Starting from the Great Sword, you can only rely on yourself to become stronger - Chapter 168

All chapter are in Starting from the Great Sword, you can only rely on yourself to become stronger

Starting from the Great Sword, you can only rely on yourself to become stronger

Starting from the Great Sword, you can only rely on yourself to become stronger - Chapter 168
On a hidden forested path, several members of the recovery team were quietly and quickly driving a six-wheeled carriage powered by eight war horses, heading to the organization's dock.

Inside the carriage, Daye was carefully checking the status of the 'experimental subjects' in the life-support tanks.

The people outside the car were considered Daye's direct subordinates who were planted in the recovery team. After Su Moyu broke into the organization, he received intelligence, but his new experiment was not completed. After repeated consideration, Daye decided to give up this place and return to the empire first.

He immediately gathered people and moved seven life-support tanks onto the carriage. Without notifying other people in the organization, he took his few remaining confidants and slipped out quietly.

After checking the status of the seven 'experimental subjects' one by one and confirming that there was no abnormality, Daye closed the cover of the life-support tank, hung the recording board in his hand on the wall next to it, pushed open the door and got out.

""Lord Daye."

A member of the recovery team on guard saluted.

"Well, how is it, nothing happens, right? Where are you now?"

"Everything is going well. We have traveled almost one-third of the way and will soon reach the secret port."

"It's still a bit slow, ask the driver to speed up."

Looking up at the sky, Daye said

"Try to reach your destination before dark, we don't have much time."

"Yes, sir, but……"

"But what? It's already this time, but you can still say it."

Sitting on the bench outside the carriage, Daye raised his head and signaled the other party to continue speaking.

In the case that had nothing to do with the experiment and research, Daye's festering and half-dried face actually had a few more traces of popularity.

"If we just give up on the organization like this, will...and will the Empire really not hold us accountable?"

"Ha, I thought you were going to ask something.

Daye straightened his black robe, held his cane with both hands, and said slowly

"The organization's combat power is depleted and it will be destroyed sooner or later when it is overwhelmed by the rebel army. Although there are still the Black Twins and Raffertyla, do you think they can withstand the attack from the city of Barcelona?"

"……It's difficult."

After thinking for a while, the man who had been with Daye since Barcelona shook his head.

"Therefore, rather than dying on this island with the leader, it would be better to get away as soon as possible while they attract the other party's attention. As for the accountability of the empire,……"

At this point, Daye's eyes swept across the carriage behind him, and a gleam of light flashed in his eyes.

"As long as I can complete them successfully, everything will be fine.……"

The carriage was getting farther and farther away, and the guards did not notice that a figure was quietly following behind them.

At the same time, in another direction, five long-lost dragoons also appeared in the forest.

The leading dragoon No. 16 opened a gap in his visor, and a red parasitic plant poked out from it, opened its front mouthparts, explored the air for a while, and then quickly retracted.

As the visor closed, the five dragoons took steps again, following the direction of the Daye carriage, and started tracking.


Led by Inili, Rosemary and the single-digit rankings, after a long period of siege, the warriors finally killed all the awakened ones.

Inili panted slightly, restrained her demonic power, looked around, and confirmed that all the warriors survived and no one died. Then she relaxed her tense nerves and slowly exhaled a breath.


Except for the veteran warriors of the previous generation, the other newcomers can be said to be injured, but the most serious one was only one arm cut off by an awakened one. As long as the broken arm is aligned and closed, and the demonic power is concentrated there, it can be reconnected soon.

Denise and Lahana also brought the black twin sisters over.

In addition to the warriors who were treating their injuries, including the single-digit warriors, they were all curious about these two sisters whose equipment was specially made.

Because her agent had saved her life, Luo Yalu's mood returned to her previous carefree state. She had squeezed in front of Bixi and was even ready to start.

"Oh? Have you solved it? It was very fast~"

Su Moyu, who had killed all the members of the organization from top to bottom, appeared in front of everyone holding Lulu's collar.



Not only Inili and others, but also Galadilla and Lucia, who were the"eyes", were shocked.

They didn't notice Su Moyu's evil aura at all!

"Welcome back, it seems like everything is going well for you, but what is this?"

Denise pointed at Lulu.

"What are you talking about him?"

As soon as his fingers loosened, Lu Lu's body fell directly to the ground.

"He is a spy of the empire's hostile forces. We keep him here to deliver messages. Hey, stop pretending now that you're awake, otherwise... I'll castrate you!"

"cough cough……"

Seeing that he was discovered, Lulu could no longer pretend. In order to ensure that his body had enough parts, he could only cough twice in a slightly awkward manner and slowly climbed up.

"Ahem... well... hello everyone……"


Afterwards, Su Moyu and the soldiers gathered together to discuss the follow-up actions, and found Bill who was tied up, and went to the organization's base together.

Raftila still stayed where she was, and only jumped down from the high floor of the building after being called by Su Moyu, and joined the other soldiers. After entering the organization, some soldiers showed a look of pity on their faces when they saw the corpses all over the ground, but when they thought of what the organization had done, the only trace of pity they had completely disappeared.

Then, Su Moyu took them to see the descendants of the dragon and the organization's laboratory with their own eyes.

There are also a lot of"raw materials" for making demons, a kind of mollusk similar to a parasite that is only the size of a palm.

There is also a"workroom" for them to perform transplant surgery. The shelves against the wall are full of"materials" in glass containers, that is, the flesh and blood of demons.

In Edgar's room, various experimental records and confidential intelligence documents were neatly placed in the filing cabinet in the secret room. After Su Moyu used the"circle" to probe and violently broke the door, he let the soldiers read it.

Various shocking truths made every soldier who saw it fall into silence.

Because of the inability to pay the commission, the village was destroyed by the demons sent by the organization.

In order to obtain enough trainees, the awakened were lured to destroy the town and create a large number of orphans.

Because of knowing a little ambiguous truth, the warriors were labeled as traitors and then dealt with by the organization.

In order to clean up the warriors who were approaching the end of their service life or disobedient, they deliberately arranged a task to attack the powerful awakened, resulting in the annihilation of the entire army.

This... is just a small part of it.

Starting from the Great Sword, you can only rely on yourself to become stronger

Starting from the Great Sword, you can only rely on yourself to become stronger - Chapter 168

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