Naruto: The Traitor Starting from Uzumaki Kushina - Chapter 182

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Naruto: The Traitor Starting from Uzumaki Kushina

Naruto: The Traitor Starting from Uzumaki Kushina - Chapter 182
Chiyu's shadow clone took Kakashi, who had exhausted all his chakra, away from the battlefield.

Chiyu's shadow clone did not dissipate or leave, but stayed with Kakashi just in case.

Kakashi, who was now without chakra, was very vulnerable.

Chiyu's real body on the battlefield, without Kakashi, killed more fiercely than before.

However, the Kirigakure ninja who experienced the blood mist policy did not retreat. Seeing the death of his companions, he became more and more excited and fought with Chiyu. Chiyu made seals with both hands

"Water Style! Water Cutting Wave!"

This is the advanced water style ninjutsu developed by the Second Hokage Tobirama. A super-high-pressure straight water column is rapidly spit out from the mouth to continuously cut off the target. This technique is like a sharp blade.

The advanced water style ninjutsu that Qianyu exchanged for Yahiko from the exchange store included the water style ninjutsu of the Second Hokage.

The high-pressure water column spit out by Qianyu pierced through a lot of Kirigakure ninjas.

As Qianyu turned his head sharply, the high-pressure water column cut off the bodies of a large number of Kirigakure ninjas.

Seeing this, the Kirigakure ninjas dared not gather in one place anymore, but dispersed their positions and used ninjas to attack Qianyu from a distance.

""No rejection!"

Qianyu used the power of his left eye's Mangekyō to invalidate all the ninjutsu that attacked him.

Seeing this scene, the Kirigakure ninjas were stunned for a moment.

Qianyu had already formed a seal again.

"Water Style: Water Bullet!"

Qianyu fired a bullet-like water cannon from his hand, sweeping the scattered Mist Ninjas.

Kakashi looked at Qianyu's fighting figure, his eyes full of yearning.


Kakashi touched his left eye which was covered by the forehead protector.

With the Sharingan, he could no longer use ninjutsu as intensively as Chiyu. Every ninjutsu he released had to be calculated carefully.

"Ice escape! Thousand killing ice flying!"

A large number of thousands of ice condensed into thousands of blades shot towards Qianyu.

Because ice has physical attacks, Qianyu's Wuzuo cannot completely resist.

Qianyu rotated the ninja sword in his hand and blocked all these ice thousands of blades. Qianyu looked to the left front, and a man with long black hair, a decoration on his head, and squinting eyes as if he had closed his eyes stood in the front.

After this man appeared, the surrounding Mist Ninjas greeted him very respectfully.

""Lord Mizukage."

Qianyu stared at the man. She didn't expect the shadow of the Hidden Mist Village to appear so soon.

"Blood-eyed Shura Qianyu, you are really brave to dare to break in here alone."

Qianyu stroked his sticky hair and showed a creepy smile:"I also think I am very brave, but it is also because I feel that I have no opponent here, including you, so I come to you to help my disciples take revenge and vent my anger." The

Third Mizukage looked at Qianyu with murderous eyes:"Ha, you are really shameless."

The Third Mizukage made a seal with one hand.

"Ice Escape: Killing Ice Soar!"

Similar to the Thousand Killing Ice Soar, a large amount of ice Thousand Bones condensed in the air and shot towards Qianyu, but the frequency of the attack increased.

"Water Style: Water Array Wall!"

Chiyu's chakra gathered behind his throat, and he spurted out a waterfall of water from his mouth to the front, forming a water wall. It revolved around Chiyu in a circular motion, blocking all the ice thousand books that attacked Chiyu.

The Third Mizukage opened one of his slightly squinted eyes and murmured,"Is this the Second Hokage's water Array Ninjutsu?"

Senju Tobirama's water Array Ninjutsu can be said to be unique in the ninja world and is very easy to recognize.

For example, for the Water Array Wall Ninjutsu, ordinary users can only use hand seals to inject water-attribute chakra into the ground to create a vertical wall of water from the bottom up.

And Senju Tobirama's Water Array Wall will revolve around the caster in a circular motion.

The Third Mizukage quickly formed hand seals with his right hand.

"Ice escape secret technique: Exploding ice crystals!"

Qianyu's water array wall began to condense into ice, and it seemed to freeze Qianyu in it.

Qianyu immediately used Thunder Instant Body to escape.

The moment Qianyu escaped, the frozen ice completely shattered into pieces.

"The speed is indeed as fast as rumored, but there are ways to deal with it."

"Water escape technique! Water mirror technique!"

The Third Mizukage created a mirror made of water, and a person who looked exactly like Chiyu appeared in the mirror.

Chiyu's eyes narrowed.

Chiyu knew this move, which was the special move of the future Fourth Mizukage, Yagura Karuta. It could create a mirror made of water, and a person who looked exactly like the enemy would appear in the mirror. Not only could he use the same ninjutsu as his opponent, but even the power of his ninjutsu was the same as that of his opponent.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Yagura Karuta, who was resurrected by the Impure World Reincarnation, used this move to deal with Killer Bee and Uzumaki Naruto. Not only did he summon two clones at the same time, but his strength and ninjutsu power were not inferior to those of the two perfect Jinchūriki. This shows the high upper limit of this water escape ninjutsu.

Chiyu's imitation body moved first, and rushed towards Chiyu.

Chiyu took the initiative to cancel his pupil technique of rejection.

This kind of opportunity to fight against himself is very rare, and Chiyu doesn't want to miss it.

"Water Style: Heaven's Cry!"

Qianyu unexpectedly sprayed a needle of water from his mouth at high speed towards the head of the imitation.

The imitation directly activated the Lightning Style Chakra Mode and used the Lightning Body Instant to avoid the Heaven's Cry.

Then, the imitation dared to use the Lightning Breathing: First Form: Thunderbolt Flash to attack Qianyu.

Qianyu raised his sword to block.

The two ninja swords collided with each other.

Qianyu looked at his imitation with a serious expression.

This speed, this power, this imitation can actually breathe with full concentration, and even has the insight of the Sharingan.

Suddenly, the imitation suddenly used Water Style: Heaven's Cry towards Qianyu, and the high-speed water needle shot towards Qianyu's head.

Qianyu turned his head to avoid it, and then kicked the imitation away.

"Thunder Breathing·Type 5·Heat Realm Thunder!"

Qianyu released a lightning-like slash with high heat to bombard the imitation body.

However, the imitation body also used heat realm thunder to respond, and it collided with Qianyu's heat realm thunder, with equal power.

""Fire Style: Dragon Flame Song Technique!"

Qianyu spits out four fire dragons, attacking the imitation from the top, bottom, left and right at the same time.

The imitation uses the water array wall to block Qianyu's fire dragon.

After blocking Qianyu's fire dragon, the imitation uses water style: water breaking wave, spits out a super-high pressure straight water column towards Qianyu.

Qianyu keeps using lightning flash body to dodge.

Kakashi, who was watching the battle, was amazed to see Qianyu and his imitation fighting hard.

There is such a ninjutsu in the ninja world, and this imitation is not inferior to Qianyu at all.

At this time, Qianyu is getting more and more excited.

This imitation is simply another self, whether it is the attack or defense ninjutsu chosen to release, it is exactly the same as what Qianyu has in mind.

Naruto: The Traitor Starting from Uzumaki Kushina

Naruto: The Traitor Starting from Uzumaki Kushina - Chapter 182

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