Universal Lord: Get the Vampire Queen at the beginning - Chapter 89

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Universal Lord: Get the Vampire Queen at the beginning

Universal Lord: Get the Vampire Queen at the beginning - Chapter 89
"Hey, Master Jiang Cheng"

"I have long seen that this guy has bad intentions and wants to attack you, so I made some preparations in advance."

He Yuan explained with a smile, fearing that Jiang Cheng would misunderstand

"Well done."

Jiang Cheng nodded as a compliment.

Then he took the musket from his hand.

This musket was exquisitely crafted and inlaid with an energy stone. Its power was slightly weaker, but it was more than enough for a headshot.

It seemed that he could see that Jiang Cheng was interested in it.

He Yuan explained:"This was bought from the Lord's Trading Area. There are countless talents among the tens of millions of lords. It is not surprising that they can make this object."

"If you like it, Lord Jiang Cheng, I will give it to you as a gift.

Jiang Cheng shook his head.

"I don't need you to send"

"I prefer to rob."

In He Yuan's astonished eyes, Jiang Cheng pointed the musket at his head and then pulled the trigger.


Once Xiao Yan died, the Purple Winged Brilliant Dragon Alliance would definitely know about it first and would link it to him.

Therefore, He Yuan would have no value.

After all, Xiao Yan was dead, so why didn't you, He Yuan, get into trouble?

If you think about it this way, He Yuan's traitorous behavior would be exposed sooner or later. In this case, it would be better to kill He Yuan and let the Purple Winged Brilliant Dragon Alliance think that he died gloriously.

"I gave you the title of glorious sacrifice, and it is worth it that you have done so much for me."

As for why Jiang Cheng did not use Xiao Yan to destroy the Purple Winged Huanglong Alliance, it was purely because of the lack of timing.

When the Abyss Mist came, the local Saint-level forces and God-level forces of the Lord Continent would definitely notice it and investigate the current situation of the continent.

They will soon be discovered, or it is hard to say whether some of them have already been discovered.

For these outsiders, the local forces of the Lord Continent will definitely remain vigilant.

Maybe they will mobilize the forces at hand to eliminate them.

In this case.

Jiang Cheng naturally hopes that these so-called alliances will quickly unite and attract all the attention of the local forces on the continent.

And he can use the Sky God Island to develop steadily.

When he is able to fight against the local forces and make the local forces wary, he can start with those so-called alliances and destroy them.

Keep these alliances.

The first point is to let them attract the attention of the local forces.

The second point is very simple, that is, these alliances are too thin, and there is not much meat on their bodies.

Maybe the benefits of destroying an alliance are not as much as what he brings from destroying a kingdom of the local forces.

"I hope you guys can fatten yourself up quickly so I can eat meat soon. Don't let me down.……"

After killing He Yuan, his soldiers naturally could not escape the bad luck and followed their master.

"It was better when I killed a lord for the first time, because I got achievement rewards at that time. I wonder if there will be any rewards after killing 100 or 1,000 lords.……"

【The bodies of six lords are detected nearby. Do you want to reclaim their warehouses?】


【Successful recycling】

【Congratulations to Lord Jiang Cheng for obtaining 117,500 Energy Stones, 50,000 Lord Coins, 7.8 million Wood, 6.9 million Ore, 6 Territory Migration Cards, Heaven and Earth Spirit Fire - Fallen Heart Flame, a set of Level 8 Dragon Exclusive Armor, and 2,700 Luck Points.……】

Behind them were some unimportant items.

Most of them were animal cores and various materials.

Jiang Cheng looked down on them.

"Fortunately, I cleared the lord space before leaving, otherwise it would be full and I would have to abandon some supplies."

Seeing the reward, Jiang Cheng couldn't help laughing.

He even began to suspect that Xiao Yan was in a hurry to kill him and didn't care about the rewards on the leaderboard.

But this flame seemed familiar.

It seemed like I had seen it somewhere.

Without caring about these, Jiang Cheng's first priority now was to reach Xiao Yan's territory through the teleportation array in He Yuan's territory and reclaim his territory.

That was also a fortune that should not be underestimated.


At the same time, the Purple Winged Brilliant Dragon Alliance was very lively at this time.

Everyone was discussing the gains they had made after the war.

"This time my troops have greatly increased their strength, with each type of troops upgraded twice on average. When I have rested enough, you can take your troops to find a Feng Shui treasure land."

"We low-level lords must find our own places, and we must not randomly find a place. If we accidentally find ourselves in the face of a level 9 wild monster, we won’t know how we died!"

"If the leader of the branch alliance has the conditions, he can build a teleportation array that leads directly to the headquarters. In this way, the people in our alliance will stick together and be as strong as a rock. Even the big local forces will be wary of us!"

"No, if we get together, how do we allocate resources?"

"With so many lords crowded together, even a fairyland can't withstand our consumption."

The lords were chatting enthusiastically.

Some top lords and the Purple Winged Brilliant Dragon Lord also joined the chat, and they would speak a few words from time to time, always receiving a large number of replies and praises from the alliance members.

These were the big guys who were usually busy and invisible.

The opportunity to chat together was naturally not to be missed.

Suddenly, the people of the Purple Winged Brilliant Dragon Alliance remembered that there seemed to be a chatterbox who didn't show up today.

The Flame Dragon Lord - Xiao Yan!

Just when everyone wanted to pull him out to brag together, they found that he was not in the alliance, and his friend list was no longer there.

"Oh my god, I just applied to add Xiao Yan as a friend"

"It may show that there is no such person, and give a hint that either this person has never appeared, or he has already died!"

"What, how could this happen!"

"Xiao Yan died. How is this possible? He was considered a top member in our alliance!"

"Xiao Yan is in the Vasiluo Forest, and the only person who can kill Xiao Yan there is that man.……"

At this moment, a member of the Vaslo branch said hurriedly:

"Not only Xiao Yan is gone, but also the four lords around him and the demon bear lord closest to Xiao Yan!"

In this way, the result is self-evident.

That is, Xiao Yan led people to find trouble with Jiang Cheng, and the six of them were killed together, and died without a burial place.

This is the only explanation.

"What did Xiao Yan do? He actually dared to set his sights on Jiang Cheng. He is so bold!"

"Maybe he thought Jiang Cheng would suffer heavy losses in the battle of the Abyss Mist and lose his main combat power, so he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity."

"Humph, you didn't even discuss this matter with us. It's obvious that you just want to have the whole thing to yourself. You deserve to die!"

"Forget it, the dead are the greatest, so let's not discuss it. Let's discuss whether Jiang Cheng will take revenge later, after all, it was our people who provoked him first.……"

At this time, the Purple Winged Brilliant Dragon Lord was in a very bad mood.

He had really invested in Xiao Yan and loved him like his son.

But he didn't expect that he would die in such an unclear way.

"Don't worry, son, your godfather will avenge you!"

Universal Lord: Get the Vampire Queen at the beginning

Universal Lord: Get the Vampire Queen at the beginning - Chapter 89

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