National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan - Chapter 3

All chapter are in National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan

National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan

National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan - Chapter 3
The job transfer array started working again, and the crystal emitted a brilliant light.

No strange phenomena appeared, and Luo Ming's job transfer was over.

【Combat Class: Berserker (Rare)]

Gu Haoxuan raised his eyebrows. He really changed to a combat class.

And it was not an ordinary class, but a rare Berserker class. The upper limit of this class is quite high.

Luo Ming ran down the class change platform with excitement, and returned to the team in front of everyone's envious eyes.

"How about it? Brother, if you don't hug your thighs now, you won't be able to hug them in the future."

Luo Ming said to Gu Haoxuan with a proud look on his face.


Gu Haoxuan was not praising Luo Ming's profession but Luo Ming's words. He was really smart. He said combat profession, then combat profession.

Not long after, the job transfer ceremony was completely over.

There were more than 150 people in the third year of high school, 14 of whom were combat professions. The chance of awakening was less than one in ten, and the rest were all auxiliary life or other professions.

Among them, the most eye-catching one was undoubtedly Xi Nianyu's epic profession [Spear Master].

The other was Gu Haoxuan, who started high and ended low. No one could compare.���I thought that after the grand vision, it turned out to be a body-type ability.

Zhang Yiming, the head teacher of Class 2, led everyone back to the class.

"The job transfer is over, so don't worry about whether your career is good or bad."

"Tomorrow, all the senior high school students in Mocheng will enter the novice dungeon to upgrade their levels."

"Everyone in there must seize the time to improve their levels and skills and prepare for the big test in two weeks."

"The novice dungeon I chose this time is [Jiaoshan]. As people who grew up in Mocheng, you are already familiar with the situation there. I won't make any more preparations here."

"Finally, I hope everyone can get good grades in the exam and enter the university of their choice."

【Jiaoshan is one of the two novice copies in Mocheng.

The monsters in it are quite rich, and the monster levels are mostly level four or five, with a small number of level seven or eight.

It is a relatively safe copy. As long as you pay attention, it will generally not cause casualties.

However, correspondingly, the level increase will be much slower than in the wild.

You can apply to upgrade in the wild yourself, but you must meet the requirements to go to the wild, generally you have to be level 7.

After the job transfer ceremony, the high school cultural courses were officially declared over.

The rest is to continuously improve your level and improve your professional skills.

Gu Haoxuan returned home, the house was very deserted, and the layout of an ordinary house.

There is a photo frame hanging in the middle of the living room, and the photo frame shows Gu Haoxuan and his parents.

Gu Haoxuan's parents are both auxiliary professionals. After Gu Haoxuan entered the B-level alien realm when he was young, he never came out again.

According to the level of the professional, people also divided the corresponding alien realm into levels.

From high to low, they are S, B, C, and D.、A、B、C、D、E、F7 levels.

Generally, the monsters in the B-level alien world are mostly around level 80 monsters.

He didn't know why his parents, who were around level 40, could participate in such an alien world mission.

There must be some reasons he didn't know.

In the past, he couldn't explore the root of it.

But now, starting today, he has the ability

"B-level alien world, [Secret Place】……I will go there sooner or later." He found a meal in the kitchen and ate it.

Gu Haoxuan sat on the sofa in the living room and opened his Sharingan in front of the full-length mirror.

He studied whether it was the same as what he thought.

But just after opening the Sharingan, Gu Haoxuan suddenly felt a heat in his chest.

Gu Haoxuan opened his clothes and pulled out the jade on his chest.

It was this thing that was hot. This jade was the only item he brought with him when he traveled through time. He picked it up when he was visiting ancient ruins.

Seeing that it looked okay, he made it into a necklace and hung it on his body.

At first, he thought that this jade should be special because it traveled through time with him, but after thinking about it for a long time and seeing no movement, he stopped paying attention.

Unexpectedly, it actually reacted now

【Detected that the host changed his profession to Spiritual Eye Master】

【The name of the spiritual pupil: Sharingan】

【Meet the system enhancement requirements, system binding】

【Identify the current world operation mechanism and strengthen the original skills】

【Skill enhancement completed】

【Congratulations to the host for changing his job to god-level talent: Origin Enhancement (Level 1)】

【Congratulations to the host for obtaining the job transfer skill book - Pupil Skill Scroll (unique)]

Gu Haoxuan was startled and quickly opened his attribute panel to check the situation

【Name: Gu Haoxuan】

【Occupation: Spiritual Master (Epic)】

【Level: 1 (0.00%)】

【Strength: 9】

【Speed: 13】

【Spirit: 21】

【Wealth value: 20191】

【Equipment: None】

【Talent: Origin Enhancement (Level 1)】

【Skills: Insight (level 1), Copy (level 1), Illusion (level 1)】

【Source Enhancement: All skill effects are increased 10 times on the original basis】

【Insight: Greatly enhances the user's vision and observation】

【Copy: By using and observing the opponent's actions, copy the corresponding skills (prerequisite: have the authority to use the skill)】

【Illusion: Create a strange illusion or false image to make the other party indulge in it】

Gu Haoxuan felt a little itchy in his eyes just after reading the attribute panel.

The feeling of changing jobs came again.

Gu Haoxuan resisted the strange feeling in his eyes and looked at his eyes in the full-length mirror.

In the full-length mirror, a magatama in Gu Haoxuan's blood-red pupils slowly rotated.

Then Gu Haoxuan found that next to the magatama, there were two more magatama phantoms.

The phantom gradually condensed from virtual to real.

After a while, when Gu Haoxuan opened his eyes again, the original single magatama Sharingan had now become a three-magatama Sharingan.

Gu Haoxuan was stunned. The Sharingan has evolved...?

And the skills on the attribute panel just now, the god-level origin enhancement? ? The skill effect is increased tenfold?

Gu Haoxuan felt a little swollen in his head at this time, and he exhaled deeply.

Confirmed the situation he was facing now.

First of all, the Sharingan evolved into a three-magatama because of the jade.

In addition, the system was activated to grant him a god-level talent and pupil technique scroll.

Needless to say, the god-level talent is just a skill effect, and you can tell how abnormal this talent is.

As for the pupil technique scroll, Gu Haoxuan took it out of the space and opened it.

【Fox Heart Technique: Place the enemy in a fantasy maze and make them walk in a loop】

【Learning requirements: Spirit 12, Wealth 2000】

【Magical Naraku-kenjutsu: Arouse the deepest fear in people's hearts and materialize it in an illusion, making the enemy lose their ability to fight.】

【Requirements: Spiritual Power 15, Wealth 4000】

【The art of shackles: Use the mental power to form a large iron nail phantom that pierces the opponent's body, making them feel the pain of the real iron nail piercing and the binding force.】

【Learning requirements: Spirit 20, Wealth 6000】


National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan

National job transfer: Spiritual pupil master is weak? Start with Sharingan - Chapter 3

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