Naruto: The Traitor Starting from Uzumaki Kushina - Chapter 183

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Naruto: The Traitor Starting from Uzumaki Kushina

Naruto: The Traitor Starting from Uzumaki Kushina - Chapter 183
On the battlefield, Qianyu and his imitation body are in a stalemate, and he has to deal with the Third Generation Mizukage who may attack him at any time.

"Water Style: Mist Hidden Technique!"

Chiyu spewed out thick fog from his mouth, blurring the surrounding environment.

Because chakra was added to the thick fog, most of the perceptive ninjas could not sense Chiyu's position.

Even the Third Mizukage found it difficult to lock onto Chiyu's position, and could only vaguely sense the approximate position.

However, Chiyu's imitation was not affected, because the imitation possessed the insight of Chiyu's Sharingan.

Chiyu could not help but marvel at the power of this ninjutsu. Chiyu remembered that there was a similar ninjutsu, which seemed to be from Pain.

It was called the Mirror Raider Technique. When the talisman was torn open, a clone that completely copied the appearance and abilities of the talisman tearer would appear and attack.

However, the clone's ability remained unchanged, and the way to crack it was that the talisman tearer's strength grew and exceeded his own strength when he tore the talisman, and then he could crack it.

Moreover, the Water Mirror Technique...

Qianyu just redeemed a ninjutsu in the redemption store. With Qianyu's current level, some common ninjutsu can be learned just by looking at it.

Then, after Qianyu released it once, the imitation body was also able to release it.

Moreover, because the imitation body itself is a ninjutsu, Qianyu's illusion has no effect on the imitation body.

This imitation body is really powerful.

Qianyu and the imitation body fight very happily....It would be fine if there was no interference from the Third Mizukage

""Ice escape·Icicle thorns!"

A large number of ice thorns suddenly appeared on the ground under Qianyu's feet. Qianyu dodged the ice thorns and lost the opportunity to attack.

The imitation body instantly used the Thunder Instant Body to appear in front of Qianyu, and used Thunder Breathing·Land Form·Lightning Bomb and Thunder Bomb, instantly releasing countless lightning-like slashes in all directions.

Qianyu retreated again to avoid the lightning-like slashes.

After dodging, Qianyu's cheek was slightly stinging.

Qianyu touched his cheek, and a trace of blood appeared on his fingertips.

Qianyu was injured by his own moves.

The imitation body did not give Qianyu a chance to breathe. It arched its body and used the One Form·Thunderbolt Flash again, and it was the God-speed version.

Qianyu also used 'Thunder Breathing·One Form·Thunderbolt Flash·God-speed', and Qianyu's ninja sword and the imitation body's ninja sword collided with each other.

The next second, Qianyu's ninja sword and the imitation body's ninja sword could not withstand the pressure at the same time and broke directly.

However, the imitation body's ninja sword was generated again, and it swung the sword towards Qianyu.

Qianyu smiled:"Forget it, I don't want to play anymore."

Qianyu glared with his left eye, his Mangekyō Sharingan spun, and the eye technique 'No Rejection' was released.

The imitation body instantly turned into a puddle of water and fell to the ground.

This imitation body is good in every way, but it has one shortcoming, it can't imitate the bloodline limit technique.

Moreover, the imitation body itself belongs to the category of ninjutsu, no matter how powerful it is, it is still a ninjutsu.

And as long as it is a technique, it will be rejected by Qianyu's eye technique 'Ten Thousand Rejections'.

Qianyu took the initiative to cancel the Mist Hidden Technique.

Seeing that Qianyu had dealt with his imitation body, the Third Mizukage said solemnly:"Is it solved so quickly? But this is not the limit of the Water Mirror Technique! You might be lucky enough to defeat one, but what about two?!"

"Water Style: Water Mirror Technique!"

A mirror made of water was created again in front of the Third Mizukage, and this time two imitations of Chiyu appeared.

Kakashi stood up in shock when he saw the two imitations appear.

Chiyu used the Mist Hidden Technique just now, which made Kakashi unable to sense the situation.

But one imitation can fight Chiyu to a stalemate, wouldn't two imitations be dangerous?

Chiyu's shadow clone smiled lightly and said,"Don't worry, have you forgotten my pupil technique?"

Kakashi immediately understood the meaning:"Yes, Chiyu teacher's pupil technique restrains all techniques. No matter how powerful that imitation is, it belongs to the category of technique. It turns out that you have always been confident of victory."Chiyu's shadow clone nodded and said,"Well, I said before that you should leave room for yourself in doing anything. I generally won't do things that I am not sure of."

Kakashi was puzzled and said,"Generally speaking? Will it happen in special circumstances?"

Qianyu's shadow clone smiled and said:"Of course, there are always some things that you have to do even if you are not sure. Well, watch the battle carefully, my real body will show the true power of the Mangekyō Sharingan."

Kakashi asked doubtfully:"The real power of the Mangekyō Sharingan? Isn't the power of the Mangekyō Sharingan the eye technique nurtured in the eyes?"

Qianyu shook his head and said:"No, the two Mangekyō Sharingan can also give birth to a third power, known as the power of God!"

Kakashi murmured:"The power of God..."

Chiyu in the battlefield shouted in a low voice:"Susanoo!"

A huge blue skeleton enveloped Chiyu.

However, this is not over yet. The huge blue skeleton is covered with meridians and flesh and is wrapped in a coat-like chakra. At the same time, it unlocks Chiyu's Susanoo's exclusive weapon, the Three Swords. The

Three Swords does not refer to just one sword, but to three swords, namely, the Great Link, the Small Link, and the Clear Link. The Three

Swords float behind Chiyu's Susanoo.

At this time, Chiyu is no longer like before, only able to transform part of the Susanoo, but has come to the second form.

This form of Susanoo has the best balance. In addition to being able to unlock exclusive weapons, it can also use the universal long-range attack ninjutsu-Yasaka Magatama. The

Kirigakure ninjas stared at Chiyu's Susanoo in amazement.

At the same time, they began to doubt themselves. Can they defeat such a thing?

Kakashi also looked at Chiyu's Susanoo in amazement.

"Is this the power of God that Mr. Yu mentioned? It's really eye-opening...."

The Third Mizukage looked at Chiba's Susanoo with an unpleasant expression.

The Third Mizukage was well-informed and had a long career. After the initial establishment of the Five Great Nations, in order to discuss the distribution of the tailed beasts, the First Mizukage Byakuren was invited by the First Hokage Hashirama to participate in the unprecedented"First Five Kage Conference" with the four Kages of each country. During the period, he served as Byakuren's bodyguard.

The Third Mizukage had therefore seen Uchiha Madara's Susanoo on the battlefield, which could be said to be devastating.

To this day, the Third Mizukage still remembers Uchiha Madara's godlike figure.

Facing Uchiha Madara's Susanoo, the Third Mizukage only felt powerless.

Although Chiba's Susanoo was not as oppressive as Uchiha Madara's Susanoo, it still frightened him.

Naruto: The Traitor Starting from Uzumaki Kushina

Naruto: The Traitor Starting from Uzumaki Kushina - Chapter 183

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