The End of the World: The Beginning of the Blue Dragon Fruit - Chapter 187

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The End of the World: The Beginning of the Blue Dragon Fruit

The End of the World: The Beginning of the Blue Dragon Fruit - Chapter 187
In the blood river, the Ao brothers and sisters were suffering in agony, but on the other side, Zou Ping had already started swimming in the blood river.

His shriveled body gradually swelled up under the impact of the blood, and the hole in his chest seemed to be healing!

"The boss didn't lie to me, the Blood River is really a good thing!"

Zou Ping did butterfly stroke, breast stroke, and backstroke in the river.

In the end, he even submerged his head in the river.

Anyway, there is no need to breathe, so he is so unscrupulous!

Ao Xin hugged his sister to prevent her from drowning in the Blood River, and he also tried to stay awake.

Although he is strong, all beings are equal in the Blood River. It was only by relying on the toughness and ruthlessness he had trained in his previous life that he could hold on for so long.

The impact of blood and the severe pain also accelerated the awakening of his bloodline factor. His body slowly became stronger, which also reduced his pain.

After a long time, Ao Chen, who was tortured by the severe pain and was a little confused, trembled and said:

""Brother, I will persevere. I can't stand it anymore."

As he said that, his domineering spirit was activated to protect his body. The pain was immediately relieved.

Ao Xin looked at his sister, whose eyes were somewhat white, and knew that she had indeed reached her limit.

This was comparable to the pain of being skinned, tortured, and torn apart by a chariot at the same time!

Many people immediately activated their domineering spirits to relieve the pain as soon as they entered the sea of blood. To be honest, his sister could hold on for so long, even longer than he had held on in his previous life.

When Ao Chen's physical strength was exhausted and she could not even maintain her domineering spirit, her body surface turned red.

The hand holding his sister could feel her blood vessels beating violently as if they were about to burst.

In order to relieve the pain, Ao Chen kept holding Ao Xin's arms tightly with both hands, leaving several red marks on his arms.

Finally, after the girl's physical strength was exhausted, she could no longer bear the severe pain, and her eyes rolled back and she fainted.

After the coma, the tempering effect disappeared, so there was no need for her to continue. Stay here.

Ao Xin created a flame cloud and carried Ao Chen to the sky.

Because at this moment, the hairy corpses in the distance have noticed the popularity here and have been attracted here. If they were placed on the shore, they would be attacked by zombies.

When Ao Chen, who was red all over, left the water, his body was still steaming, and his wildly beating blood vessels were quickly calming down.

The girl's breathing gradually calmed down, and after experiencing such a"torture", she fell asleep on the flame cloud.

Ao Xin looked back at Zou Ping who was swimming happily on the other side, and saw that his dry body had become fleshy. Although he was still as thin as a bamboo pole, it was completely different from his previous skeleton.

And the hole in his chest has also been repaired and healed.

Moreover, his skin was also red, as if it would burst at any time.

Knowing that Zou Ping had no pain, once the tempering of his body exceeded the limit, it would really explode!

He hurriedly reminded:

"Zouping! Pay attention to your physical condition! Don't let the power of the blood river burst your body!"

Zou Ping heard the words, immediately checked his physical condition, and quickly jumped out of the blood river.

Unlike Ao Chen, he felt that he was now full of endless strength. He was about to draw his sword to stab a hairy corpse, but suddenly he saw a lot of hairy corpses surrounding him.

He was so scared that he quickly sheathed his sword and pretended to walk among them as if nothing had happened.

Ao Xin had also covered his body with domineering aura to resist the blood rush.

A dragon roared, and he turned into a green dragon and dived into the blood river. Dragons can dive, so they are not afraid of drowning.

The river water was churning, which was the huge waves stirred up by the green dragon below.

In the river, the huge dragon eyes were filled with blood, and the severe pain had made him a little unclear.

""Hold on! Hold on!"

He kept telling himself that only by reaching the limit of what he could bear could he cope with future crises.

In the blood river, there was soft river sand below, but Ao Xin knew that it was not river sand at all.

It was clearly the debris of the bones and flesh of the strong!

The churning river water rolled up these debris, making the red river water even more turbid.

On the shore, Zou Ping, standing among the hairy corpses, looked at the huge waves that occasionally rose on the river surface, and was a little worried about Ao Xin's current state.

Finally, the huge blue dragon rushed out of the blood river. He couldn't fall into a coma. Once he fell into a coma, the flame cloud would disappear and his sister would fall into the river.

The blue dragon's bloodshot eyes first glanced at the flame cloud in the sky, and then scanned the shore:"

""Zou Ping, get out of the way!"

Zou Ping was startled by the roar. Although he didn't understand the meaning, he still ran to the other side in a hurry.

He had just left the group of hairy corpses when a thunderbolt from the mouth of the Azure Dragon struck the group of hairy corpses.


The brilliant divine thunder instantly split the hairy corpses into charcoal. Countless zombie viruses were catalyzed in the high temperature and spread in the air.

After killing the hairy corpses, Ao Xin fell from the air and turned back into human form.

He didn't want to experience such severe pain a second time (although he said so in his previous life...)

Standing on the river bank and breathing heavily for a while, when his body and mind gradually calmed down, he felt that his body was now stronger.

It will take time for the improvement of the talent of armed color to slowly show up, but the improvement of strength is visible to the naked eye.

If each realm has an early, middle and late stage, he has now reached the middle stage from the early stage of the Divine Foot Realm.

After killing all the hairy corpses wandering nearby, he began to enter the God-given space to contact his parents and asked them to lead the members of the Hundred Beasts Base to the secret realm.

He just said that there is a blood river here that can improve strength, and it seems that it can also improve talent, but it is extremely painful after entering. Whether they are willing to come or not is up to them to decide.

When they heard that they could improve their strength, how could these people hesitate? All stepped into the secret realm.

A large group of people appeared in front of them one after another. Although they came through the black vortex, in Ao Xin's eyes, they appeared suddenly.

There was no trace of the black vortex at all.��

When everyone was present, he pointed at the blood river and introduced it to them again:

"This is the river. Remember, don't use your domineering power to resist the pain immediately. Use your domineering power to resist the pain only when you can't bear it anymore."

"The longer you persist, the more your strength and talent will improve!"

"Although the improvement in talent is just my own feeling, I think my feeling should be correct."

"Moreover, it is only valid for the first entry. Everyone should form a team of at least two people, help each other, and don't faint and drown in the blood river."

"Also, pay attention to your physical condition at all times. Once your blood vessels swell, be ready to leave the river, otherwise, your body will be blown up by the blood river energy!"

After repeating this several times, he solemnly told his parents, Liu Xiyao, Jiang Shuyue and others.

"Be prepared, Xiaochen fainted from the pain and is now sleeping on the flame cloud"

"Han Shuang, Zou Ping and I will be watching from outside. If anyone drowns, we will rescue them at any time."

The blood river improves the talent of armed color, which is ineffective for crystal people, so Han Shuang does not need to enter the blood river, just to be a lifeguard with him.

The End of the World: The Beginning of the Blue Dragon Fruit

The End of the World: The Beginning of the Blue Dragon Fruit - Chapter 187

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