Job transfer across the universe: Your job is the king of the universe! - Chapter 132

All chapter are in Job transfer across the universe: Your job is the king of the universe!

Job transfer across the universe: Your job is the king of the universe!

Job transfer across the universe: Your job is the king of the universe! - Chapter 132
Ye Mo's move was absolutely amazing!

He kept calling people brothers, but the next second he made them self-destruct?!

Ye Mo's move was eye-opening.

This guy is ruthless to his enemies!

He is even more ruthless to his own people!

He is such a ruthless person!

The most important thing is that the ancient mechanical star tribe collectively self-destructed, and this guy didn't feel sorry for it, but what does your self-indulgent smile mean?

Are you so happy and pleased that your brothers self-destructed?!

Is your name Devil?!

"Ding! You killed 1,300 Ancient Mechanical Stars (level 300, controlled by the first-order cosmic nightmare space filth) and gained 1.3 trillion experience points!"

"Ding! You killed 200 Ancient Mechanical Stars (level 350, controlled by the second-order Cosmic Nightmare Gazer) and gained 2 trillion experience points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to the host, you have reached level 119!"


"Ding! Congratulations to challenger Ye Mo for getting 50 million points!"


Ye Mo was so happy that he reached level 119 in one go!

His mouth was so happy that it was raised to the sky! He was just one step away from reaching level 120 and awakening a new profession!

When Ye Mo was thinking about where to get the last bit of experience points, the Holy Fire Priest jumped out of the destroyed elevator shaft.

The True Vision Eye saw the Holy Fire Priest's message.

"Alien Star Tribe: Ancient Mechanical Star Tribe"

"Occupation: Holy Fire Priest"

"Level: 450"

"Status: Dead (controlled by the cosmic nightmare entity)"


"Cosmic Nightmare Body: Life-Calling Nightmare Body"

"Grade: Fourth-order cosmic nightmare body"

"Nightmare skills: 1. Star Clan Confusion (passive): Any star clan member who wants to attack the life-calling nightmare body will be confused by the power of the life-calling nightmare body!"

"It will arouse the deepest desires in your heart and make you a slave to the life-calling nightmare body!"

"2. Star Clan Calling: The Life-Calling Nightmare Body can forcibly call any star clan in the universe, and can also call other nightmare bodies in the universe, forcibly separating a part of the body of an alien star clan professional."

"The separated body will obey the orders of the Life-Calling Nightmare Body. After being swallowed by the Life-Calling Nightmare Body, the Life-Calling Nightmare Body can gain a large amount of power, experience, and skill inheritance from it!"

"For weak star clans, direct control effect is achieved!"

"3. Life-Calling Shield: A unique shield for the Life-Calling Nightmare Body. The Life-Calling Nightmare Body can devour other alien races and gain the experience they have gained!"

"The upper limit of the life-calling shield value is equal to the total experience devoured by the life-calling nightmare body!"

"Life Shield Value: 1.5 trillion"

"4. Advanced Nightmare Body Damage Reduction: For aliens below your level, damage reduction is up to 99%!"

"5. Nothingness: The life-calling nightmare body is protected by nothingness and ignores physical attacks!"


Fourth-order cosmic nightmare body?

Ye Mo remembered that

Yue Lingxin had told him that there was a fourth-order cosmic nightmare body underneath!

The fourth-order cosmic nightmare body is one level higher than the third-order cosmic nightmare body! It was normal that the brothers' self-explosion just now didn't kill him! Fourth-order cosmic nightmare body? How much experience does it take? This is a big job! Maybe if I kill this guy, I can successfully upgrade to level 120! Ye Mo rolled up his sleeves and prepared to do a big job. Ye Mo glared at him, as if he had an irreconcilable hatred with the Holy Fire Priest, and said sternly,

"You're the one who killed my brothers?"

"Today, I will enforce justice on the behalf of heaven and get rid of you, the scourge, to comfort the souls of my brothers in heaven!"

The Holy Fire Priest, who was controlled by the nightmare body, almost vomited on the spot.

You let your ancient mechanical star tribe self-destruct and throw the dirty water on my head?

The Holy Fire Priest really wanted to catch Ye Mo and see if he was as thick-skinned as a city wall?

The Holy Fire Priest was so depressed.

He was rushing here with a group of brothers, ready to chase and intercept the group of fleeing challengers.

Who would have thought that a large group of mechanical star tribes controlled by space filth would jump down inexplicably.

There were only more than a thousand ancient mechanical star tribes controlled by space filth, and the Holy Fire Priest was confident that he could easily... Kill them all easily!

Who would have thought that this group of space filth had no martial ethics and exploded as soon as they came up!

In the blink of an eye, all the gazers under his command were blown to death!

Not a single one was left!

The Holy Fire Priest's heart was bleeding!

This was his masterpiece for a long time, and it was gone in the blink of an eye?

The collective explosion of space filth was obviously instructed by someone!

The Holy Fire Priest was furious and wanted to come up to settle the score, but as soon as he came up, Ye Mo splashed a basin of dirty water on him.

This dirty water was thrown unexpectedly, and the Holy Fire Priest became even more angry!

It doesn't matter whether he wins or not, he just wants to kill this kid!

141st floor, human star clan?

The Holy Fire Priest who devoured the challenger not only possessed the challenger's memory, but also obtained certain permissions of the Tower of Babel.

He didn't know about the human star clan.

But the 141st floor of the Tower of Babel...

According to memory, isn't that the weak chicken among the weak chicken star clan?

What a cocky chicken you are!

"Come here!"

The Holy Fire Priest waved at Ye Mo.

Star Clan Calling!

One of the nightmare skills of the Holy Fire Priest!

Forcibly separating a part of the opponent's body, for weak Star Clan professionals, it can achieve the effect of direct control!

The Ion Star Clan's Toni had a part of his body forcibly separated by this move.

After the Holy Fire Priest used this skill,

Ye Mo's eyes immediately became empty, and he walked straight towards the Holy Fire Priest!

"Oh no! He walked towards the Holy Fire Priest!"

"Stop him now!"


Everyone was anxious and wanted to shout for Ye Mo to turn back, but they heard Tommen from the Ion Star Clan say,

"it's useless!"

"He is under control!"

"This is one of the abilities of the life-calling nightmare body. Once summoned by it, a part of the body will involuntarily separate!"

"If the challenger is from a weak Star Clan, the control effect will be achieved directly!"

"We, the Ion Star Clan on the 69th level, cannot resist the call of the life-calling nightmare body, let alone a challenger from the 141st level Star Clan!"

"I'm afraid that the strength of this human star clan challenger lies only in the ability to control the filth in space. In fact, his strength is pitifully weak, and his attributes are extremely low!"

When Tommen said this, everyone felt that it made sense!

How powerful can a challenger from the human star clan on the 141st floor be!

Controlling a large group of space filth to self-destruct is already amazing!

It is very likely that his strength lies in this control skill.

If all the space filth are dead, Ye Mo will have no trump card!

It is a pity that only this fourth-order cosmic nightmare body was not blown up, and the effort was in vain...

At this time, the Holy Fire Priest had no intention of other challengers, and he only had Ye Mo in his eyes.

This kid still dares to jump in front of him? I will swallow you in a while!

What made the Holy Fire Priest strange was that Ye Mo came here a little too fast.

He walked the first half of the way, and ran directly in the second half!

He controlled many challengers, but this was the first time he saw someone who was so anxious to die!

Ye Mo took two steps at a time and ran to the front of the Holy Fire Priest.

When he arrived in front of the Holy Fire Priest, Ye Mo showed a harmless smile and asked,

"Sir, why did you call me over here?"

"Let me guess, you want to play head-flicking with me, right?"

He is not controlled?

How could it be?!

Ye Mo seemed to be asking a question, and while the Holy Fire Priest was surprised that Ye Mo was not controlled, he stretched out a finger.

It really is a head-flicking!

The Holy Fire Priest taunted,

"Young is young! Low-level star tribes are low-level star tribes! They don’t have any skills that are up to par!"

"Playing with bullet heads, are you here to make people laugh?……"

Before the Holy Fire Priest could finish, Ye Mo's finger had already flicked onto the Holy Fire Priest's body.

With a bang,

2 trillion points of damage were transferred to the Holy Fire Priest's body.

The Holy Fire Priest's shield and body were all blown away!

Only one tenth of the body of the Nightmare Calling Life was left in the form of black mist, lying on the ground with a dying breath, doubting his life.

He really flicked it away!

You call this a bullet in the head?

He said Ye Mo was young before, and after all this fuss,

I am the young one?!

Job transfer across the universe: Your job is the king of the universe!

Job transfer across the universe: Your job is the king of the universe! - Chapter 132

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