Zongman: Change your job from the strongest world in history - Chapter 72

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Zongman: Change your job from the strongest world in history

Zongman: Change your job from the strongest world in history - Chapter 72
Seeing the cat in front of her rubbing its head against her hand after drinking milk, Nanjo Kisara gently touched its little head.

"Do you want to go with me?"

"But, sorry, I live in an apartment, and pets are not allowed there."

Nanjo Kisara wanted to take the cute little kitten home, but when she thought about the rule that pets were not allowed in her apartment, she had no choice but to give up this opportunity.

"But don't worry, even if I can't adopt you, I will find a suitable owner for you."

When she said this, Nanjo Kisara kept thinking about the people who could adopt this kitten.

As a member of the Valkyrie Squad under Freya not long ago, Nanjo Kisara didn't know anyone other than Freya and other members of the Valkyrie Squad.

As for entrusting the kitten in front of her to Freya's care,

Nanjo Kisara gave up as soon as this idea came to her mind.

You know, she had just left the Valkyrie Squad and planned to work alone to establish another team. Nanjo Kisara was really worried about handing this kitten to other Valkyrie members who regarded her as a traitor to take care of it.

"Ah! Ah! At this moment, I am beginning to hate my thin circle of friends."

"If the Kisara team I founded can recruit other members, then I can choose someone suitable to take care of the kitten."

Nanjo Kisara sighed when she thought of her current situation.

She had just left the Valkyrie team and had no time to recruit other people to join her.

Now she had no choice but to find someone who could adopt the kitten in front of her.

"You really like cats."

"I thought you were doing something bad by kicking the box with the kittens in it into the alley."

"I almost misunderstood you."

Hearing the voice behind her, Nanjo Kisara suddenly looked behind her.

When she saw that the person talking to her was a girl with golden hair and about the same age as herself, Nanjo Kisara made a smacking sound to express her unhappy mood.

Although the girl who was talking to her was very friendly, the other party's proud bust.

Looking at the other party's bust, Nanjo Kisara subconsciously looked at her own.

If Miu's chest is hanging Mount Everest, then Nanjo Kisara's chest is a flat plain.

Under such a crushing, Nanjo Kisara's first impression of Furinji Miu was that he was very unhappy with her.

What on earth does one have to drink to grow such enviable breasts?

"Who are you?"

When she said this in a cold tone, Nanjo Kisara noticed Kenichi standing next to the cow girl.

"Hey, this guy called Shirahama Kenichi, I didn't expect we'd meet again"

"Is this cow girl your girlfriend?"

Although it has been more than a month since the last time I met Kenichi, Nanjo Kisara still has a very deep impression of this boy with excellent skills.

Seeing that Miyu's eyes have returned to normal, Kenichi wiped a cold sweat for Nanjo Kisara in his heart.

You know, if Miyu hadn't seen the scene of Nanjo Kisara taking care of the kitten, Nanjo Kisara would really be beaten half to death by Miyu.

"Not my girlfriend yet..."

Just when Kenichi was about to talk to Nanjo Kisara, Miu's voice suddenly interrupted what he was about to say.

"Isn't it too rude to call me a cow girl?"

Miyu's eyelids twitched when she heard Nanjo Kisara address her.

"I'm just describing some real situations truthfully."

"Your breasts are indeed as big as a monster."

After hearing what Nanjo Kisara said, Miu directly retorted

"As long as you get used to drinking milk and keep practicing martial arts, isn't it normal for your breasts to be bigger?"After hearing Miyu's words, Kenichi looked at her subconsciously.

Is it normal for a girl who has been practicing martial arts to have such foul breasts?

Thinking of this, Kenichi thought of Ma Lianhua in the original novel who has also been practicing martial arts since childhood. It seems to be true.

Zongman: Change your job from the strongest world in history

Zongman: Change your job from the strongest world in history - Chapter 72

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