The End of the World: The Beginning of the Blue Dragon Fruit - Chapter 186

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The End of the World: The Beginning of the Blue Dragon Fruit

The End of the World: The Beginning of the Blue Dragon Fruit - Chapter 186
Ao Xin was touched by these volunteers.

They didn't know how dangerous it was inside, or even if they could come back.

But they were still willing to take the risk for him.

"I appreciate your kindness, but I am stronger than you, so the chances of bringing it back to Zouping are higher."

"Moreover, in a strange world, there might be some opportunities in it!"

He couldn't tell these people that there were indeed treasures in the secret realm.

He could only wait until he went in to explore for a while before letting some strong people in.

He turned around and said to his father:

"Dad, I'll go in and take a look. I'll leave the base's affairs to you for the time being."

Ao Kang was a little worried, but it was not easy to persuade him too much, so he could only nod:"Don't worry, with Dad here, there will be no problems with the base."

During the duration of the secret realm, the biological gathering place was shrouded in a mysterious barrier that could block the zombies' attacks, so Ao Xin was not too worried.

""Brother! I'll go with you too!"

Ao Chen followed immediately. Ao Xin had told her about the secret realm, and she also knew that Ao Xin needed her to use the ability of the Treasure Rat to help him find treasures in the secret realm.

"Brother Xin, I want to go too!"

"Boss, take me with you too. I can take care of you there."

After Ao Chen said this, Liu Xiyao, Jiang Shuyue, Xiaobai, Meng Kui, Han Shuang, Yuan Fei, Lin Tian and others all asked to follow him.

These people were the elites of the Beast Base, and he was pleased with their courage to follow him through life and death.

But there was no rush, because everyone would have to enter here in the future.

Moreover, under normal circumstances, it was not appropriate to go out in full force without knowing the details of the secret realm.

"I'll go in and check it out first, and if there's a chance, I'll notify you to go in together."

Ao Chen begged again:"Brother, take me with you! Although I'm not as strong as you, my ability to save my life is better than yours! And if there are really treasures in there, I can find them quickly with my ability!""

"Besides, you have to take Zouping's body with you. It will be troublesome for you to take it without my treasure space."

In the end, he temporarily took Ao Chen into the secret realm, and the others all stayed on standby.

Ao Chen put Zouping's body, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, into his treasure space, and followed Ao Xin into a black vortex.

After a moment of dizziness, they appeared in front of a long bloody river.

On the river beach, a ghost figure could be vaguely seen hovering nearby.

When Zouping's soul saw Ao Xin and the others appear, he immediately stepped forward with joy:"Boss!"

Ao Chen returned Zouping's body to him, and his soul returned to his body. Zouping pointed to the hairy corpse in the distance and said:

"Boss, there are zombies everywhere. I'm afraid the zombies in other places are even stronger!"

Ao Xin came to rescue him personally, which touched him a lot. However, the most urgent task now is to find a way out.

Ignoring the zombies in the distance, Ao Xin looked back at the rushing red river.

"Brother, why does this river look so similar to the Yellow River?"

Ao Chen was also observing the blood river and felt it looked familiar.

"This is the Yellow River!"

Ao Xin said, pointing to where they were now:"Where we are now is where we came from!"

Zou Ping was still by his side, so he couldn't explain it in too much detail, but now, the first opportunity was right in front of him!

That was the Yellow River that had turned into blood.

"This river water feels unusual. I'll go in and take a look."

He walked to the river bank and slowly stepped into the river.

Suddenly, the blood turned into powerful energy and rushed into his body, merging with his blood.

However, this process was extremely painful!

As the blood invaded, his domineering aura surged, and his blood rolled like magma.

The piercing pain spread from the surface of his body into his body, and even his internal organs were in pain everywhere!

Under the flushing of this blood, his body became stronger and stronger.

This river of blood was made of the flesh and blood of countless strong men, and the majestic energy in it increased the physical strength of the bathers.

In other words, it was tempering the physique of the bathers.

Although the domineering aura was real , Strength does not directly increase too much, but it can improve the talent of Armament Haki.

The division of strength realms also refers to the improvement of the level of Armament Haki.

It is precisely because of this secret realm that everyone's talent has been improved that they can survive in the doomsday.

Otherwise, with the current human strength except for him, the strongest is only the third level, how can they fight against the zombie crisis that has reached the five-star spirit corpse, and even Ah San may have a six-star ghost corpse?

This secret realm has transformed everyone and greatly improved their talents, which is the key to preventing humans from being completely extinct!

He raised his head from the blood river and said to Ao Chen and Zou Ping:

"This river can temper the body, you should come down and exercise a bit!"

"Be prepared, it will hurt!"

Ao Xin had already told Ao Chen about these things, and after he finished giving the instructions, the girl immediately jumped in.

Zou Ping was a little further away from them, and he also slowly entered the river.

He had no sense of pain, and had unique conditions that were more favorable than others, so he could hold on longer.

This also allowed his talent to reach its limit in this promotion, and it was because of this that he became a strong man in his previous life.

But Ao Chen did not have this advantage.

As soon as she jumped into the river, the piercing pain immediately hit her.

Although she had survived in the apocalypse for half a year, she generally grew up under Ao Xin's care, and did not have Ao Xin's tenacious spirit. She almost fainted from the pain immediately.

Ao Xin hurriedly hugged her to prevent her from suffocating in the blood river.

"Hold on, hold on to your limit, it will greatly enhance your domineering talent!"

The girl's face turned pale, and then it was stained red by the blood.

Strangely, this blood not only did not have a fishy smell, but also had a hint of fragrance, which had a faint calming effect.

If not for this, she would have fainted in the severe pain just now.

"hiss~~"She kept gasping for air, her lips trembling:"Brother, it hurts, it hurts!"

"Hold on." Ao Xin could only encourage her like this:"This blood river is a secret treasure bestowed by heaven on living beings, and it is only effective the first time you enter. Once you leave, it will no longer be effective."

"Also, you can't fall into a coma, otherwise you won't be able to upgrade."

""Okay, okay."

The girl's voice trembled as she spoke. Although she had heard Ao Xin talk about the pain of the blood river, she was prepared.

However, when she experienced it herself, she still felt that the pain was beyond her imagination.

From the skin, muscles, to the internal organs, bones, there was no difference!

It was like being tortured by the eighteen tortures at the same time. It was not only a torture to the body, but also a torture to the spirit!

In order to resist the pain, she unconsciously activated her domineering spirit, wanting to strengthen her body to resist the blood.

But Ao Xin said to her:

"Don't use your domineering aura yet. Once your physical strength is exhausted, you will no longer be able to withstand the tempering of the blood river. Just hold on for a while longer."

Ao Chen obediently put away her domineering aura. The piercing pain came again. She screamed and breathed rapidly. She suppressed the idea of activating her domineering aura with great effort.

The End of the World: The Beginning of the Blue Dragon Fruit

The End of the World: The Beginning of the Blue Dragon Fruit - Chapter 186

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