I'm just a passerby, it's reasonable for me to have more than 100 million points in my hole cards - Chapter 188

All chapter are in I'm just a passerby, it's reasonable for me to have more than 100 million points in my hole cards

I'm just a passerby, it's reasonable for me to have more than 100 million points in my hole cards

I'm just a passerby, it's reasonable for me to have more than 100 million points in my hole cards - Chapter 188
Lights lit up under everyone's feet.

Qin Tianfu and Long Aotian had set up such a large-scale teleportation array yesterday.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to teleport a thousand people at once, except for Bai Yi, even Long Aotian couldn't do it.

In less than a moment, a thousand people were teleported to the square of the Western Military District.

Qiu Kaige came up and said,"Mr. Qin, the missiles are ready and can be launched at any time."

Qin Tianfu nodded and said,"Thank you for your hard work. Let the soldiers arrange it and start loading according to the specification of four people per missile."


Qiu Kaige picked up the intercom and said a few words. Soon, a group of soldiers began to lead everyone to the missile launch base.

Not long after, looking at the rows of densely packed missiles on the missile base, everyone knew......This guy is really not a joke!

"Hey, hey, hey, are you serious about riding on a missile? I thought you were just joking......."

"Isn't this much scarier than flying on a plane?"

"Look at the five chairs on the missile.......It seems���Looks pretty safe?"......

For a moment, everyone was talking about it.

They cursed the person who came up with this idea in their hearts.

Although it is said that people with a physical fitness of more than 200 can easily ride a missile without being frozen to death, with the safety officer present, the probability of an accident is reduced to a minimum........

But, there is something sitting under your butt that could explode at any time.

Well, how should I put it.

For the majority of male compatriots, it is difficult to accept.

But no matter how everyone objects.

This matter has become a foregone conclusion.

Under the arrangement of Qin Tianfu and Qiu Kaige, each team came to their respective missiles.

More than ten minutes later.

Bai Yi and others also came to their own missiles

"Everyone fasten your seat belts, we are about to launch."

Gao Shiquan reminded:"Once we are in the sky, I will release the protective shield to reduce everyone's sense of strangeness. In addition, if you encounter flying monsters, try not to let them get close to us."

""Teacher, won't you protect us?" asked Zhang Daxian. Gao Shiquan smiled and said,"I won't help you unless you are in life-threatening danger. Otherwise, wouldn't the meaning of the training be lost?"

"Got it."

Several people nodded and fastened their seat belts.

At the control console, after getting confirmation from all the safety officers,

Qiu Kaige looked at Qin Tianfu with a complicated expression and said,"Then I give the order to launch?"

To him, this kind of thing of riding a missile was really bullshit.

Qin Tianfu nodded disapprovingly and said,"Let's launch it. Although the missiles are not lethal enough, these two hundred missiles can also cause considerable damage to those monsters."

Qiu Kaige curled his lips, picked up the walkie-talkie and gave the order,"Enter the launch program, and the countdown starts in ten seconds!"


Following Qiu Kaige's order, a warning sounded throughout the launch base.

The countdown began.

The students all swallowed nervously.

Some of them had never even been on a plane, but they dedicated their first time to a missile.......

Soon, ten seconds passed in a flash.

"call out——"

Missiles went up into the sky one after another.

All the security guards released a layer of energy shield for everyone.

To prevent everyone from getting frostbite and hypoxia in the sky.

Qin Tianfu looked at all the missiles that had been launched and murmured to himself:"I hope you can all return intact."

After that, he patted Qiu Kaige on the shoulder and said:"I have to go to the front line, and Tianfu City will be handed over to you and Tianzhu."

Qiu Kaige nodded solemnly and said:"Old Qin, you can go with peace of mind!"


Qin Tianfu clenched his fist, but finally loosened it.

Since he was leaving, he should give him some face.......

On the other side, groups of missiles were flying in the sky.

They began to separate in the air.

Each missile had its own destination. The forbidden area covered a large area.

It was about the size of three Tianfu cities.

Therefore, this time, the training was not concentrated together.

On the one hand, it was to avoid competition, and on the other hand, it was to reasonably arrange the difficulty of the training.

"Wuhu~~Bai Yi, you must say that it feels really good to ride on a missile.

Zhang Daxian's mood changed from being nervous at the beginning to......To the present, I am letting myself go.

For people of this age, I don’t know why they always have some unknown feelings of yearning for the beautiful and vast sky.

Even Su Ruoxi looked at the scenery in the sky with a longing look:"Indeed, after the wind is blocked, the scenery is indeed charming."

"Of course, you should. Don't you see who proposed this plan?"Bai Yi said complacently.


As soon as he finished speaking, there was a burst of explosions not far away.

Several people looked over and saw that the No. 188 missile not far away suddenly exploded in the air.

Gao Shiquan frowned and reminded:"No one is fine, it's a monster attacking us, everyone be prepared to attack!"

He had just finished speaking.

The next second, ten black shadows rushed towards the No. 1 missile of Bai Yi and others.

【Name: Devil Bird】

【Level: Lv39】

【Total attributes: 1856 points】

【A very ugly looking bird. Although not strong, don't forget that this is their home ground.】

"It's a demon bird."

Bai Yi quickly gave the order:"Xia Miao, Ruoxi, the two of you launch a long-range attack."

The two nodded and took out their weapons.

Xia Miao's weapon was the Stardust-level Purple Thunder Chasing Moon Bow obtained last time.

And Su Ruoxi's weapon was also the Stardust-level Seven-Star Cang Lei Sword.

The two launched their attacks without hesitation to prevent these demon birds from approaching.

Taking this opportunity, Bai Yi also took out a golden bow and handed it to Zhang Daxian, saying:"Take it and shoot them."

Zhang Daxian stared at the bow in his hand. He could equip this bow with......

But the problem is, I don't know how to shoot!......It's really difficult.

Seeing Zhang Daxian's bewildered face, Bai Yi rolled his eyes and said,"You're a man, don't you know how to be a man? Be careful that you won't be able to have children in the future!"

Zhang Daxian:"......"

Gao Shiquan:"(๑•ૅૄ•๑)This kid has a vicious mouth......"

Without caring about Zhang Daxian, Bai Yi also took out a sword.

Looking at the bird that had escaped the net, he slashed with his sword:"One sword to open the ass gate!"

"ヾ(๑ ³ㅿ³)"Eagle!!"

Instantly, the demon bird locked by Bai Yi let out a harsh and somewhat humorous cry.

Its buttocks burst open, and blood gushed out. Its entire body fell vertically, and it even forgot to flap its wings!

Looking at this state, even if it didn't die, it would have lost its ability to fight!

Ten seconds later, a kill notification popped up.......

I'm just a passerby, it's reasonable for me to have more than 100 million points in my hole cards

I'm just a passerby, it's reasonable for me to have more than 100 million points in my hole cards - Chapter 188

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