Magical inferior: Quantum control - Chapter 135

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Magical inferior: Quantum control

Magical inferior: Quantum control - Chapter 135
"They have already started to do whatever it takes. Next time, none of us can predict what means and methods they will use to launch an attack."

That's right. Since the previous incident, things have deviated from their original trajectory. This is a world where Qianyu Yeyou lives. His existence undoubtedly has a huge impact on the events.

This is already a very obvious fact, as can be seen from the fact that they can arrange an opponent for themselves.

In fact, since they sent people to contact Qianyu Yeyou for the first time, the change in the trend of the whole situation has been inevitable. That time was just the beginning of the clue.

"Well, they are so crazy, the next time they will definitely be more fierce and more cruel."

Shibata nodded.

Compared to Qianyu Yeyou, who was targeted by the other party, Shibata cared more about his identity as a guardian. He would never allow these guys to do whatever they want in the area where his sister was active.

Any existence that can be called a threat should be eliminated.

"Shenxue fell asleep?"

Qianyu Yeyou looked at the dark night and said

""Well, probably."

Shibata was not sure.

"It's a pity you could ask her to go to bed instead of watching the game!"

"Nanakusa may not know what we are going to do yet."

"But she can just watch the game with peace of mind."

Qian Yu Yeyou looked at the dark night sky and suddenly said

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, no problem.

Shibata nodded.

"In the last game"Picking Stars in Fantasy Land", you are the mechanic of senior Watanabe. Are you sure it's okay not to show up at the competition venue?"

"Don't worry, the CAD debugging work has been completed. As long as it works normally, the first place will not be a problem."

"Let's take advantage of this time to visit our old friends.’!"

After Qian Yu Ye You finished speaking, he took out his CAD, activated the magic"Constant Force Deflection", and flew quickly towards the target.

Seeing this, Shiba Tatsuya activated the flying magic and chased after Qian Yu Ye You's figure.

Nanakusa Mayumi walked out from the dark, looking at the two of them, with a look of worry on her face.


"Follow him and make sure he's safe."


Then, another figure followed.

"Please come back safely!".............

"It's right here."

Looking at the characteristic building in front of them, Qianyu Yeyou and Shiboda also stood here

"Isn't it too troublesome to break through head-on like this? We can just launch an attack on them from the tallest building in the distance, then invade their communications and intercept their signals."

Shibata looked at Qianyu Yeyou's arrogant appearance and said with some worry.

"Very troublesome?"

"I don't think so!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Qianyu Yeyou raised the CAD.

Magic:"Quantum Streamline』!


Under the beautiful and brilliant stream of light, there was a huge roar!

The entire middle of the building shook violently. This kind of shaking should have spread far and wide, but miraculously it did not spread outward, but turned to impact inward.

"damn it!"

"I didn't expect that the Japanese special forces would come and interfere!"

Inside the building, several people gathered together and discussed with extremely ugly faces.

"Who are these two guys?"

"One has absolutely no information at all, and the other has only the information that he is an ordinary high school student!"

"Which crazy guy found this information?"

"This piece of trash should be thrown into the gas chamber. He doesn't even deserve to be a generator!"

Several people looked at the information in front of them, their faces were as ugly as they could be.

"Damn it!"


"What's going on?"

A stream of colorful light quickly engulfed them.

After the roar, there was a violent shock. The originally closed environment now had two huge round holes in front and behind, just like a long piece of wood standing there with a hole in the middle. The cold wind blew, and the few people who didn't have time to hide felt chilled and excited.

But their heart rate was a little irregular.

"I, I am not dead?"

The middle-aged man looked at his position in the middle of the streamline in disbelief, with a look of disbelief and relief for surviving a disaster.

"I'm really curious about you all. How could I let you die so easily?"

"I have to meet the friend who has taken care of me many times, right?"

A voice came in, making the five people's hair stand on end.


"Number 14!"

"Where are they?"

Only then did someone react and all the generators standing beside them disappeared.

"How is this possible?"

The guy wearing a bow tie, who was obviously the leader, looked around tremblingly, with a look of disbelief on his face.

Qianyu Yeyou jumped up from the cave entrance and looked at the five terrified people.

"You, you are..."

"How come you don't recognize me so quickly?"

Looking at the guy pointing at him with a horrified face, Qian Yu Yeyou chuckled.

"How about this, isn't it not that troublesome?"

Seeing Shiba Tatsuya coming up, Qianyu Yeyou looked at the people opposite and said

"You this way...I'm afraid this will be in the newspaper tomorrow."

Shibata Tatsuya smiled bitterly. He didn't expect this guy to be so reckless that he almost demolished the entire building.

"Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet. Sorry."

"Hello everyone, I am Qianyu Yeyou, I'm sure everyone here should be familiar with this name, after all, we have exchanged gifts before."

"Well, now that you have done the courtesy, it is my turn to return the favor. I have been very kind to you all and have taken care of you all."

Qian Yu Yeyou walked to a fallen chair, helped it up, and then found a bottle of unopened red wine from somewhere, and sat there and drank it slowly.

"you you.."

Seeing Qianyu Yeyou's behavior of not treating them as human beings at all, several people were speechless for a while. They were filled with fear and anger. They were such great people and had never been treated like this in the organization.

"I advise you to put down the toy in your hand. The man in white clothes held a sniper rifle and tried to resist.


Shibata Tatsuya held the CAD and activated the magic"Clouds and Mist Dissipate".

In an instant, the whole person turned into a cloud of smoke with a bang and completely disappeared from this world.

"Oh, let me introduce you to this guy whose information you can't find. His name is Tatsuya Shiba."

"Tatsuya, I'll leave the rest to you. I'm here just to satisfy my curiosity and make sure they pass away peacefully."

"Students are not allowed to drink alcohol"


"cough cough..."

Qianyu Yeyou was completely defeated by this guy Shiba Tatsuya

"Deal with it quickly!"

"You can't do this!"

"We are only after money and have not caused any harm to any of the contestants in the Nine Schools Tournament, right?"

"Besides, we don't plan to attack the Nine Schools anymore!"

The general manager hurriedly explained

"That's because the Nine Schools War has already ended, and it's hard for you to change the result, isn't it?"

Magical inferior: Quantum control

Magical inferior: Quantum control - Chapter 135

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