In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million - Chapter 196

All chapter are in In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million

In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million

In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million - Chapter 196
The atmosphere of confrontation enveloped the entire chat interface.

No one jumped out to make trouble.

The more such times, the quieter it was. Everyone was just watching the show.

After all, this was the first time that a person who could compete with Darles came to the guild.

However, some people still did not accept Boros, who the president recognized as being able to compete with Darles.

They were all outstanding and almost invincible in each world, especially Uchiha Madara, who had regained his youth and surpassed his original limit. He thought that although Boros was strong, he might not be really strong beyond his imagination.

Of course, even if he thought so, Uchiha Madara would not jump out to challenge Boros now.

After all, his strength was indeed there.

Darles:"If you want to fight, then fight!"

Boros:"I wish for it!!!"

At the end of the exchange, it was undoubtedly a fight!

Boros came to fight with the opponent who could defeat him!

He himself would not believe that anyone could defeat him! Even if it was from another world!!

And Darius has long lacked an opponent.

Even if Boros is not the opponent Darius expected, at least he can have a good fight with him.

Even if he can't use all his strength to fight him, it's not bad.


Dragon Ball World.

Dales, who was just about to buy a time-travel ticket and set off, received Xiao Ranran's kind inquiry.

Asking him if he needed her to take him to travel between worlds.

This girl is really brave.

Not to mention where Boros is now, if he is on an unusual planet, how can she withstand the sudden change of environment.

To put it bluntly, she wanted to see the battle between Dales and Boros up close, so she wanted to go too.

Kindly reminding her, Dales let her know that with her strength, she could not really go anywhere.

Dispelling Xiao Ranran's idea, Dales bought a time-travel ticket.

10,000 points are extremely painful for other members, and even most of the members have not seen it, let alone have it.

But for Dales, 10,000 points are just that.

Although 1 million points are only enough for 100 times.

But how long can Dales use 100 times of crossing? ?!

Furthermore, there will definitely be more and more ways to earn points in the future, and he doesn't believe that the members of other worlds will not issue tasks.

As long as he completes more tasks, points will be easily obtained.

Crossing the world is still the same as the first time.

In the blink of an eye, Darles left the Western Capital of the Dragon Ball World Earth.

The environment suddenly changed, and Darles came to the One Punch Man world, on the planet where Boros was.


The location of the time travel ticket can only be located once.

This location is the location of the first time travel.

For example, the location of Boros.

Once used, it cannot be located again unless the time travel ticket is purchased again.

This is an extremely huge red giant.

Because the luminous star is very far away from this planet, and there are some special substances in the atmosphere, the light on this planet is light red.

The entire planet is covered with yellow sand.

It should have been a planet of life, but unfortunately some reasons led to a harsh environment, causing this planet to become a dead star.

Breathing can be maintained, which means that the oxygen in the atmosphere is sufficient to support the survival of humans and other living creatures.

The only thing is the lack of some supplies, so this planet can only serve as a cosmic transit station.

Just like those cosmic transit stations in the Dragon Ball world.

"The only thing that is not suitable for life is the gravity of this planet. It is about 100 times that of the Earth in the Dragon Ball world!"Dales said calmly, his eyes drifting forward.

100 times the gravity of the Earth is equivalent to ten times the gravity of the North King Planet, which is also equivalent to ten times the gravity of Planet Vegeta.

Looking into the sky, an extremely huge spaceship stood high in the sky.

In terms of size, it is dozens or hundreds of times larger than the two spaceships of Frieza and Gura.

This Boros is worthy of being the cosmic overlord of the One Punch Man world.

This spaceship alone is equivalent to a moving continent, enough for hundreds of millions of lives to live in it.


In the center of the spaceship, a muffled sound was followed by a beam of light projected in front of Darles.

Three figures appeared in front of him.

Boros stood in the center.

Meluzagarudo stood on the left, and Gloribas stood on the right.

Darles folded his arms across his chest and faced the three, with a cold smile on his face.

This smile was very presumptuous, and also very expectant.

"Welcome to the Hell Planet - Sneru! The strong man from another world!!"Boros's performance was no different from Darles'.

However, as the strongest man in his own world, he opened his arms to welcome Darles' arrival.

Meruzagardo and Gloribas beside him were very arrogant, and their bloodthirsty aura was always blooming.

In terms of strength, Meruzagardo's disaster level in this world is Dragon Level, and he is also one of the three top fighters of the Cosmic Dark Matter Pirates. He is considered one of the three major combat forces under Boros, and his duty is to guard the spacecraft.

An alien with five heads, each head has its own consciousness and can split out to act independently. It can manipulate the cells of the body to undergo various changes, such as growing wings and turning arms into highly lethal blunt or bladed weapons. In the original work, he beat the Sky King into a pulp with just one blow, and finally died at the hands of an S-class hero. He joined forces with the hero.

Like him, Gloribas's disaster level is also Dragon Level. As one of the three top fighters of the Cosmic Dark Matter Pirates, he is also the strongest of the three warriors under Boros. His known special skill is strong acid breath. Unfortunately, in the original work, he was killed by the protagonist Saitama before he had time to perform it.

He is a very tragic character.

According to Darles's perception ability, although these two guys are not practicing Qi, the feeling coming from their bodies, their combat power should not be worse than that of the special forces under Gula.

Of course, even so, they are not worth Darles's attention.

To destroy them, it is just a matter of a casual blow.

Looking directly at Boros, Darles felt his strength with his heart, and also used his observation Haki to perceive...

In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million

In Dragon Ball, the combat power has exceeded 100 million - Chapter 196

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