Zongman: Monster No. 8? Man of Steel, kid - Chapter 68

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Zongman: Monster No. 8? Man of Steel, kid

Zongman: Monster No. 8? Man of Steel, kid - Chapter 68
Chapter 68 Captain's Training Plan!

After the battle.

Shinomiya Chikolu leaned against the head of the bed.

A pair of white and slender calves hung down naturally.

Following the perfect curve, you can see some bruises on Shinomiya Chikolu's ankles.

When she did that, Shinomiya Chikolu's reaction was too intense.

She accidentally bumped into it.

Without wearing a monster enhancement suit.

Shinomiya Chikolu's physique is only about three or four times stronger than that of an ordinary person.

Naturally, she would be bruised.

Under Shinomiya Chikolu's gaze, Chen Mu slowly came over with some ointment.

After realizing what would happen next, Shinomiya Chikolu was a little shy.

She made up for it:"I'd better do it myself."

"After training since childhood, I have dealt with all the injuries myself.

Chen Mu would never listen to her.

He rubbed Shinomiya Chikoru's head and said,"Be obedient."


I can only say that tsundere is really just a protective color.

Once the protection is no longer needed, even the most tsundere will become a good kid.

This is the case with Shinomiya Chikoru.

After hearing what Chen Mu said, she immediately did her job well.

Then she watched Chen Mu's hand with ointment touching her calf.

Shinomiya Chikoru's calf is not only slender, but also has perfect curves.

What's more rare is that there is no flaw on the skin.

It feels smooth and soft, with the beauty of a work of art.

Only Chen Mu is not a pervert.

Otherwise, this kind of top-quality product can give... I must lick it until it breaks.

He moved down along the curve of the calf, and finally landed on Shinomiya Chikoru's ankle. Shinomiya Chikoru

's feet were small, but very fleshy. They looked delicious.

But Chen Mu was not a pervert.

So he did not taste them. He just carefully applied the medicine mud to the bruised area.

Although Shinomiya Chikoru was shy, she wanted to retract her feet several times like a conditioned reflex.

But she finally restrained herself.

In the end, in silence, she completed the application of the medicine this time.

Afterwards, the two did not toss and turn anymore.

They just hugged each other and rested.


After breaking through that layer of paper with Shinomiya Chikoro.

Chen Mu and Shinomiya Chikoro have a much closer relationship. He even took her to the floating island in the sky for a few days.

Chen Mu's performance in the past few days can be said to perfectly satisfy Shinomiya Chikoro's fantasies about her boyfriend.

The only thing that makes Shinomiya Chikoro a little resentful is that she is not the only one.

However, this is not a big problem. Anyway,

Shinomiya Chikoro has let it go.

As long as she feels it is worth it and feels happy, nothing else matters.

However, Shinomiya Chikoro is thin-skinned after all.

Although she has confirmed her relationship with Chen Mu.

But she will only be a little unrestrained when the two are alone.

Usually when she is in the fifth expeditionary force, she still pays attention to keeping a distance.

However, some details cannot be concealed.

They are seen by those who are interested.

For example, Xueno.

However, Xueno has let it go a long time ago.

And as early as when she was targeted by Shinomiya Chikoro, she guessed that there would be such a day.

So, she didn't care too much.

At most, when she gets along with Chen Mu occasionally.

She will vent a little in revenge.

But generally she is still very obedient.

This is of course somewhat inconsistent with Yukino's character.

After all, she is a tough girl in the original work.

When could she bear this kind of anger?

But, this is not the original work after all.

It is a comprehensive world.

So Yukino's character has long been different from the original work.

In addition, Chen Mu's appearance was too dazzling before.

So Yukino can't be noble at all.

Iceberg snow lotus?

What is it in front of the god of the world?

Therefore, although Yukino's transformation is a bit outrageous, it is not abrupt.

It can only be said that times have changed.


The days went on as usual.

There were no monsters causing trouble.

The investigation of the conspiracy of the Star Guide Civilization had not made any substantial progress.

However, Sizhigong Gong had not gained nothing in the past few days.

After investing a lot of manpower and material resources, and consuming a lot of resources,

Sizhigong Gong finally confirmed one thing.

That is, the atmosphere that people breathe every day has changed.

In addition to some things that the human body needs, some gases mixed with monster genes have been added to the air today.

It is precisely because of breathing these gases that the concentration of monster genes in the human body continues to rise.

This is not only a clue that can help humans determine the conspiracy of the Star Guide Civilization, but also a fact.

A Star Guide Civilization has already begun to destroy human civilization and start a war.

Perhaps now, there is no large-scale friction between humans and Star Guide Civilization.

But one day in the future, human civilization is bound to launch an attack on Star Guide Civilization.

Then, the question is, with the current strength of humans, is it really enough to deal with Star Guide Civilization?

Sizhigong Gong thinks it is not enough.

Especially after experiencing the horror of Monster No. 9 in person.

This idea became more firm.

With the current strength of human beings, they can never beat the Star Guide Civilization or Monster No. 9.

Therefore, if you want to have a chance to win in future wars, you must improve the strength of the human side.

Especially the strength of the high-end combat power at the captain level.

Then the question comes again.

What can be done to help those captain-level beings improve their combat power?

Shinomiya Isao only thought of one way.

That is, Chen Mu!

Only Chen Mu can do this.

Only Chen Mu can help these captain-level warriors go further on the existing basis.

In this case, a plan was born as a matter of course.

That is, while there are no monster attacks now.

Seize the time to let the captains of various expeditionary forces.

Go to Chen Mu and receive special training.

So that the combat power of these captains can be further improved.

For this reason, even the ban on releasing 100% of combat power has been lifted.

In the past, not allowing people to release 100% of combat power was to prevent rampage.

But the current situation is that the combat power release does not reach more than 100%.

They are simply no match for the increasingly powerful monsters.

In this case, there is no need for the ban to exist.

When you are fighting for the upper limit, you don't need to care about the lower limit.


Zongman: Monster No. 8? Man of Steel, kid

Zongman: Monster No. 8? Man of Steel, kid - Chapter 68

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