Job transfer across the universe: Your job is the king of the universe! - Chapter 133

All chapter are in Job transfer across the universe: Your job is the king of the universe!

Job transfer across the universe: Your job is the king of the universe!

Job transfer across the universe: Your job is the king of the universe! - Chapter 133
"That’s it, you can’t resist!"

2 trillion damage transfer is really fierce!

He was beaten to death by the Holy Fire Priest in one move!

Ye Mo wanted to play two rounds with the Holy Fire Priest, but the skill was too powerful...

To be honest, if the damage transfer skill accumulates the damage to a terrible value, it will be the killer among the killers, and even gods can’t stop it!

But this nightmare body that controls the Holy Fire Priest’s life-calling body also has some tricks.

After suffering 2 trillion points of damage, he didn’t die and had one breath left, but he looked like a dying lamb to be slaughtered.……

"I don't accept it, you cheated!"

Until now, the Life-Calling Nightmare Body could not accept the fact that he was killed instantly by a weakling Star Clan member at level 141.

In his opinion,

Ye Mo must have used some special tricks to break his defense.

Two trillion damage points for one skill?!

The Life-Calling Nightmare Body would never believe it!

"If you have the guts, let’s have a real manly contest!"

"Apart from those shady tricks, what other methods do you have?"

It's obvious that this nightmare body is very unconvinced!

As expected of a fourth-order cosmic nightmare body, it has a lot of backbone!

At this time, you still want to have a real man's duel with Ye Mo, but you don't have that, can you be a man?

"You don’t agree, right?"

"Want to see my skills?"

Ye Mo likes this kind of thorns.

It just so happens that

Ye Mo didn't have a good fight!

Ye Mo was looking forward to a hearty battle, but this fourth-order cosmic nightmare body was not strong enough!

He was almost killed in seconds...

Ye Mo waved at the nightmare body.

"Ding! The Stealing God skill is activated. You have stolen the skill 'Star Devouring'! When the opponent dies, you will permanently obtain this skill!"

Star Devouring?

This skill is good!

It seems that you can gain a lot of experience by devouring the opponent.

Ye Mo likes to gain experience the most.

Ye Mo stole the skill of the Life-Calling Nightmare Body, and the Life-Calling Nightmare Body also discovered that this skill was lost!

"Oh shit!"

"Can you steal my skills?"

The Life-Calling Nightmare Body cursed! He had never seen a person who could steal the skills of the Universe Nightmare Body before! Ye Mo smiled,"I'm a thief, so stealing a skill is not normal?"" Your thief can steal skills? You're not normal!" As he spoke, Ye Mo took out the Meteorite Greatsword and slashed at the Life-Calling Nightmare Body. Red numbers floated out from the Life-Calling Nightmare Body.


"-6 million! (2 damaged by slash!)"

"-9 million! (3 damage from slashing!)"


Looking at the red numbers, the Life-Calling Nightmare Body's eyelids twitched,"Impossible!"

"My true form is in a state of nothingness! How can you attack me?"

"Besides, the real damage of your attack is fine! What does it mean that every hit has a critical hit and a stack?"

Ye Mo smiled,"I'm a swordsman, is it strange to have a critical hit?"

Ye Mo didn't kill this nightmare body, just for fun!

Doesn't this guy want to see what Ye Mo is capable of?

Let him see enough before he dies!



"Not a human being!"

After seeing Ye Mo's professional skills, the nightmare body felt that its worldview had collapsed, and it shouted in despair,

"I devoured countless cosmic professionals! Not a single professional's skills can be as terrifying as yours!"

"Your skills should not exist in this universe!"

"What kind of profession makes you so scared?"

The Life-Calling Nightmare Body was eager to know Ye Mo's real profession!

He had seen a lot of cosmic star races!

The professions Ye Mo mentioned were just ordinary basic professions!

It was absolutely impossible for them to have such powerful power!

Ye Mo must have hidden this extremely powerful profession!

What on earth is that!

Don't say it, the Life-Calling Nightmare Body really has a way to know.

He once got a piece of the universe's great secret treasure 'Mystery Stone'.

This thing is precious, there is only one piece in the universe, but it is very useless, and its only use is to know the deepest secret hidden in the opponent!

The Life-Calling Nightmare Body has never used it, but now it remembers it.

With a flash of light, under the effect of the 'Mystery Stone', the Life-Calling Nightmare Body finally saw Ye Mo's real profession clearly.

It would have been better if he hadn't seen it, but he almost scared himself to death after seeing it!


"Your profession is the universe……"

For some reason, as if restricted by something, the Life-Calling Nightmare Body just couldn't say the last word!

Damn it! I

've never seen such a thing before!

Needless to say, this is definitely the most terrifying profession in the universe!

The Life-Calling Nightmare Body finally understood why he lost.

The person in front of him was an existence that he could not defeat!

"I was wrong! Forgive me!"


"You can make me your slave! I am willing to follow you forever!"

"I have the contract, we can sign it! Even without the contract, with your ability, it is easy to suppress me!"

After the Life-Calling Nightmare Body learned of Ye Mo's true occupation, his attitude changed 180 degrees, and he kept saying that he wanted to be Ye Mo's servant.

"Good! Since you have such a strong desire to survive, I will give you a chance!"

"As long as you answer a simple question, I will let you go!"

Ye Mo cleared his throat and asked his question.

""Sir, how do I get to Erxian Bridge?""

Ten thousand alpacas rolled through my mind!

How the hell do I know how to get to Erxian Bridge!

I don't even know where Erxian Bridge is! If you want to kill me, just say it! You could have just killed me, but you asked me a question to disgust me.

Thank you so much~

Ye Mo showed a look of contempt,

"Uncle, you see, it’s not that I don’t give you a chance, it’s that you are useless!"

"If you don't even know how to get to Erxian Bridge, what's the point of keeping you?!"

"We have known each other for a while, and I will give you an assassin show in the end! Remember to give me the performance fee in the next life!"

God, I will give it to you in the next life! The Life-Calling

Nightmare Body felt bad, it felt like it was going to die!

After Ye Mo finished speaking, the God of Assassination Domain was activated, and the Life-Calling Nightmare Body felt that it was wrapped in darkness.

Then there was a series of backstabs!

"-300 billion! (Instant kill effect triggered!)"

The Life-Calling Nightmare Body died.

This assassin skill also has an instant kill effect?

Damn it...

This is the thought of the Life-Calling Nightmare Body before he died.


Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief.

He did kill him, but he never expected that this fourth-order cosmic nightmare body could tell his true occupation.

"System, you can’t do it either!"

"Didn't we agree to keep it a secret?"

Ye Mo joked.

He didn't take it seriously. It didn't matter if one or two people knew that his real job was the King of the Universe. The system quickly gave an answer.

"Affected by mysterious power! Information leaked!"

"But a remedy has been implemented!"

"The system protection will be upgraded from version 1.0 to version 2.0 to prevent such things from happening!"

Wow, the system protection system has also been upgraded!

Needless to say, the nightmare body that called for life was unable to speak in the end, which was affected by the system.

"This is your mistake, why don't you give me some compensation?"

Based on the idea of not taking advantage of the situation,

Ye Mo teased the system, but he didn't expect the system to actually give him a compensation plan.

"Ding! Compensation: one host level upgrade card! One god-level professional skill upgrade card! One non-god-level professional skill upgrade card!"

"Level Upgrade Card: Use to increase your level by ten levels!"

"God-level Professional Skill Upgrade Card: Use it on any god-level professional skill to permanently upgrade the skill to a higher level!"

"Non-God-Level Occupation Skill Upgrade Card: Use it on any non-God-Level Occupation skill to permanently upgrade the skill to a higher level!"



There really is compensation!

System products must be top-notch!

Ye Mo saw these three compensation rewards and felt like he had made a killing!

One upgrade card for leveling up, and two upgrade cards for skills!

Is the system so generous?!

How many detours did this save him?!

Ye Mo actually hoped that the system had a few loopholes, this compensation was too good!

When Ye Mo was struggling with when to use the three cards, he heard the prompts from the system and the Tower of Babel again.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for killing the Holy Fire Priest (level 450, controlled by the fourth-order cosmic nightmare body), and gaining 800 billion experience points! Marking the opponent gained 1.6 trillion experience points!"

"The feast of the God of Food gives ten times the experience points, gaining 16 trillion experience points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for reaching level 129!"

"Ding! Congratulations to the host, awakening the level 120 exclusive profession 'Restoration Warlock'’!"

"The strongest professional divine power blessing! Congratulations to the host's life profession 'Restoration Warlock' for being promoted to the god-level profession 'Healing God'’!"

Job transfer across the universe: Your job is the king of the universe!

Job transfer across the universe: Your job is the king of the universe! - Chapter 133

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