Universal Lord: Get the Vampire Queen at the beginning - Chapter 90

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Universal Lord: Get the Vampire Queen at the beginning

Universal Lord: Get the Vampire Queen at the beginning - Chapter 90
"It's time to change shifts, go back and rest!"

A group of goblins came out of the iron gate.

Most of these goblins were familiar faces. They were the goblin patrol team infected by the vampire warriors. There were also several three-star and four-star goblins infected by Atuo.


The goblins on duty were confused.

They had only been on duty for a short time, why did they change shifts so soon? This shouldn't be the case.……

"This is the leader's order!"

"The leader was worried that the black fog from last night would come again, so he specifically ordered us to stay in the stronghold to prevent any accidents!"

The abyss fog will have a certain impact on local forces.

But it has little impact on the goblins.

From last night to eight o'clock this morning, the iron gates of the three goblin tribes were all closed, keeping the abyss monsters out, and almost no casualties were caused.

But the goblin leader was afraid that the iron gates would be breached.

So he ordered his soldiers to be on high alert and ready to defend against the enemy at any time.

Therefore, all members of the three goblin tribes were nervous all night, and they didn't relax their vigilance and go back to sleep until the black fog receded in the morning.

I guess they are all sleeping as soundly as dead pigs now.

The guards on duty outside were also dazed.

"Hahaha, you guys have worked so hard!"

The goblins on duty were overjoyed when they heard that they could go back and rest. They quickly took off their heavy leather armor and walked towards the iron gate.

The two teams crossed each other.

The infected goblins took the lead and quickly eliminated the goblins on duty.

"Well done!"

"We should have done this a long time ago. We have suffered so much in vain!"

Yale's figure appeared on the village wall.

Behind him were his team members.

After the baptism of the abyss mist

, the level of the blood clan warriors has advanced by leaps and bounds. All members have reached seven stars, and some blood clan warriors have even broken through to eight stars, with extremely terrifying strength.

Feeling the terrible breath of Atuo and others, the infected goblins were trembling with fear. The leading four-star goblin squeezed out a stiff smile and said flatteringly:"Gentlemen, please come in."

These goblins were depressed.

Betraying the tribe made their consciences greatly condemned.

After all, they also knew that those who are not of our race must have different hearts.

But compared to psychological condemnation, they are more afraid of enduring the pain of torn blood vessels.

That feeling is simply unbearable...

Yale sneered:"You guys watch outside. If a goblin runs out, you must kill it as soon as possible, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable to you!"

"Dear adults, please rest assured!"

"If there are any fish that slip through the net, we will not show mercy!"

The four-star goblin promised hurriedly.

Then Atuo led his men to kill in.

The other two tribes and the village on the back mountain were also attacked by the blood clan warriors, but they attacked by force and used more violent means.

Four groups of members attacked, and the remaining group, together with the militia squad, guarded the surroundings, not letting any fish that slip through the net go.

The overwhelming shouts and wails of killing rang out underground.

The blood clan warriors were unstoppable.

With their powerful strength, they could deal with this goblin as easily as slaughtering chickens and dogs.

In less than half an hour, the three goblin tribes were wiped out, and only a few goblins in the mines were still resisting stubbornly.

"This mine is so big!"

"The smell of energy stones alone makes people feel comfortable!"

After killing the last goblin,

Lily looked around.

She was now in the deepest part of the mine, surrounded by crystal clear energy stones, as if she was in a palace built with energy stones.

Goblins are the same as goblins. They use ordinary iron pickaxes to mine energy stones, and the manpower used is also the lowest-level one-star goblins. No higher-level goblins are used, so the efficiency is very low.

But if you think about it, you can understand the reason.

One of the purposes of this high-level tribe is to serve as a barrier for the goblin kingdom to prevent surrounding forces from launching surprise attacks on the kingdom.

It can be said that as long as the goblin kingdom is not destroyed.

This The senior tribes will always stand here.

So the work of mining energy stones has become less urgent.

And the leaders of the senior tribes are also selfish.

If all the mining is completed at once, most of them will have to be handed over to the king, and the energy stones that can be kept are pitifully few.

But if it is mined slowly, he can enjoy the energy stones in the meantime.

It is only necessary to hand over a certain amount every month.

After taking down the three goblin tribes.

The spoils are unimaginable.

If there is no external help, the militia team alone will need to carry it back and forth three times.

Fortunately, some senior members of the goblin tribe have storage rings.

Atuo found Lily

"Lily, take your men to escort the spoils back first."

"I am here with the rest of the people to mine energy stones"

""Okay, Uncle Yalie."

Lily nodded and led the team members to leave the goblin tribe.

As for the infected goblins, they had already died of ruptured blood vessels. Ironically, before they died, they had not yet pulled the knives out of their companions.


【Should we reclaim the Fire Dragon's territory?】


【[Recycling was successful, and 2 million ores, 2 million wood, and 100,000 energy stones were obtained]

As the prompt sound fell, the buildings in Xiao Yan's territory gradually faded, and finally dissipated, turning into a barren open space.

Before recycling, Jiang Cheng took out some useful things from Xiao Yan's buildings.

For example, this list in his hand.

It records the information of all the members of the Purple Winged Dragon Alliance in the Vaslo Forest.

For example, the types of troops they have, the number of buildings, and the location of their territories are all recorded clearly.

"This list is still very useful."

"This���Most of the people recorded were low-level lords, with only a few high-level lords."

"I don't think they would be so stupid as to use the random function of the territory migration card, but would look for a piece of Feng Shui treasure land nearby that is suitable for their continued development."

"It's actually pretty easy to find them.……"

Jiang Cheng decided to stimulate the Purple Winged Brilliant Dragon Alliance.

Let them work hard to develop their power.

After that, Jiang Cheng found the territories of the other four lords through the list and recovered them one by one.

In total, he obtained 400,000 wood ore and 20,000 energy stones.

Their building levels and number of buildings were several levels lower than Jiang Cheng's.

So the benefits of recycling were not that high.

"It's a pity that this teleportation array……"

"Fortunately, He Yuan told me the coordinates. Next time, I can come here directly through the teleportation array in the territory and strike against the local forces here!"

"This is how we make the best use of it."

Universal Lord: Get the Vampire Queen at the beginning

Universal Lord: Get the Vampire Queen at the beginning - Chapter 90

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