Zongman: Change your job from the strongest world in history - Chapter 71

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Zongman: Change your job from the strongest world in history

Zongman: Change your job from the strongest world in history - Chapter 71

"Time flies by so fast"

"Before I knew it, summer vacation is coming to an end"

"We will transfer to the Royal Sakura School after the summer vacation."

When it comes to the fact that she will be enrolled right after the summer vacation, a barely perceptible gloom flashed across Miyu's face.

Although Elder Fenglin Temple often takes Miyu on a journey to the correct world, Elder Fenglin Temple always makes her go to school well, whether in elementary school or junior high school. Elder

Fenglin Temple's original intention was to let Miyu experience the life that a normal girl should have.

However, the life in junior high school was not something worth remembering for Miyu.

Junior high school students are very easy to arouse the desire to win and jealousy.

Miyu is very good at martial arts, but it doesn't mean that she is not good at studying.

On the contrary, she is also the type that excels in cultural subjects in the whole school.

Miyu shines in various sports activities and exams, coupled with her beautiful appearance, she is very popular with teachers and other male classmates in junior high school.

But at the same time, Miyu is also regarded as an enemy by the jealous girls in the school.

In junior high school, Miyu was subjected to a lot of ridicule from them, and even her gymnastics uniform was often cut into pieces, and her desk was often scribbled with insulting words.

Obviously, Miyu's purpose in going to school was not just to be welcomed by others as they said.

Her purpose in going to school was to make some friends with whom she could confide.

When thinking about what happened in junior high school, Miyu sighed in her heart.

Can't martial artists integrate into the lives of ordinary people? It

's natural that her appearance is too outstanding, and she can't choose anything.

Uh....No, now is not the time to think about these things.

Miyu shook her head and threw away the memories of the past.

If she thought about the past again, she would really regard those ordinary people as enemies.

This time she went to Royal Sakura Academy with Kenichi.

Thinking that Kenichi was as kind as he was when he was a child, Miyu was relieved.

This time she couldn't fail to make a friend in school like last time. At least she still had Kenichi to accompany her.

"But it's almost September, and the weather is still so hot."

Kenichi took a big gulp of the water bottle in his hand while talking to Miu.

"Originally, Mr. Misakikoshiji's teachings were very strict. In the recent hot and humid weather, I feel like all the moisture in my body is going to evaporate."

After a month of training with Misakikoshiji Akiyu, Kenichi has made rapid progress in both level and skills.

However, although Kenichi can gain a lot of experience points under Misakikoshiji Akiyu's training, the higher the level, the more experience points will be needed later.

Kenichi has gained several times the experience points before, but now, after a month, his level has only reached level 24.

Although Kenichi's speed of becoming stronger far exceeds Misakikoshiji Akiyu's expectations, it is still too slow compared to the fact that he only has two years.

Now Kenichi can only hope to gain some extra experience through fighting.

"So Kenichi, you have been working hard during this period. Anyway, I will get my salary today, so why not go home and cook a big meal for you to reward you? What do you think?

Seeing Kenichi's tired look, Miyu said to her with a smile.

"If Miyu wants to cook a big meal for me, I won't refuse, but I'll pay for the ingredients."

Miyu shook her head after hearing Kenichi's words.

"It's okay. Anyway, we at Liangshanpo have already paid your tuition, which also includes the cost of meals."

"Besides, the scholarship that Miss Zou Ryuin mentioned will only be given to you after you go to Royal Sakura Academy."

"You definitely don't have as much money as I do today, so if Kenichi wants to treat us, you'd better wait until we go to Royal Sakura Academy."

Compared to Kenichi's current pocket money from his parents, Miyu's wallet after this month's salary is definitely much fatter than Kenichi's.

Looking at the Silver Fitness Club in front of her, Miyu also had some subtle feelings in her heart.

After this summer vacation, she will go to school, so she will say goodbye to this place.

Just when Miyu felt a little emotional, she saw a kitten in a small box on the side.

The kitten looked like it was only one or two months old.

When Miyu saw the kitten's baby voice, she was instantly attracted by its cuteness.

"What a cute cat!"

When Miyu saw the cat, her first reaction was to take it to Liangshanbo to raise it.

Just when Miyu wanted to hug the kitten, Kenichi saw the red Ji Sara coming out of the convenience store.

Kenichi was about to say hello when he saw Ji Sara coming to the box with the kitten.

After seeing Ji Sara violently kicking the box into the alley with her feet, Miyu's eyes suddenly became horrified.

"Kenichi, wait for me, I'll go up and kill her now."

Kenichi: ???

Nanjo Kisara didn't know that Miu was hostile to her.

She took the cat to the alley and took out the milk from the bag and poured it into the small bowl next to the kitten.

"You must be hungry. I'll give you some milk now. You must grow up well."

Looking at the cute kitten in front of her, Nanjo Kisara's unhappy mood was immediately relieved.

"I originally thought that I could become a boxing champion like Sister Freya this time, but I didn't expect that the eighth boxing champion position would be taken by someone from the Tokyo Bankai. I feel very unwilling to lose to a man in the boxing champion title competition."

Zongman: Change your job from the strongest world in history

Zongman: Change your job from the strongest world in history - Chapter 71

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