Pirate: My strength is the sum of the three admirals! - Chapter 166

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Pirate: My strength is the sum of the three admirals!

Pirate: My strength is the sum of the three admirals! - Chapter 166
As Akainu and Kizaru ended the battle first, it was like a fuse that ignited the entire battlefield.

The battle on the entire battlefield became white-hot.

Sengoku and Cyborg were fighting for life and death.

After a palm strike, Cyborg's somewhat embarrassed figure burst out from under the ground, his face full of anger.

He could fail, but he couldn't lose to Sengoku!

"Fist Bone·Meteor!"

Ganggu suddenly swooped down, punching down like meteors, completely covering Zhan Guo in the attack.

Zhan Guo placed his palms side by side in front of him, with a strong aura of destruction lingering in his palms. The majestic energy gradually gathered from all directions and condensed in his palms.

The next second, a huge shock wave suddenly blasted out.

Boom - the violent aura swept around, leaving countless people stunned.

And Zhan Guo's attack not only blocked Ganggu's Fist Bone·Meteor, but also repelled it again.

"All right, all right."

Steel Bone gradually walked out of the smoke and dust, gritting his teeth and saying word by word,"Zhan Guo, I really underestimated you."

"However, you really pissed me off."

"Next, go to hell and make amends to all the former admirals of the navy!"

Steel Bone took a deep breath, and his mountain-like figure looked even stronger and more sturdy, and seemed even more frightening. He burst out with momentum, and the domineering aura of the king erupted layer by layer, wrapping around his fist, condensing an indomitable and unstoppable momentum.

"Fist Bone·Galaxy Impact!"

Cyborg shouted angrily.

Along with this roar, his figure suddenly rose, and after jumping high, he punched down.

Galaxy Impact!

The huge momentum was really like the Milky Way falling from the sky, and the majestic power shocked everyone.

Some people had speculated that in the duel between Cyborg and Warring States, maybe one side would let go or both sides would act, but now it seems that the two are completely serious!

Moreover, it is a situation of life and death!

It is really unbelievable!

The super duel between the two former Navy Admirals began.

Facing such a powerful punch, Warring States' face was extremely solemn, and the dazzling golden light on his body shone brightly. The Buddha instantly opened the strongest, and the combat power value was instantly full, whistling over Strong winds swirled around the huge golden Buddha, and endless energy began to surge wildly, swirling around the palm of Sengoku.

At the same time, the domineering aura of the Conqueror erupted completely!

It erupted without reservation!

Only he knew the horror of Fist Bone·Galaxy Impact!

Back then, Garp used this move to suppress many powerful people of the same generation on the sea!

And this move is also a display of the true limit of physical skills!

Fist Bone·Galaxy Impact!

The moment the steel bone erupted, Garp, who was not far away, felt the terrifying fluctuations, his face changed drastically, and he immediately distracted his attention to the battlefield of Sengoku, while his opponent, the sixth captain, had a bloodthirsty light in his one eye, found the flaw, and punched Garp in the face, knocking him out for a long distance.


"Old man!"

Ace and Sabo's expressions changed drastically, and they rushed over, but they were intercepted by the strong men of the Celestial Dragons halfway.

""Hahahaha, you guys really underestimate me!"

With a burst of laughter, Karp slowly stood up in the smoke.

His cheeks were stained with blood, and he was filled with a fierce feeling.

"Do you really think I'm easy to deal with?"

Garp walked towards the one-eyed man, the sixth captain.

He unfolded his domineering aura!

Then he slowly gathered it on his fist.

"Fist Bone: Galaxy Impact!"

Garp exploded at this moment!

He used the same moves as Cyborg.

The figure that jumped high was like a beast that devoured the world, exuding endless momentum, and instantly locked onto the one-eyed man.

"hehe……"The one-eyed man sneered, and then both arms were covered with Armament Haki at the same time, followed by the wave of Conqueror Haki slowly lingering up.

"This's more interesting!"

"Fist Bone·Heavenly Power !"

The one-eyed man also exploded, showing a momentum that was no less than Garp's.

Just when the two of them were getting serious and ready to fight, Steel Bone and Sengoku in the distance had already started a collision.

""Big Buddha, Ultimate Shock Wave!"

Zhan Guo screamed, squeezing out all the strength in his body.


Endless waves of destruction lingered on his palm, and at this moment, they exploded. The energy wave that could annihilate everything collided with Steel Bone's Galaxy Shock without any hindrance.


Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The continuous explosions and roars sounded in the dazzling light.

Then there was the collision of two figures in the storm.

For a moment, except for Garp and the one-eyed man of the sixth captain, almost all the people around stopped their attacks and turned their heads to forget about coming over.

Everyone knew in their hearts that this attack would determine the winner between the two.

""How terrifying! I didn't expect that Sengoku was so strong!" Ace muttered to himself, somewhat refreshed.

Originally, he thought that his old man was the most powerful in the navy.

"It is really amazing. This kind of attack... is devastating. If they hadn't collided, this island would have been wiped out."Sabo also sighed.

Yamato on the side had a light in his eyes, flashing with a bright spirit, and laughed:"What's this! I will also reach their level!"

Some people were amazed, and some were full of competitive spirit.

And what everyone was concerned about was the final result.

Galaxy Impact! The classic move of Taijutsu!

The ultimate shock wave! The absolute move of the Warring States!

After all... who is stronger and who is weaker?

At the storm, after the most fierce energy burst, it began to slowly dissipate.

Two figures fell at the same time.

Bang~bang~ two sounds.

Someone asked with a dry mouth:"���、Who's winning!"

"have no idea……"

The golden light on Zhan Guo's body gradually dissipated, and he was forced to remove the form of the Buddha, and stood up shakily.

The Buddha's golden body was hit again, and it could not be used for a while, but he still stood up.

On the other hand, Steel Bone, who was not far away, fell to the ground, and blood was oozing out of his pores.

He was very miserable. He was weak and could not stand up.

The arrogant centenarian was defeated after all.

It was not known whether he was defeated by his favorite disciple or by the unforgiving time. Anyway, this famous strong man was defeated at this moment.

Steel Bone, defeated!

Everyone was surprised by this result.

And they had a new understanding of Zhan Guo!

It turned out that the former Navy Marshal Zhan Guo was so strong!

Perhaps only Garp knew how powerful Zhan Guo was,"How could someone who could suppress Roger and others with me be a weak person! Hahahaha!"

Garp's unbridled laughter rang out in the sky.

Then, he and the one-eyed man collided and broke out. boom--

Pirate: My strength is the sum of the three admirals!

Pirate: My strength is the sum of the three admirals! - Chapter 166

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