My past life was exposed. It turns out that I am the Emperor of Desolate Heaven. - Chapter 44

All chapter are in My past life was exposed. It turns out that I am the Emperor of Desolate Heaven.

My past life was exposed. It turns out that I am the Emperor of Desolate Heaven.

My past life was exposed. It turns out that I am the Emperor of Desolate Heaven. - Chapter 44
Chapter 44

In the picture, Shi Hao's black hair was flying wildly, and his eyes were red. He fought forward regardless of everything!

Shi Hao fell into madness, and he used the sword in his hand, and the Daluo Immortal Sword burst into light.


Sparks flew everywhere, and finally, Shi Hao succeeded in cutting off the bony arm!

Shi Hao actually disabled An Lan's arm directly during the slam.

The red Wang Yang was agitated, and the sky backfired, and the rules surged!

An Lan felt pain and could only retreat in a hurry.


An Lan burst out, and blood surged for a moment!

Although his arm was broken, it was healing rapidly!

He grabbed Zuizhou with one hand and decisively retreated to the direction of the foreign land.

The sword light in Shi Hao's hand surged endlessly. He directly held the Daluo sword embryo and rushed towards An Lan. His goal was to point directly at An Lan's arm! Boom!

An Lan's arm was cut by the sword light, and it trembled for a while, but the Zuizhou in his hand was finally shaken twice and did not fall completely. At this moment, Shi Hao saw a piece of crimson, a corner of Zuizhou, and the shadows of the fire mulberry forest were dim, and the petals were all withered.

Faintly, he saw a girl under the tree, and the distance between them was getting farther and farther.

"An Lan, leave Zuizhou to me!!!" Shi Hao yelled

"Why, An Lan had already destroyed all nine states, so why did he only leave the last state?"

"Huo Ling'er, I think I saw Huo Ling'er!...Calm down, little stone!"

"Is there any need to ask? An Lan definitely wants to use the crime state to threaten Xiao Shitou!"

"How despicable! He actually resorted to such tactics, and he even claimed to be an ancient great power!"

"Xiao Shitou and Huo Linger are separated by two worlds, and it is unknown whether Xiao Shitou can rescue Huo Linger."

A crowd of viewers and netizens could not help but sigh that An Lan was too despicable. He actually came up with such a method to take away the people of a state.

An Lan disappeared with the people of a state, but Shi Hao was furious at this moment.

He wanted to be crowned king!

The various tribes declined, and the descendants of the crowned kings had long been scattered, and many were even convicted of sin. The glory of the past had long since vanished.

Shi Hao was so angry and unwilling at this moment!!! He wanted to completely overturn all this!

He wanted to kill all the enemies in the world, and he wanted to wash away all the sins of the sinners!

He We must rely on our own strength to bring back the Sinful State from the foreign land!

Shi Hao couldn't tell whether he was happy or sad at the moment. It was true that he had temporarily blocked the immortal creatures, but sooner or later, they would come back!

In today's battle, he did not gain as much as he lost. Some people might be separated from each other from now on.

However, at this moment, dozens of figures appeared in the sky abyss, and they stepped out of the sky abyss and came to the Emperor's Pass.

These people, several supreme beings, the worst of them were also in the first realm of escape.

Those who came were the Emperor Clan.

At this moment, Huang was filled with grief and anger. , in a moment of rage.

These imperial clans appeared, but they didn’t expect that they would fall into Huang’s hands.

Huang used his body to become a furnace, killed the time beast with force, and even attacked the enemies from all directions, showing a peerless style.

He single-handedly suppressed the imperial clan, and in the end, after the imperial clan paid a heavy price, they were forced to retreat from outside the imperial city by Huang alone!

In the end, a bloody battle broke out. Meng Tianzheng killed the foreign supreme with his own strength. How could he have expected that the victory of this battle would be so tragic? In order to destroy the enemy in one battle, Meng Tianzheng not only completely cut off his own path to becoming an immortal, but he was even going to die.

How miserable, How unwilling it is, everyone feels sorry for him, and they are indignant in their hearts. They can only sigh that God is jealous of heroes!

At this moment, Shi Hao has successfully passed the tribulation. Seeing the great elder's battle, Shi Hao's eyes are a little sore. Thousands of words are hard to say.

In front of the screen, countless people are also sighing for Elder Meng.

If it weren't for the great elder's protection, Shi Hao would never have been able to walk so smoothly along the way. Not only did he support him more, but he also taught him the secret method of using his body as a seed.

This journey is full of kindness.

If it weren't for Meng Tianzheng, he would have had to go through countless hardships to get here.

"Farewell to the Great Elder..."

"If it weren’t for the Great Elder, how could Little Shitou have come to this point today?"

"The Great Elder was both a teacher and a friend to Xiao Shitou. He passed on the path of using one's body as a seed to Shihao, which enabled him to succeed!"

In the picture, at the last moment, Meng Tianzheng actually used his last strength to kill another member of the Emperor Clan.

In this battle, the Great Elder actually used only his fists, and frightened all the members of the Emperor Clan and made them dare not move forward. At this moment, no one dared to cross the line.

However, Meng Tianzheng's road seemed to have come to an end. There was an endless sound of wailing throughout the entire Emperor Pass, and the world regarded Elder Meng as a god of war!

However, just when everyone thought that Meng Tianzheng was about to die, he wanted to burn the avenue, burn his spirit, and do his best to break through the great circle of heaven and earth. The barrier of the realm, he wanted to step into the realm of immortality.

He wanted to become immortal!

At this moment, the immortal appeared.

The great elder knew that he was now at the end of his life, but he did not want to die like this. He wanted to see the scenery he had never seen before. He wanted to prove his immortality!

In this battle, he would either die of exhaustion or ascend to the immortality!

He fought with the immortal in the sky above the Emperor's Pass. Although he felt regretful, he burned his soul and sacrificed his body to fight the immortal in a peak battle to make up for his regrets!

Unfortunately, the battle to the end was the hero's end.

Meng Tianzheng disappeared.


Shi Hao choked up.

Meng Tian was his protector and the teacher who led the way for him. He took too much care of him and regarded him as his last disciple, and then he left.

The war was over and the war was won, but Shi Hao felt a sharp pain in his heart. He lost a lot in this battle.

Now that the two realms are separated, whether he wants to save Huo Linger or avenge the great elder, it has become an unattainable fantasy.

The battle of Bianhuang is over.

Huang decided to return to the lower realm, and after several years of hard training, he finally became the Supreme after killing a master of the restricted area, breaking the 500-year Supreme curse!

Seeing this, countless viewers were shocked.

"As expected, with Huang’s talent, he indeed broke the five hundred-year curse of becoming the Supreme!"

"What's next? The connection with the foreign land has been cut off. How can Huang go to the foreign land, rescue Huo Ling'er, and avenge the great elder?"

"Look...Huang is leading 800 disciples to sweep the upper realm?"

In the picture, Huang is overwhelming the upper realm with 800 people. Wherever he passes, everyone bows down!

It is so integrated, merged into one, and from then on becomes a big realm, no longer separated!

800 disciples, with flags fluttering, countless sects and powerful people bowed their heads wherever they passed!

These 800 people, as if invincible, quickly swept the entire upper realm!

The Changsheng Jin family was also turned into scorched earth by Huang!

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My past life was exposed. It turns out that I am the Emperor of Desolate Heaven.

My past life was exposed. It turns out that I am the Emperor of Desolate Heaven. - Chapter 44

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