Starting from the Great Sword, you can only rely on yourself to become stronger - Chapter 167

All chapter are in Starting from the Great Sword, you can only rely on yourself to become stronger

Starting from the Great Sword, you can only rely on yourself to become stronger

Starting from the Great Sword, you can only rely on yourself to become stronger - Chapter 167
Last words?

To Lemoto, that kind of thing was meaningless.

Therefore, he just stared at Su Moyu in silence without saying a word.


Su Moyu raised his sword and the empire's long-running organization on the island continent came to an end with the death of its leader, Lemoto.

He walked to the side of Lemoto's body, kicked open the low secret door on the wall, bent down and crawled in, and saw two alien bodies hanging in the air by thick iron chains. Their bodies were cut into pieces and filled with transparent transmission pipelines, but they still had signs of life. The descendants of dragons, Azsharakam!

One in humanoid form, and one in awakened form.

The descendants of dragons are different from the awakened. Once awakened, they will remain in their current state forever and can never return to normal.

"Is this the root of everything? It's hard to imagine, are they... really a race born naturally?"

No one could answer this question for Su Moyu.

Staring at the body of the descendant of the dragon, Su Moyu raised the sword in his hand, and stopped suddenly when he was about to chop it down.

After thinking for a long time, he put away the sword and walked out, closed the secret door, picked up Lulu who was still in a coma, and left the conference hall filled with a strong smell of blood.


""Alysya, stop!"

Lahuana, who had already knocked Bixi to the ground, pressed her knee on the opponent's abdomen, stepped on Bixi's right hand holding the sword, and stretched out her other leg, crossing Bixi's chest diagonally, restricting her upper body.

The big sword in her hand was across Bixi's neck, perfectly suppressing Bixi and making her unable to move.

Alysya in the awakened state also saw this scene and stopped her movements immediately.

At the same time, Denise also stopped the sword at the back of Alysya's awakened body's neck, frowning slightly.

This not-so-long battle was far from allowing Denise to fully exert her full strength. After releasing her demonic power, she was suppressing Alysya the whole time.

Alysya's speed was indeed very fast, so fast that the naked eye could not keep up at all, but for Denise, who had the strongest ability to perceive the flow of demonic power, this kind of direct and open attack, no matter how fast it was, it would be very difficult to dodge. It's not difficult.

However, Denise chose to confront Alyssa head-on, and intercepted every charge of Alyssa. In addition, Alyssa only awakened her limbs, and her size was not advantageous compared to other Abyss dwellers. Every time she launched an attack, she would be chopped away by Denise's sword!

Even though her double-arm knife can simulate the rapid vibration of high-frequency weapons and has extremely terrifying cutting ability, it is naturally useless if it can't hit the opponent.

After a fight, Denise was unscathed, and even the cloak behind her was not damaged at all, but her awakened body was covered with scars.

If Denise hadn't let her go, she could have chopped off Alyssa's head as early as the third round!

Now that Bitsy was captured, Alyssa didn't dare to continue attacking and could only stay where she was.

When Bitsy saw that her sister had stopped, she could only use mental synchronization to help her sister release the awakening state and return to human form.

"Although you are quite strong and your demonic power has reached the level of an Abyss Dweller, you haven't experienced many actual battles, have you?"

Denise took the greatsword from her back and inserted it into the sword rack behind her. She walked around to the front, stared into the other person's eyes, and asked with interest.

"It's right to pursue speed, but an attack method that is too direct will inevitably be found by others, what do you think?"

However, Alyssa ignored Denise in front of her, and her eyes were always on her sister who was pressed down by Lahana.

Although there was no change in her expression, Denise could still clearly feel the tension in the other's eyes.

It may be because she didn't know what kind of expression could accurately express her emotions.

As twins who were bought by the organization at a high price since infancy, in their growth life, in addition to learning language and fighting, they practiced demon power liberation and mental synchronization. In addition, they never contacted the outside world and had no other activities, in order to erase their emotions as human beings. At any time, they can be in the calmest state, complete mental synchronization 100%, and then Completely master the controllable Abyss!

It's just that they debuted too early, and they couldn't accumulate enough combat experience through a lot of actual combat. They faced the strongest No.1 who had never been seen before and will never be seen again. It was natural for them to lose.

Alyssa's performance was also seen by Lafana, and she also thought of her sister Lucyela. She sighed softly, moved the blade away, let go of Bitsy, and of course, learned from Denise's behavior and"confiscated" the opponent's big sword.

Bitsy turned over and completely ignored Lafana beside her, and rushed to her sister's side. Looking at Denise who was"blocking the way and getting in the way", even if she lost the big sword, she still chose to release her demon power, swung her slightly immature fist, and hit Denise's face!


"Hey, little sister, who taught you this move? Didn't anyone tell you that you can't hit a lady in the face?"

He moved closer, grabbed her wrist, tripped her legs, pushed her hips, twisted her waist, and sent her shoulders.

With a set of smooth and flowing movements, he slammed the reckless Bitsy to the ground with a perfect shoulder throw, and then stepped on her chest to restrict her from getting up.

Without even turning her head, he casually placed the greatsword on the neck of Alyssa, who was about to make a move and was about to resist.

""Don't move, stay still, and I won't hurt you."

After hearing this, Bixi, who was still struggling, stopped and turned her attention to her sister. After a moment, she silently restrained her demonic power.

Alysya also kept silent and put down her raised right arm.

"That's right, be good~"

After saying this with a smile and narrowing her eyes, Denise retracted her feet and weapon, looked up into the distance, and then turned her sight to Lahana.

"You don't need our help, right?"


Lafana naturally knew what Denise was talking about and nodded in response.

"With Inili and Rosemary here, the defective products left over from the organization's experiments won't cause much trouble. But you, aren't you going to support Surant?"

"Just like you have confidence in Inili and Rosemary, I also believe in Sumo...Rant, he has the ability to solve the last trouble."


Lafana frowned.

"Are you worried about No. 10 Lavertyla?"

Denise smiled.

"Don't worry, regarding Raftila, Surant has already thought of a solution on the way here, and his strength is far from as simple as you think."

Starting from the Great Sword, you can only rely on yourself to become stronger

Starting from the Great Sword, you can only rely on yourself to become stronger - Chapter 167

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