan.

He also briefly introduced Gao Shiquan.......Well, I told them that he was Qin Tianfu's nephew, but I didn't tell them his strength.

After all, the role of a security guard is to only take action when students are in danger.

"Hello, just call me Lao Gao."

Gao Shiquan laughed and said,"This time we are going to take the missile. When everyone is here, Lao Qin will teleport us."

"Take a missile?"

Zhang Daxian was the first to widen his eyes and doubt his ears and said,"Who came up with this idea?"

"Of course it's me."

Bai Yi revealed his true colors directly, saying that he was the tactical genius!

Xia Keli:"You are trying to avoid a plane crash and force yourself to make a presence known, meow......"

Bai Yi:"No way, they won't let us change the team name."

Wu Dalang:"Brother Bai, it feels like a long time since we last met!"

While they were chatting, the team from Peking University and Tsinghua University arrived.

This time they also sent more than 100 people.

Wu Dalang, Shui Ziliu, Yuan Yihan and a man named Fang Kaiyu formed a small team.

As for their security guard, Bai Yi didn't see him.

But I think he must be at least a king-level strongman.

"You guys are not bad either, I didn't pull you too far away." Bai Yi said rudely.


The three rolled their eyes.

Bai Yi always spoke like this.

They were used to it.

Shui Ziliu introduced to Bai Yi:"This is Fang Kaiyu, our senior, a strong man who will soon join the Zhan Ye Army."

Fang Kaiyu smiled modestly and said:"What strong man? In front of Brother Bai Yi, I am just an ordinary person."

Then he nodded and smiled at Bai Yi:"I am Fang Kaiyu, nice to meet you."

"Me too, but who can tell me what the Night Slashing Army is?"Bai Yi asked curiously.

Fang Kaiyu was about to explain, but Gao Shiquan took the lead and said,"The Night Slashing Army is a unit that only recruits geniuses. It was founded by an extraordinary genius. The lowest entry standard is to be before level 40, with a total attribute of more than 2,000 points, and to complete a joining mission before entering."


Bai Yi's group was stunned.

Before level 40, total attributes above 2000?

Doesn't that mean you need at least S-level potential to enter.

Fang Kaiyu nodded and said,"What the teacher said is right. The one who created Zhan Ye was called the first sword in China. Unfortunately, he disappeared while exploring the forbidden area."

"The No. 1 Swordsman in China? ? ?"

Bai Yi couldn't help but raise his voice.

Isn't this Gao Shiquan!

As expected, when Gao

Shiquan heard the other party praising him like this, the corners of his mouth almost twisted to the sky.

He is indeed the founder of Zhan Ye.

It's just that because of what happened later, his information was processed.

Wu Dalang said with admiration:"Speaking of this No. 1 swordsman, I heard my dad say at the time that if this person hadn't been in trouble, my dad would have nothing to do. If possible......I really want to meet him."

Gao Shiquan heard this and felt that Wu Dalang looked familiar.

He looked like someone......

He asked curiously,"Who is your father?""

"His father is Wu Ziqi." Bai Yi said with a smile.

Gao Shiquan:"I thought, he is Teacher Wu's son."

Wu Dalan:"How come you know my father, Teacher?"

Gao Shiquan said with a smile:"We met once."

Since Wu Ziqi didn't mention it, he wouldn't say it himself, so he just made up an excuse to get away with it.

Soon, the large troops arrived.

Thousands of people gathered at the school gate.

Qin Tianfu came to the front of the team and used his skills to shout to everyone:"The forbidden land training is about to begin. Now please stand where you are and don't resist. I will teleport you to the military base."

"This time, we changed our previous old way of traveling and decided to take the latest missile!"

"Now, everyone, let’s go!!"......

I'm just a passerby, it's reasonable for me to have more than 100 million points in my hole cards

I'm just a passerby, it's reasonable for me to have more than 100 million points in my hole cards - Chapter 187

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