Marvel: Seeing is believing? - Chapter 163

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Marvel: Seeing is believing?

Marvel: Seeing is believing? - Chapter 163
It's a pity.

Wu Yuyu wanted to make Strange suffer, but he couldn't find a suitable opportunity for several days.

When he was about to take action for the first time, he happened to meet Mordo who came to observe Strange's progress in practice.

Since he didn't plan to offend Mordo again recently, he temporarily gave up the idea of taking action.

Well... he didn't want to destroy the relationship between friends, and he was definitely not worried about being beaten!

When he found the second opportunity to take action, Tony happened to call him to discuss the experimental problems.

After that...

Strange embarked on his original learning journey.

Hiding in his room all day.

The existence of the portal allows him to get the books he needs from the library without leaving home.

Faced with this situation, Wu Yuyu could only shake his head and sigh.

"……Forget it, I'll let you go for now."

After all, he wasn't going to do anything serious. If there was no chance for the time being, he would just give up and wait for the opportunity.

Looking at Strange's closed door,

Wu Yuyu turned around and stepped into the portal behind him.

He wanted to see what Tony had come up with.........

"You called me here so urgently, just to show me this?"

Looking at the messy data on the screen in front of him, Wu Yuyu felt a headache.

He was not a scientific researcher.

It's not that he couldn't understand this kind of thing... At least he knew the letters on it. But he really couldn't understand the combination of letters.

"Oh, I almost forgot."

Tony patted his forehead and handed a stack of printed papers to Wu Yuyu.

Then he said something that made Wu Yuyu want to send him to the sun for a trip.

"This is a vernacular translation, even illiterate people can understand it."

Instantly, Wu Yuyu's hand, which was holding the paper, had several blue veins popping out.

He looked at Tony, who had walked a distance away, with a half-smile.

"Haha...haha...illiterate, huh?……"

Wu Yuyu's eyes flashed with a fierce light, and he lowered his head to look at the paper in his hand.’

‘Mr. Tony, everything you do will eventually be reflected in your daughter.'

(A bookstore in the city center: 'Thanks to nature for the gift!')

After making a note for little Morgan in his heart, Wu Yuyu officially began to read the contents on the paper.

Although there were a lot of long-winded words written on it,

Wu Yuyu thought that it could be summed up in one sentence :

【Peter cannot be copied, but this kind of enhancement is desirable (it is desirable for the rich).

After reading it several times, Wu Yuyu finally saw the words hidden by Tony between the lines.

【The Shen potion is effective.

As for whether the Shen is pronounced with the first or second tone, I can only say that those who understand will understand.

""Okay, since we have achieved some results, I will let you go for now."

He threw the paper aside and said something that made Tony relax instantly.

Anyway, he had already decided to let Morgan pay off his father's debts, so it might be a good idea to make Tony happy for now.

"I said there is no problem."

After getting the answer, Tony regained his vitality in the next second.

With Peter, he walked in front of Wu Yuyu with his head held high.

As for the failed man, he followed Tony silently, without any intention of responding.

Well... don't ask him why he didn't speak.

The spider sense in his body was so noisy.

I'm afraid that Wu Yuyu would kill him as soon as he opened his mouth.

It's better to follow your heart, at least you can"live" longer.

"Tsk~ boring."

Seeing Peter was so cowardly and didn't even look at him,

Wu Yuyu pouted and walked out of the lab.

At the same time, Peter's spider sense also returned to silence.

"Phew~ Safe for now."

He patted his chest to calm his pounding heart.

Then, Peter secretly cast a mournful look at Tony.

Although he didn't know what Wu Yuyu was going to do, he believed that the stingy guy would never give up revenge on them.

It must be said that Peter now knows Wu Yuyu very well - an understanding that goes beyond the fan filter.

He will not give Wu Yuyu a lot of trust just because he is his idol.........

In the following time, Peter personally verified his guess

——Use his spider sense.

There is no other way. Wu Yudama will always be reserved towards young people and will not treat them like he treats Mordo.

Well... at least Wu Yudama thinks so.

So, his revenge against Peter was a gentler one - inducing the spider sense to start from time to time.

Day, night, restaurant, bedroom...

Peter, who shuddered from time to time, could no longer bear it.

After waking up from his sleep again, the failed man chose to call Wu Yudama.

"I was wrong. Please forgive me for being too young and immature. I am willing to exchange a month of delicious food for your forgiveness."

"Although I don't know why, I usually satisfy people who want to treat me."

When listening to the first half of the sentence, Wu Yuyu was a little unconvinced.

Until the key words appeared.

His whole demeanor changed.

While pretending to know nothing, he reluctantly agreed to Peter's idea of treating him.

After hanging up the phone, Wu Yuyu turned around and buried himself in the soft quilt.

""Ah, a month's meal ticket is in hand!"

A muffled voice came through the quilt.

In the little notebook in his heart, Peter Parker's name had been crossed out. Among the remaining lines of handwriting, one line stood out.

【Tony Stark → Morgan Stark]

Apparently, revenge on Tony is no longer important to Wu Yuyu.

He has already set his sights on his unborn niece. He is ready to let her know what it means to pay for one's father's debt and what it means to be evil.


Poor little Morgan, he was targeted by a weird uncle before he was even born.

I'm afraid that in a few decades, this planet will either have a world destroyer or a female version of Kurobuta.……........

""Your Majesty, how is your plan going? Do you need any help from outside?"

After noticing that the last potion had been used,

Ebony Maw pretended to greet Loki.

"Not bad."

Loki looked at the chaotic palace in the distance with an exaggerated smile on his face.

At the same time, he also displayed the scene here in front of the communicator.

"The effect of the potion is perfect. My father... must be having a sweet dream."

"Congratulations, I hope you can ascend to the throne of the God King as you wish, and keep good cooperation with us in the future."

After confirming that Odin had fallen asleep, Ebony Maw sent his blessings to Loki and hung up the call.

At the same time, he also turned off the surveillance camera secretly placed in Asgard.

Marvel: Seeing is believing?

Marvel: Seeing is believing? - Chapter 163

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