Magical inferior: Quantum control - Chapter 136

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Magical inferior: Quantum control

Magical inferior: Quantum control - Chapter 136
Qianyu Yeyou's words left this guy with no excuse to refute. At this point, this guy actually knew that he had little hope of surviving. He could only frantically think about the role he could still play in his mind, even if it was to make the other party feel better and let him go. Even if the hope was slim, he had to give it a try. Even ants try to survive, let alone humans?

Especially for a 'big shot' like him.’

"Our Headless Dragon Organization will evacuate from Japan!"

"Do you have the authority to make this decision?"

"Douglas Huang?"

Tatsuya Shibata said coldly.


When Douglas heard that Shibata Tatsuya could actually say his name, a look of horror appeared on his face, which meant that the other party clearly knew that he did not have the decision-making ability.

"I am the boss's confidant, and the boss will never ignore me."

After hearing Shiba Tatsuya's rebuttal, Douglas obviously saw hope, thinking that Shiba Tatsuya hoped that the Headless Dragon Organization would withdraw from Japan, and the expression on his face became more and more excited.���

"If you have such influence, you should have met your boss, right?"

"I did meet the boss."


"What's his name?"

Qianyu Yeyou suddenly became interested in this guy.


A man disappeared in smoke. Douglas was obviously panicking.

"You're next."


Douglas instantly collapsed to the ground in dismay.

"The boss's name is Richard Sun"

"What is the external name?"

"Sun Gongming"


"I really want to know why your organization likes to use an oriental name or add a surname?"

Qian Yu Yeyou laughed when he heard the name.

What a mess!

"Because we all belong to the consortium of the Universe Country, the name is just to better expand the influence and fight for the lost land."

Douglas already knew his fate, so he was too lazy to hide it.

If those guys hadn't been greedy and had to set up a trap to get their money, how could he have fallen to the current situation?

Maybe the information he revealed was valuable enough, and maybe he could still survive?

"Tsk tsk tsk!"

"Expanding influence, competing for territory, relationships, connections, organizations, countries, it's really complicated!"

Qianyu Yeyou glanced in that direction and couldn't help but sigh.

It's really that the master is gone, and all the cats and dogs dare to show off.

"Being able to know so many secrets, it seems that you are really the leader of the Headless Dragon Organization, Richard Sun's confidant."

"Can you believe me now?"

Qian Yu Yeyou was too lazy to answer and waved at Shiba Tatsuya, who solved all the problems in a few moves.

This guy didn't even have a chance to refute and disappeared completely......

At this time, in a separate reception room, Major Kazama in a white uniform and Jiudao Rei in a black suit were sitting opposite each other.

"May I ask what you are here to teach me today?"

Fengjian Xuanxin was very afraid of this old man. The energy he could mobilize was absolutely beyond imagination. Even if it was only on the surface, it was not something that a small major like him could contend with. It was already a great honor for him to come to see him in person.

However, Fengjian Xuanxin also knew that Jiudao Rei came to see him mostly for Shiba Tatsuya.

Although Shiba Tatsuya did not use"reorganization", he did use"elf eyes". It was okay to use premonitions, which were not believed by ghosts, to fool students, but it was really too much to think of deceiving the person in front of him.

Fengjian Xuanxin even thought that even Qianyu Yeyou could see it.

"It's nothing, I'm just a little interested in him."

Jiudao Lie's words really did not surprise Fengjian Xuanxin.

"The 'he' you are referring to is..."

Feng Jianxuan pretended not to know and asked

"Shiba Tatsuya!"

Kyushima Rei looked at the guy in front of him who pretended to be confused, and without any disguise, he directly brought up the topic.

"It's the son of the night you snatched from Yotsuba three years ago."

"I know this, it doesn't seem strange, right?"

"Although it was only for a period of time, Shen Ye and Maya were both my students."

Looking at the old man in front of him, Feng Jianxuan knew that he could not hide.

"So you should know that, right?"

"Yotsuba has not given up the ownership of Tatsuya."

Major Kazama said helplessly

"Don't you think it's a pity?"

Hearing the old man's words, Feng Jianxuan's eyes narrowed instantly. This is not a good thing to say!

"Unfortunately, it means..."

There is no power comparable to the Ten Master Clans behind Fengjian Xuanxin, and the National Defense Force is not enough to protect him. He still knows what to say and what not to say.

"In the future, he and Ichijo's son, no, maybe even Qianyu Yeyou, will become the backbone of our country's magic combat power."

"Don't you think it's a waste of talent to have such a talent as a private bodyguard?"

Feng Jianxuan heard this and subconsciously clenched his hands hidden under the table.

"Do you wish to weaken Yotsuba?"

Fengjian Xuanxin asked tentatively.

"If left unchecked, Yotsuba would be too powerful."

"That will make him a being that is superior to the Ten Master Clans."

Jiu Dao Lie picked up the teacup and looked at his face reflected in it. For a moment, he didn't know what he was really thinking.

"In terms of combat power, Yotsuba is indeed outstanding even among the ten master clans."

Kazama Genshin didn't know how to respond for a moment, so he could only avoid the main point.

"This is not good. Yotsuba is using magicians as weapons."

Jiudao Li took a sip from the teacup.

"Although magicians were originally developed as weapons, an overly inhumane attitude will isolate magicians from human society.

Jiu Dao Lie expressed his concerns.

"Sir, just as you understand us, we also know some of your situation, and we also know the reason why you care about Tatsuya."

Kazama Genshin looked at the old man opposite calmly.

"So, what do you think of Qianyu Yeyou?"

Jiudao Lie's unexpected turn almost hit Fengjian Xuanxin's waist.

"We don't have any opinion from the military. This is a talented magician, but there is almost no possibility of him joining the military."

Feng Jianxuan did not hide this. After several observations and contacts, he was very sure that this person would not join the military, so the military currently has a better attitude and just watches silently.


"that's true!"

"His future is not something we can interfere with. Not to mention him, no one would want to..."

"Even our Jiudao family received a warning!"

Magical inferior: Quantum control

Magical inferior: Quantum control - Chapter 136

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