My past life was exposed. It turns out that I am the Emperor of Desolate Heaven. - Chapter 45

All chapter are in My past life was exposed. It turns out that I am the Emperor of Desolate Heaven.

My past life was exposed. It turns out that I am the Emperor of Desolate Heaven.

My past life was exposed. It turns out that I am the Emperor of Desolate Heaven. - Chapter 45
Chapter 45

"Great! This damn Changsheng Jin family is finally destroyed!"

"And that damn Wind Clan, it’s so cool that these immortals in this world have finally had this day!"

"Huang is now invincible in the nine heavens and ten earths. He is truly a man of supreme talent and grace!"

Countless people could not help but exclaim in amazement. Eight hundred soldiers pressed on all sides. Wherever they passed, all parties came to join them.

At this moment, the flow rate in the picture was actually accelerating rapidly, like a fleeting moment.

Huang, who was invincible in the world, first promoted the ancient immortal law, then integrated the modern law, perfected his own law, and constantly improved himself.

Combining the ancient immortal scriptures, Shi Hao spent decades in the world to create some laws that could collect the power of will for himself and protect the orthodoxy.

""Brother, there are many sects in the world. Now that we have suppressed the nine heavens and ten earths, why can't we have our own sect?" Mu Qing proposed to Shi Hao.

Now they are invincible in the upper realm, but it seems inappropriate to call them the soldiers of Shi Village.

"Not as good as...We will call him Heaven?!" A group of people made a decision.

"Heaven? So this is the origin of Heaven. I learned something new!"

"Those who had previous lives had heard of the legend of the Heaven Palace from their fragmented memories. It turned out that the Heaven Palace was created by Emperor Huang Tian."

"I always feel that the current Nine Heavens and Ten Earths have made Emperor Huang Tian feel lonely. After all, many people are gone."

Shi Hao sighed slowly. He walked in the upper world incomparably lonely.

He still remembered the message left by Willow God in the dam world. He went to the dam to practice many times, and then participated in the fairyland event and became the first person in the human world.

During this period, Shi Hao was attacked and killed by the fairy king Ao Sheng.

Although he almost died, he returned to the era of the emperor's fall through his own FaLun, and reincarnated for eight generations in the end of the law. After returning, he can reverse the true immortal!

"The foreign land strikes again!"

"Shi Hao actually experienced nine lifetimes in the mortal world and achieved the status of a true immortal?"

"True Immortal? Then wouldn’t the next one be the Immortal King?"

"Oh no, when Xiao Shitou was trying to reach the Immortal King realm

, he was ambushed by Ao Sheng and the other three Immortal Kings!"As the scene continued to move forward, scenes from Shi Hao's past lives appeared in everyone's minds one after another like flashbacks.

At this moment, in a secret laboratory in Xia Country,

Chen Jian frowned as he watched the scenes flashing before his eyes.

"Could it be..."

Chen Jian had a vague guess. Nowadays, the time it takes for a memory to appear can easily span decades or even hundreds of years. As the number of memories decreases, the computing pressure of the particle helmet is also decreasing....

It seems that the particle helmet should have barely survived this difficult time. Although the person in charge on the scene was very crazy, his operation of upgrading the system still had a certain effect.

Chen Jian looked at the latest chip that had been made in his hand and couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

It seems that this time, the chip he just studied will not be useful.

I just don't know, besides the monster Zhou Yuan, can there be another existence with such terrifying particle activity?

At this moment, a surprising scene appeared on the screen.

"Huang was killed by the three immortal kings?"

Countless viewers were shocked. At this moment, in the picture,

Cao Yusheng and the puppy brought Shi Hao to the burial ground and asked Sanzang and Shenming to revive him.

After that, Shi Hao slept in the burial ground for half a million years before a trace of his soul revived and woke up!

"Why does this scene seem familiar?"

"Isn’t this the Fatty Cao that Huang saw when he first entered the burial ground?"

"Could it be that... this was what Fatty Cao had reminded me of?"

"Fortunately, Huang finally woke up, but he seemed to have lost his previous memory."

A crowd of spectators were discussing, but at this moment they saw in the picture that Huang rebuilt the Heavenly Palace with his instinct, opened up the Immortal Road, and refined the Huang Tower!

He left inscriptions at countless spatial nodes, trying to open up the Immortal Road to enter the Immortal Realm, and finally he successfully opened up the Immortal Road and entered the Immortal Realm!

After arriving in the Immortal Realm, Huang was stimulated after witnessing the death of his grandfather's clone, and allowed the ten souls of the ten reincarnation seals to merge into one in advance!

With this, he successfully advanced to the Immortal King and recovered his memory at the same time.

After having the strength of the Immortal King, Huang immediately attacked several The forbidden area has started to settle accounts!

First, the owner of the Meteorite Ridge, the Golden Haired King, went to the fairyland to settle accounts with the three top fairy kings of Ao Sheng, and then went to the foreign land to suppress the giant Red King, and also killed an immortal king of the foreign land.

Shi Hao made a nine-color elixir to save the Taoist Immortal Gold, and made friends with him. He also defeated the fairy king He Wushuang in the sea of boundaries, and took back the Dark Willow God in the depths of the sea of boundaries. In the forbidden area, he rescued his younger brother Qin Hao!

During this period, he killed several fairy kings. All of this made the netizens and viewers in front of the screen excited.

"Huang has finally grown up!"

"No matter whether it is the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, the Upper Realm, or even the Immortal Realm, no one can stop him."

"It's really unbelievable. The current Emperor Huang Tian is the same as the little stone whose supreme bone was dug out."

Everyone couldn't help but sigh. Huang has now become a terrifying existence that can suppress one side. Thinking of the child whose supreme bone was dug out, who dared to believe it?

In the picture, Huang understood the urgency of becoming an emperor after a battle with the Nine-headed Monster, the owner of the ancient palace in the uninhabited area of the fairyland.

Then, the picture kept flashing. Huang spent 100,000 years in seclusion to break through the emperor's road, trying all kinds of things and constantly breaking through the barriers!

During this period, there were all kinds of risks. Shi Hao almost died more than a dozen times, and his body and soul were destroyed!

He insisted on using force to righteousness, but he failed for a long time. Instead, he pushed his Taoism to a higher level. His body could even be on par with the weapons of the fairy king!

In the end, the way to prove the Tao with force failed, and Shi Hao's soul was severely damaged. After finding the immortal elixir, he relied on his supreme talent and finally spent several���It took years to repair all these injuries.

"It is so difficult to become an emperor. Emperor Huang Tian, who is so talented, has never succeeded after so many years."

"Breaking through by force has proven to be unfeasible, so should we open up a completely new path?"

"The Bone Emperor's Crown that Huang found in the ancient artifacts of the Burial Domain turned out to be a trap that would kill him! Who set this trap?"

"The end of darkness, what is at the end of darkness?"

After seeing the darkness of the Bone Crown, Elder Long and a group of senior officials in the Xia State meeting room all stood up!

This kind of darkness... they seemed to have seen it in the depths of the universe! It was so terrifying and deep that it seemed to be able to annihilate everything!

"Could it be that... the foreign lands are not those in the deep space, but these darkness are?!"

The senior officials of Xia country were terrified, and a terrible thought filled their minds at this moment!

My past life was exposed. It turns out that I am the Emperor of Desolate Heaven.

My past life was exposed. It turns out that I am the Emperor of Desolate Heaven. - Chapter 45

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