Marvel: Seeing is believing? - Chapter 164

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Marvel: Seeing is believing?

Marvel: Seeing is believing? - Chapter 164
"Keep good cooperation?"

Loki showed a disdainful smile on his face.

After putting away the extinguished communicator, he turned his head and looked behind him.

If Ebony Maw could see this, he would definitely transform into Nick Fury and frantically look for an anti-fraud app in the communicator.

The reason is... everything he just saw in the communicator was just an effect directed by Loki.

Odin was sleeping.

The bedroom was in chaos.

Including Thor's previous statement and Odin's relief, they were all acted out.

In this regard, they are very professional in Asgard!

Ebony Maw, who secretly installed surveillance in Asgard, was completely convinced.

"Father, they have taken the bait."

At this time, the big director was standing in front of Odin with a well-behaved face, waiting for the next order.

He was not as crazy as he was in front of Ebony Maw.

As for why there was such a contrast, he did not choose to cooperate with Ebony Maw...

There was no way, who made him not want to face people in the courtyard.

The green fat man who would swing his hammer at the slightest disagreement, and the wizard who would dig a pit for others with a smile.

Compared with facing these two terrifying guys.

He would rather fight with Thanos.

Anyway, Thanos can't beat his father, the God King!


A big hand slapped him hard on the back.

"It seems that you have really turned over a new leaf. Now let us work together to drive that crazy Titan back home!"

Loki almost fell to the ground:"……"

After finally standing firmly, Loki looked at Thor who had already started warming up, and kept comforting himself in his heart.

‘He is not in the right mind, don't be angry, don't be angry.'

After a while of comforting,

Loki's mood finally returned to peace. Except for deciding to"accidentally" chop Thor in the battle, everything else was no different from usual.

"Well done, prepare to go to the courtyard, I look forward to your victory back to me."

Odin's eyes swept across the monitor placed on the ground, and finally stopped at his two sons.

This time, he did not hesitate to praise Loki.

And Loki, who wanted to be recognized, finally heard the voice he had been waiting for for a long time. There was a hint of imperceptible joy in his eyes.

Loki looked up and glanced at Thor beside him.

"As long as some smart guy doesn't mess with me, my plan will be fine."

Thor, who is playing with the hammer:"……"

Turning his head blankly

"Who is causing the trouble? What's the plan?"

His words made Odin and Loki close their eyes at the same time.

‘Otherwise... let's not let this guy participate in the battle.'

The father and son had the same idea in their minds.

They were really worried about this guy.........

Finally, two guys with completely different expressions appeared in front of Wu Yuyu.

【Listen to Loki's command.】

Thinking of Odin's last order, Thor's face was extremely gloomy.

His experience of being teased for more than a thousand years told him that Loki would definitely take this opportunity to make a ruthless arrangement for him.

Don't look at Loki's obedient appearance in front of Odin.

He - Thor Odinson, completely saw through Loki's disguise!

"What's wrong with him?"

Looking at Thor's face changing from time to time, Wu Yuyu scratched his head.

He had no idea what was wrong with him.

"It's nothing, it's just that his father asked him to follow my arrangement, maybe he can't accept it."

Loki knew Thor's temper very well.

Who knows how he is cursing him in his heart now?

"Uh... I see."

After making a cross for Thor in his heart, Wu Yuyu looked up at the sky.

"It seems that there is no time to reminisce. When the trouble is solved, we will... uh, talk about it later, talk about it later."

Wu Yuyu wiped his forehead.

Fortunately, he reacted quickly.

He almost put up the flag.

He forced the topic to change.

Then he opened the portal.

He took the brothers and the Asgard army that came later to their gathering place.

——The Big Apple is full of disasters.

This place has been completely covered by the mirror space.

Apart from passing through the portal, the only way to enter is through the entrance prepared for invaders above.

"I have seen you! Your names have appeared in the news.……"

The two brothers who had just walked out of the portal heard a series of continuous voices coming from above their heads before they could see how many comrades were there.

"Okay, Peter, stop harassing your comrades and get ready for the battle."

Wu Yuyu looked at the sky that darkened and suddenly became bright, and reached out to pull Peter down from above his head.

He probably guessed who Thanos' helper was.

But he didn't know what price Thanos paid.

‘It can't be meat.……’

After some malicious speculation,

Wu Yuyu touched his empty neck and turned to look at the two brothers beside him.

"His Majesty the God King may not be able to come. If nothing unexpected happens, we should be the only ones in this battle."

Ancient One has been entangled by a big-faced monster. Although he can beat it, it will probably take some effort.

As for Odin, he doesn't believe that Thanos has no other preparations.

For example, a girl's family or something like that.……........

"I knew that people like you are not trustworthy at all."

A familiar voice was heard by Loki.

He looked up at Ebony Maw who appeared in the air, with a mocking smile on his face.

"You can think of using the throne of the God King to bribe the prince of Asgard.

Although the information from Wu Yuyu is worth paying attention to, he cannot tarnish the reputation of Asgard now.

""Heh~ Prince of Asgard?"

Ebony Maw twitched his lips slightly as if he had heard a joke.

""In a little while, I'm afraid your Asgard will no longer exist~"

After saying that, Ebony Maw turned around gently and floated towards the giant that appeared behind him.

Thor, who was standing in place, threw his hand and a bolt of lightning

""Hey, explain yourself! What do you mean Asgard no longer exists?"

Unfortunately, his questioning and attack had no effect on the elegant wizard.

With a flick of his finger, he had already blocked all of Thor's thunderbolts.

He turned around, raised his index finger in front of his lips, and blew gently.

"Shhh~ Now please welcome the arrival of Lord Thanos"

""You are so long-winded. Are you old ladies?"

Carol couldn't help it. These people were too slow.

If you want to know the answer, why not punch him first?

She guaranteed that under her punch, the weird guy in the sky would tell her everything.

As the voice fell, Carol appeared in front of Ebony Maw and punched his chest with her little fist.

Marvel: Seeing is believing?

Marvel: Seeing is believing? - Chapter 164

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