Live fortune telling: No one knows fortune telling better than me - Chapter 68

All chapter are in Live fortune telling: No one knows fortune telling better than me

Live fortune telling: No one knows fortune telling better than me

Live fortune telling: No one knows fortune telling better than me - Chapter 68
068: The catastrophe is getting closer, and the live broadcast begins again


Zhu Lingtai agreed directly

"Would you like to reconsider it?"

"For example, there is no merit protection this time"

"Your son has long been tortured to death by three evil spirits."

"Once you give me all the merits of 49 generations, it will be troublesome if you encounter evil spirits again."

Lin Xuan reminded seriously.

But Zhu Lingtai said seriously:"If I hadn't met Master Lin today, the incense would not be able to continue, so what's the use of merits!"

Seeing Zhu Lingtai's confirmation, Lin Xuan didn't say any more nonsense.


Lin Xuan cast a spell.

All the merits of 49 generations of the Zhu family were transferred to him.

After obtaining the merits, Lin Xuan suddenly felt a sense of intuition.

Because of too much merit, his heavenly tribulation has been advanced, maybe today!

He wanted to use these merits to open the sixth page of the Wordless Heavenly Book to get new rewards.

But... the merits accumulated by 49 generations of the Zhu family are not enough?

When flipping through the Wordless Heavenly Book, he suddenly had an epiphany.

This epiphany told him... the sixth page requires a huge amount of merits, and he will get unprecedented rewards!


Consciousness returned to reality.

Lin Xuan told Zhu Lingtai an address and a girl's name.

This girl was one of the fifty who escaped from the Heavenly Dao.

Under the heavens!

Only if Zhu Yifan had a child with this woman, would he not be envied by the heavens and could ensure the continuation of the incense.

After doing all this.

Lin Xuan used the talisman to heal Zhu Lingtai Zhu Yifan.

In addition to healing, he also gave some commonly used talismans and a peach.

After all, whether it was Zhang Sanfeng's futon or the 49th generation of merit, it was a great gift.


After doing all this.

Lin Xuan ate a peach and went to meditate to refine the spiritual energy.

Before meditating, Lin Xuan told Wang Miaomiao to let Wang Miaomiao announce in the live broadcast room that he would start the live broadcast at twelve noon.

Two and a half hours later.

Lin Xuan opened his eyes.

There was a touch of joy in his eyes.

It usually takes twenty hours to refine a peach.

But with Zhang Sanfeng's futon, it only takes two and a half hours, which is so cool!

Lin Xuan glanced at the time. It was already eleven fifty in the morning. Get ready for the live broadcast!

At the same time.

The live broadcast room has been in full swing!

Although Wang Miaomiao notified Lin Xuan that he was going to broadcast live this time.

But... in just over two hours, the number of people online in the live broadcast room has soared to 700,000+!


It was twelve o'clock.

Lin Xuan appeared in front of the camera on time.

After seeing Lin Xuan, the fans in the live broadcast room frantically output barrage:

"Honey, you were so awesome last night."

"Stop pretending to be cool, Master Lin turned over my sign last night"

"Master Lin, the weather is so hot. I really want to do radio gymnastics with you to cool down."

"Master Lin, those stinky women are all coveting your beauty, but I am different... I admire your talent"

"Master Lin... I have something to ask you, please choose me……"

In addition to the massive barrage of comments, there were also a lot of rewards.

Looking at the enthusiastic fans, Lin Xuan just smiled, then flipped through the wordless book and selected a link for the last topic.


The connection was successful.

The person on the other side was a very ugly young man.

How ugly was he? The fans in the live broadcast room immediately started to mock him:

"Wow, bro, you are so creative with your looks!"

"Brother, did Nuwa break her hand when she was shaping the human beings?"

"My friend, you are so ugly, did you do something bad in your previous life?"

The very ugly young man ignored the fans in the live broadcast room, but looked at Lin Xuan:"I am so lucky, Master Lin actually turned over my card"

"Wei Yong, what do you want to ask?" Lin Xuan asked.

The handsome guy's eyes lit up and he showed an expression of disbelief:



"As expected of a master, he can call out my name right away."

"Master, I want to know if you can know any other information about me?"

Lin Xuan replied calmly:

"Wei Yong, 27 years old, from Weihe County"

"Both of my parents are farmers, and my father is in poor health, so the family is poor."

"You graduated from junior high school and now work in the second workshop of Huadong Electronics Factory."

"Last month's salary after tax was 3512.77 yuan. My work was going very smoothly before, but I have been very unlucky recently."

"By the way, you have a girlfriend!"

After hearing the previous words.

Wei Yong's eyes widened, and the incredible expression on his face became more and more intense.

However, when he heard Lin Xuan say that he only had one girlfriend, Wei Yong chuckled:"Master, you calculated wrong!"

"Did you calculate the number of girlfriends wrong?" Lin Xuan asked?

Wei Yong looked proud:"Master, I have five girlfriends"

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Live fortune telling: No one knows fortune telling better than me

Live fortune telling: No one knows fortune telling better than me - Chapter 68

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